Sunday, May 31, 2015


31- May-2015

    On Saturday  30- May the Bogota Police Emergency  Services Youth Academy  held a fundraising dinner for Class 05.  This was held at the Bogota VFW post #5561 hall and allowed graduate and future Cadets along with their Families  a chance to meet and have a Saturday dinner together. Some instructors were also on hand to  join in the festivities along with a raffle. Director Sgt Craig Lynch  talked about the importance of social events like these to keep the bond Cadets formed at the Academy strong and to introduce the Academy to future Cadets.  Top Cadet from Class 01 & Class 04 were introduced. Cindy Perpepaj, the first Top Cadet from class 01 and  Roman Maure, the latest Top Cadet from Class 04 greeted the attendees. Next Program Coordinator Anna Ferris introduced the newest addition to the Academy  Program, an intern program started last year.  This year the intern are working with the Academy from the very beginning in order to learn what is needed to get the Academy ready for Class 05.The Youth Academy is open to Middle School Students in Bogota, The intern program is available for High School Student to help them learn real world management & organizational skills. This was started as way to have graduated Cadet stay as part of the Academy , but is also open to any High School who wishes to apply. The intern will also receive Community Credit for their work with the Academy. Some of the interns are Academy Graduates while other are not.
   Another new idea this year was the introduction the first ten recruits  for Class 05.  Sgt. Lynch talked about this is another way to make the dinner more of an event and a way to get the newest recruit join with Graduates. It was stress that this would only be the first ten. I an application name was not called they still were being considered to one of the other 42 opening in Class 05. The ten young Women & Men joined Sgt. Lynch, Miss Anna, and Police Chief John Burke  on stage on their first steps to be apart of one of the finest Youth Academies in Northern New Jersey. The Academy will be informing  the other applicants of their status in the coming weeks.
   For more information,  about the  Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy please visit their website at :  or by email at

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 The Bogota Public Library  presented a lecture about Honeybees in New Jersey. Frank Mortimer from the Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Association came in to talk about the Honeybees  he raises. He first talked about the differences between a Honeybee and a Yellow Jacket. Honeybees are just a little smaller, have a fuzzy (or furry) appearance and  are more passive. A Yellow Jacket is slightly longer appear to be waxing in colour and are more aggressive. A person is more likely to be stung by a Yellow Jacket.  A worker bee will produce only 1/12 of a teaspoon in it's lifetime. With a average Worker bee living six weeks.  A Queen bee will live up to 3-5 year  producing 2,000 eggs in one day. 
  Mr. Mortimer displayed a typical hive box that bees live in and a special  viewing plate with an active brood Chamber to observe the bees safely.  At time Mr. Mortimer asked for quiet so the audience could hear the buzzing made by the bees  as they controlled the temperature in the chamber.
  For more information about Honeybees in New Jersey and how to help them please visit their website at  The Bogota Public library is located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ.  For more information please  about this and other Library events visit their web site at :


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Friday, May 29, 2015

Steen Concerts

29- May-2015
   On Wednesday & Thursday 27 &28- May  Steen School presented their Spring Concerts. The first was the premiere performance of the Steen Strings. Director Jeannine Murray lead the seven 3rd Graders in showing to the audience what they have learn this year. The Violinist are learning the Suzuki Method. This is a way to teach and encourage young musicians to hear the music, while learning the mechanic of how to play an instrument to produce the same sounds.  Ms. Murray has taken third graders from both Steen and Bixby schools  and use this to help them learn the language of music.  Like at the Bixby String Concert earlier in May the Violinist first played in Pizzicati by plucking the Violin strings.  Then the music was replayed using the bow.

   On Thursday the Steen Hawk Band gave their Spring Concert. It started with the Drum line  showing their skills with Military Calls. As explained by the Musicians, this is how an Army would know where and when to march before electronic communications was available. The Drum line showed how different rhythms, tempos, and beats were used in giving command orders from a distance.
   After the Drum line played, the audience was treated to a display by the the Bogota Twirlers and Colour Guard team under the Direction of Leslie Baker. First the younger Buccanettes performed, then members of the High School Colour Guard team took to the floor.
   Then  the Steen Hawk Band gave their performance playing a selection of Patriotic tunes in honour of the past Memorial Day weekend. They played as a whole band, and as different sections of the orchestra to show the variations of sound produced by the different instruments. At the end of the performance thanked her sixth grade class musician some of whom had started the Steen Hawk band three years ago. Then, a grade at a time presented their Parent with  white carnations thanking them for their support and encouragement throughout the school year.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Weekend Events

28- May-2015
  Some events happening in and around Bogota forhthe weekend starting on Thursday -28- May

Thursday-28- May

     The Steen Hawk band will perform it's Spring Concert starting at 7:00p. This will be held in the Gymnasium located off Orchard Terrace Bogota, NJ 

Thursday-28- May

Movie Nite
It's Movie Nite at the Bogota Library.                                            
Paddington Bear
Thursday, May 28th at 6PM
The Friends of the Bogota Library will be selling snacks and water for $1.00 each. All proceeds fund library programs and new materials.

