Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bogota Basketball

29- Feb.-2012
   The Bogota Bucs could not make it two games in a row where they could come from behind suffering a 52-38 lose to Verona in the second round of the North 1 Group 1 playoffs.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bogota Basketball

  The Bogota Bucs Boys team came from behind to beat the Emerson Cavilers 67-49 in their first round playoff game. The Cavos got a three point bucket as time expired to take a 29- 26 lead into half time. When the Second Half started the Bucs came out hard and did not let-up for the rest of the game. A 28- point Third Quarter made the Emerson lead a distant memory. The Bucs defense stepped up the presser on it's opponent cause a number of turnover ,which Bogota made sure they became points. Supported by the Girls team from the earlier game, and a loud home crowd kept the Bucs running towards a victory.
  The emotions of the moment almost became overheated as a reaction to a Emerson foul, but has he told his team ( and everybody in Speary Gym) ... that is not Bogota Basketball, we play hard AND clean.. A message his team understood as they made sure the home crowd was going to go away happy.
   When it was time to bring the started to the bench, at the end, a grateful Coach showed his admiration, and love for his team. After a summer when Coach Mahoney may have only been able to watch this game from the other side of the court he pushed his team to a Playoff victory. And the Bucs, as a team, showed their coach how Bogota Basketball should be played.
 The Bucs travel to Verona for the second  round game on Wed. 29- Feb. Tip-off is scheduled for 5:00p.

The Bucs defense changing the pace of the game

#11 Ruben Acosta leading the offence up the court.

Mike Fitzgerald on a break.

Liam Geraghty getting by a defender.

Josvali Vasquez added to his game high 17 points.

Coach Mahoney congratulates Mr. Vasquez for his play

Seniors Mr. Vasquez & Mr Fitzgerald  celebrate the victory.

Bogota Basketball

28-Feb. 2012
   The Bogota Lady Bucs  season came to an end yesterday with a 52-46 loss to #11 ranked Boonton Lady Bombers at Speary gym. Bogota had to play catch-up for most of the games as Boonton Sr. Korena Noce was just going to be denied a chance to play another game. The Lady Bucs just could not find time, or space to play their game. However even trailing by double digits in the second half Bogota get their hearts in the game , and slowly started to climb back in. Sr. Jillian Marino put her foot on the gas and lead the charge in the final quarter. Her teammate helped make sure their Captain would finish with a strong game . Marissa Veron contributed a game high 19 points, with Denna Brugger, and Stephanie Perpeaj pressing  the Boonton players all over the court. The Lady Bucs forced and grabbed a number of turnover to bring the home crowd to it's feet trying to will the host a surprise finish. But, and emotionally driven Technical Foul, and resulting points was just to high of an hurdle to get over. Even when the Lady Bombers started a  slow down offence to kill the clock Bogota still pressured playing a the way until time run out. Not a game to forget about the tears afterwards, but one to be proud of , with the work shown.
   Before the game Coach Gaffney presented  Sr. Jillian Marino with a ball marking her achievement upon scoring over 1,000 points in her High School career.
Coach Sean Gaffney presenting Jillian Marino with a ball making her 1,000th point

Marissa Veron 

Stephanie Perpeaj getting a rebound 

Jillian Marino driving the towards the basket.

Denna Brugger applying defensive presser.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Bogota Basketball

   Both Bogota basketball teams go into the State Playoffs on a winning note. The Boys had a 63-49 victory over Wallington at Speary Gym. The Bucs go into the North 1 Group1 playoffs as a 6th ranked team. This means that they will host #11 Emerson Cavaliers at Speary Gym on Mon. 27-Feb. with a tip-off time scheduled for 7:00p. This will be the third meeting with Emerson, with the Bucs winning the first two during the season.
  The Lady Bucs also won their final regular season game with a 46-12 defeat of Saddle River. The Lady Bucs are also ranked at #6 in the Girls Division. They will have to play #11 Boonton. This sets-up a unique Double Header with the Lady Bucs game starting at 5:00p at Speary Gym.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bogota Basketball

   Both Bogota basketball teams had victories over Park Ridge yesterday. The Boys won at Speary Gym by the score of 61- 29, with Josvali Vasquez finishing with a game high 16 points. This brings the Bucs record to 16-8. Their next game is Thurs. 23-Feb. at home versus Wallington  with a start time 1:00p
  The Lady Bucs traveled to park Ridge and came away with a 64-41 win. Their record on stands at 13-6 with their next game on Fri. 24-Feb. at Saddle River at 4:00.

