Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

The Borough of Bogota  in cooperation with the Rec. Dept. held it's annual egg hunt at Olsen Park along the walk-way bridge. There where 3 categories of hunters . The first to go where the Pre-school & toddlers chance to look for prized eggs. Then the Kindergartners up to 2nd Graders had a turn to hunt. Finally 3rd Graders & up were allowed to have a chance to join the fun.  Mayor McHale  along with the Easter Bunny where in attendants to hand out prizes ,and some extra treats to the kids who participated.

Pre-Schoolers ,and Toddlers hunting eggs

Kindergartners ,1st & 2nd Graders start the chase for eggs.

Older kids and those who miss their time ,get a chance to have some fun.

Mayor McHale helping out  with the eggs.

The Easter Bunny posing for photos ,and handing out treats.

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