Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bogota Beautiful

24- May-2015

   On Wednesday 20- May Bogota Beautiful held their monthly board meeting. At this time is was announced that at the organization's Earth Day clean-up of Olsen Park & W. Main St   had over 150 volunteers arrive to help with the maintenance  and cleaning of both areas.  They also announced the completion of the spring planting on W. Main St. in May. Several volunteers resident from the Borough took part in adding spring flowers to the planters.  Members of the Bogota  Rescue Squad, at the meeting,  informed the board that they have  included watering the planters  when they perform regular cleaning of their vehicles. It has noted that, at times, litters is placed in the planters instead of the trash cans near by. Councilman Rob Robbins  said that he can inquire about added more trash cans along W. Main St, and to see that the planters are included in the maintenance that the shop owners are required to perform in front of their businesses. Board Chairperson Isabel Bustamante talked about letting the general public know that if they see any trash in the planters it would be appreciated if they placed it in the proper containers themselves.
  The next agenda items were upcoming projects. One is the Storefront  Art Gallery. It was announced that several businesses have agreed to have local artist submit their original work to be displayed in the front windows, and inside their stores. They hope to have the first installation in June or July of 2015.  If any local artist would like to be considered, or to help with the installation please contact Ms. Bustamante at  Another item was the tour of Bogota that is scheduled to take place during Bogota Day on Saturday 13-June.  They have been granted the use of the Senior Bus, and are in contact with a Volunteer driver.  Bogota Historian Henry Komorowski attended the meeting and will help with determining a route.  Trips are tentatively planned to be 30 minutes in length leaving Olsen Park once an hour. It is hope that 3-4 trips can take place on that day. There will be a suggested donation  of $5.00  for Adults and $3.00 for Students.
   Bogota Beautiful also announced that they will be hosting  "Yoga in the Park" to be each Saturday, starting 11- July to 22-August.  These will be 1 Hour sessions starting at 9:00a at the Bandshell in Olsen Park.  They are looking for volunteers to lead each session. For more information about  these and other Bogota Beautiful project, or to volunteer to help with a project please visit their website at:

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