Monday, February 20, 2012


  20 -Feb.-2012
     Some of the last remits of the 29- October -2011 snow storm  has finally be taken care.The Railroad Company CSX has denied owning the land that is between the southern part of Elm Ave., and the grading for it's Train Tracks. This has caused the delay in getting someone to help pay for the clean-up of the trees that had fallen across the stream there.  The trees, and the debris from them, had caused the stream to run closer to the pavement resulting in the road bed of Elm Ave to be undermined. CSX has used the slope, which it accepts ownership of,  as a dumping ground for old track ties and other debris.  Since the Borough has started to inquire about the problem some of the debris of CSX has been removed. With some old rail ties still remaining to be cleaned up. After months of talking with  CSX  the Borough took matters into it's own hands.  Working with Bergen County Mosquito control the stream has been dredged of in order to clear , and straighten the flow of water. Material was added to fill the void under Elm Ave  in order to stabilize the roadbed.  Afterward the Bogota Dept. of Public Works came in to cut down, and remove the damaged trees.  For now the stream runs straighter, and should have less chance of flooding under normal conditions.
   There have been more then one council meeting in which the problem has been brought up. The Borough is looking in to who really owns the land between Elm Ave. & CSX so it can be maintained properly. This would be  big step in helping to relieve the annual flooding of River & Elm. But it was also mention that the houses on the stream side of Elm Ave.can help with the situation by maintaining their own property.

 Debris from the CSX tracks in January. 

Broken trees  in January.

Trees cut , and  removed by Bogota DPW

 The Stream  along Elm Ave  with debris  and fallen trees.
The same stream cleared & straighten by Bergen County.

 Elm Ave at River Rd starting to be undermined by the stream.

 The roadbed of Elm Ave filled in, and stream moved away several feet.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Council Meeting

19-Feb. 2012
  The Bogota Borough Council has voted on several items that will effect many of the citizens of the borough directly. One is that the Council voted unanimously to extended the retirement age for the volunteer Firefighter's to 75. This is up from 70. This is a move that the dept. wanted to keep the more experienced personal available for support duty in the Dept. The reasoning is that this will free up the younger members of the dept. to do the more labor intensive part of being  a Firefighter. This also allows to have the years of experience to help guide the newer members of the Dept. This, however, does not solve the problem of a lack of new Volunteers joining the Fire Dept. to help get the Borough safe. The Fire Dept is an ALL VOLUNTEER  dept. that means the men and women who answer the call are not paid a salary. They are the members of your community doing something that is need for all the Borough. This is also true for the Rescue Squad & EMS service. Fundraisers and community events are a helpful way to raise money for the equipment needed, but the lack of manpower to operate this equipment is now is starting to become worrisome to both the Officers of each Dept. as well as to the Elected Officials of Bogota. If anyone thinks they would like to join and be apart of a link to a strong community please go to one of the following for the Fire Dept.  to join the rescue squad. Or to join the First-Aid and Emergency squad.
   Another item  was that the council past the moving of the School Board elections to the same time as the General elections in November. This is a move seen to get more people voting in the School Board elections, and for voting on the yearly budget for the schools in Bogota. There is also a mention of how money can be saved in combining these elections, but the bigger concerned is to keep the election of the the School Board members out of the political  process. The people themselves, who make-up the board, obviously will be registered to a certain party, this should not have an influence on running for the board. And with the School Budget being a straight  yes, or no vote  that can easily be left out of politics as usually. The School Board  & Budget votes must be more about the future of the Sons & Daughters of Bogota then who belongs to what party. The easy part was to move the elections to November, now the work begins to see how the School Board elections stay about the students and their education.
  The council also  rescinded the rules on video taping at council meeting. The original law was seen as too restrictive, and a bit out dated with the use of so many wireless devices today. They also consider the right of a private citizen who may not want to be video taped.   The item should be visited again at the next meeting  on 1-March