 Saturday-30- May
Bees! Bees! Bees!
Facts, myths, and the importance of bees! Get ready to catch a buzz with our honey bee program featuring live (but contained) bees! Join Frank Mortimer, the President of the Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Association as he gives us the latest buzz about the honey bee!
Saturday, May 30th at 11:00AM
Stop in or Call (201) 488 - 7185 to register today or Click here to sign up online!

 Saturday-30- May

 The Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy   has announced the new date for their annual  fundraiser benefit.  This was originally scheduled for earlier in may but had to be delayed. The new date is Saturday -30- May . Processes from this event will good to support for Class 05 in July of 2015. Doors will open at 7:00p and the event will run until 10:00p  This will be at the Bogota VFW Main Hall located at 240 Leonia Ave Bogota, NJ. Tickets are now available costing $35 for Adults and $15 for youths. Tickets will be available at the door for $40 for Adults & $20 for youths.   This will feature a Buffet dinner including refreshments. Staff and officials from the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy will be on hand to talk to Graduate Cadets, and will be available to answer any question Student , or Parents may have about class 05. 
   Also at this event a preliminary list of  Cadets for Class 05 will be announced. 
  For more information please email the Academy at 

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Sunday-31- May
The  North Jersey Friendship House  will be hosting their 9th Annual Wellness Walk for Mental Health &  Autism.  This will take place in Olsen Park Bogota, NJ. This is chance to raise money and awareness of mental health issues while enjoying an early afternoon outdoors. There will be a walk-a-thon  around Olsen Park with donations going to help Friendship House with their work. There will also be Music, A cook-out, Raffles and a Zumba class. 
   Registration starts at 9:30a with the walk beginning at 10:00a For more information, or to pre-register please call 201-488-2121,    email: , or visit their  website at 


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Monday -1-June

    Read to Maggie the Beagle
Help your child foster their love of reading by letting them be Maggie's Reading Buddy. Come on down, pick out a book, and read to Maggie in the Children's Section. Mondays at 4:00PM
Stop in or call (201) 488 - 7185 to register today
The Bogota Public library is located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ.  For more information please  about this and other Library events visit their web site at :

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Monday -1-June

       The weekly " Meet the Mayor"  event will take place in the office of Mayor Chris Keleman  This is open to any Bogota resident who would to ask the Mayor a question about  Bogota, or to discuss any matter to help improve the quality of life in the Borough. Anyone who wishes just to have an informal conversation with the Mayor is also welcome to attend. Meetings will be held on a first come basis. This will run from 5:00p to 7:00p in the Mayors office. His office is on in Bogota Borough Hall located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ.
  Bogota Borough  Hall is located at 375 Larch Ave. in Bogota, NJ.

Monday -1-June

   The Bogota High School Athletic Dept. will be hosting it's annual Sports awards dinner on Monday 1-June. This will be held in the High School Gymnasium  starting at 6:00p. All Student Athletes will be admitted free of charge. Tickets for Family and Friends are priced at $5.00 and will be available at the door.  It is asked that anyone attending donate a item for dinner, or dessert.  For more information about tickets or to confirm what food item that is being donated please contact Karen Rodgers at

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fire Dept. Inspection

27- May-2015

    Early in the morning of 25-May the Bogota Volunteer Fire Department along with the Volunteer First Aid Squads & Rescue Squad turned out in front of Borough Hall to be inspected by Mayor Chris Keleman  and members of Council.  The Borough official were given a tour of each rescue vehicle and shown what type of equipment is on board and their useage.  The Fire dept was first with,the members of each company welcoming the officials in front of their vehicles. This allowed the Elected members of  the local Government to personally meet and thank the Firefighters from their work over the past year. The Captain from each Company explaining about their how they perform when on a call.  Some of the newest Council members apologised for the amount of questions being asked, and the Captains were happy to answer all of them so the officials could understand the workings of the Volunteers Departments. The Captains talk about how new equipment is performing, how existing equipment is handling and what needs to be replaced or updated.  The Fire Dept. were also inspected by officials from the Bergen County Fire Chief's Association on their appearance, maintenance & knowledge of their equipment.  
    Bogota officials then inspected the members of both the First Aid & Rescue Squads. This again was to review the equipment and to see how it is use. This was also the first time the newest of the First Aid Squad Ambulance would be closely inspected. Mayor Keleman took the time to go into the new unit and see for himself  what improvements have been made. One piece of equipment that has been upgraded with the new unit is lighter, and easier operated stretcher.  The Mayor felt the weight of both the newer  and older stretcher and noticing the newer one should help with  the way the Volunteers  can offer assistance in an emergency. Members of the First Aid Squad did inform the Mayor & Council that their " Turn-out" uniforms are well past the 15 year usefulness and are looking for an upgrade when possible.
   After all the inspections were concluded both departments took a moment to honour the members who have lost their lives during the call of duty.  This was lead by St.Joseph's Pastor Rev. Tim Graff. 
  The Bogota Fire Dept.  along with the Rescue and First aid Squads are all volunteer   organizations. They are made of of Residents from Bogota and neighboring communities.  For more information about volunteering please to to  or call; 201-342-1736 ext. 2007. 

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