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bogota Basketball

   Last night was Senior night at Speary Gym as the Lady Bucs played their final Home game of the season.  Before the game the there was a moment to recognize the Senior players from both team. Bogota took time honour the senior players from Emerson High School, Then the acknowledged  their own Seniors Jillian Marino & Marissa Veron, and the girls Parents for the years of hard work and support  of their children. The Bucs also thanked their Senior off court staff of Christina Conte and Sarah Stofan.
   As for the game , the Emerson Lady Cavos were the better and stronger team. A low scoring , but quick pace through out the whole game , Emerson showed why the are a 15-3 team. The Lady Cavos  kept making their shots when needed , while keeping the Lady Bucs from any long scoring run. However even with the loss the Lady Bucs showed they will keep being a hard working team. Fitting in the last home game for their Seniors  some of the returning players showed that they are ready to step up next season. Kristian Bautista  turned into the leading scorer with a game high 23 points. There were many times Ms. Bautista looked for an opportunity to score and did not hesitate to take it. Other times she tried to will her way into position, sometimes being stopped by the bigger ,and  more experience Emerson team. The emotion of her effort shown on her face as she came to the bench, but was praised and encouraged by her coaches for the fine work ethic.
  Stephanie Perpeaj had praise shout  out to her from both the stands, and the Bench as she continued to show  a lot of hustle through out the game. Ms. Perpeaj could be seen stepping forward to met the opponent as they entered the lady Bucs zone. Also was under the basket looking for a loose rebound, or trying to keep the Bogota offense alive. Another Lady Bucs who kept moving was Denna Brugger, who had the job of pressing the Lady Cavos before the could set-up. As well as Casey Murphy had a calmer, yet focus look about her in trying to pick-up the scoring .
   Even with the loss the Lady Bucs showed a strong effort to send their Seniors out with a fine game.
   The next game for he Lady Bucs is Tues. 21- Feb at Park Ridge.
The Boys won their game at Emerson by the score of 57-41 which moves their record to  15-7 on the year. Josvali Vasquez  had a game high of 15 points with Nafique Goodwyn & Ruben Acosta netting 13 points each. The Bucs next game is Tues. 21-Feb at Speary Gym versus Park Ridge with a tip-off at 4:00p

 Senior Marissa Veron looking to pass

Senior Jillian Marino driving towards the basket.

Kristian Bautista  driving towards the net.

Stephanie Perpeaj  getting a shot up

 Jillian Marino & Marissa Veron with Coaches  Gaffney & Dooley

Jillian Marino with her Mom & Bother

Casey Murphy (L) with some presents for Marissa Veron

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bogota Basketball

   The next generation of Bogota Basketball ended their regular seasons today  as the Middle School Girls & Boys hosted Ridgefield.The Boys handed the Rams a 40-22 defeat to finish the season with a record of 13- 3 ( I regret I do not have the Girls final score & season record, if someone does please send them to the blog at ) The next games are at the Maywood Tournament starting Mon. 27 Feb.
# 23 Isaiah Dela Cruz shooting 

Niko Calabia passing 

Brennen Rodgers w/#00 Willy Mora forcing a turnover.

Michael Kohles ...

.. &  Anthony Ovalle  driving though the defense.

#10 Mr. Ovalle with a long shot.

Action from the Girls game.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


   A small group of parents attended the NJCAP meeting at Bixby School on Monday. This was a parent program held by  New Jersey Child Assault Prevention. The program had a few different functions to it . First is was to introduce the parents to NJCAP , and inform them of who & what they are. NJCAP is a project to teach children how to recognize and prevent dangerous situation that may occur in life. One of those main points is that a child has the right to feel safe growing-up, and it is alright to protect them selves from danger. Even if means telling  a trusted Adult that another Adult, or even friends are making them feel unsafe.
  The next item was to help parents listen, and try to understand the feeling of children, no matter what the age, that something is wrong in their daily life and how the Adult can help make the situation better & safer.
  Another item was to explain to the Parents on what the NJCAP program will be like when it is given in both Bixby, and Steen Schools. There was also a member of the TeenCAP to talk with the parents of older & teenage children.
  For more information about this program please go to
Debbie Tedino explaining what NJCAP is to the attending parent

Ms. Tedino talking to a group of Grade School parents about child safety.

Bert Meyers explaining to the Grade School parent what the in school program will be like.

Clare Laporte talking with the parents of teenage children about the Teen CAP  program

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bogota Volleyball Breakfast

   The Bogota Lady Bucs Volleyball team held a pancake breakfast to help raise money for their team. This is one of the first events at the Rec Center since the improvements were made to the kitchen.  Barbra Topor talked about how it was nice to have the updated space to prepare the food. There crowd was not ever big at on time ,but a continuing flow of people came in to have some breakfast, and support the team.

Kathleen Sura & Julie Topor serving thee teammates pancakes

Julie Topor  making an order for the Ramirez 

Barbra Topor flipping some pancakes

Ms. Topor & Ms. Sura serving Adriara & Samantha Saebae

Some of the team together,

Some Parents enjoy their breakfast.