Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bogota Day 2013

 On  Saturday the next chapter of Bogota Day opened, it started with the official ribbon cutting for the new band shell in Olsen Park.  There were rides, and bounce jumps for the children, and small train ride that took a lap around the west parking lot , and over the environmental walk bridge.  Local groups, and sports team  were on hand to sell food, and raise some money. One of the teams were the three time State Champions High School Girls Volleyball squad, who brought along there trophies from the past season to show off.  Others were the he Bogota Republics (meatball heroes) and Bogota Democratic ( Empanadas )  with hamburgers from the Band parents in between.
   Music through out the day was provided by D.J. Eddie Acosta which lead up to the head line act of "The Bad Parts" A quartet one of whose member played a number of brass instruments to give them a unique   sound. On what could have been an awkward moments of being up stage at the beginning of their second set the band had some fun with it. A Volleyball net was set-up during the break, and still going on as the band started again.  The Musician took this opportunity to have some fun with the players provided musical accompaniment for the game action. And even joined the game ( with Trombone in hand) during a drum solo.  To provide a lighthearted mood for the end of the day.
   It was attended by a steady, but small crowd  along the course of the day. However many of the groups reported good interest at their booths. One of the Organizers Nick Barese commented that they were hoping for a larger turn-out, however the mix of uncertain weather  and graduation parties could have kept some away. Mr. Barese also talked about how planning of this years Bogota Day was done in half the normal time.  The Organizing Committee for  Bogota Day 2014 is trying for a early weekend in June.  Ideally the first weekend in June a full week after Memorial Day. They would like to start that planning by the end of this year in order to get a more beneficial response from outside participants.
   There have been better Bogota Days, but this was a solid platform to build on the local party returned to Olsen Park.
 Mayor Pat McHale cutting the ribbon for the new Band shell.

 Girls H.S. Volleyball team with their trophies

 Bogota H.S. Cheerleaders

 Rides for the children

 Marshall Arts demonstration  

 Bergen County K-9 Division demostration 

 Headliners  " The Bad Parts"

.. and the Volleyball game they joined in on.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bogota High School Class of 2013

29- June- 2013
    On Friday the Bogota High School Class of 2013 held their Commencement Ceremonies in Speary Gym.  The Senior Class comprised 97 students representing at 84th graduating class in the History of Bogota High School.  Salutatory speaker Mr. Nicolas Estrella talk about how his speech this day maybe forgotten in the future, but what is more important the experiences leading up to this day.  Lessons learned , then discarded,  worries that seemed so important at the time, now apparently  laughable at, and other almost trivia items that have come & gone.  But the friendships, some that have been forged over a lifetime, while other only possible because of the shared experiences of being a High School student, will last in ones mind well into the future.
   Valedictorian Ms. Frailine Gliozzi   talked about first entering school as a young , and naive Seventh Grader trying to find her way amongst  a sea of upperclassmen trying to fit in. How six years in the same building, doing the same thing would seem to take forever. Then to stand in front of her follow student , and be one of those Seniors happened almost in a blink of an eye. Experiences never even thought of before are now apart of ones personality. Find  new friends, new ideas, and sometime new loves that could not be predicted, what is now six short years ago.   Ms. Gliozzi congratulated her classmates on the goals they have achieved, and good luck in their future endeavors. She also took the time to thank all of the Faculty, and staff       of the High School for their patience in trying to help a bunch of teenage learn something ( even it had to be done more than once). Ms. Gliozzi  needed to mention Counselor  Ms. Pertrosino  by name to show her the appreciation of her, and other students had for all of Ms. Pertrosino's help in being a High School Student.
  Ms. Gliozzi then thanked all the Parents for the pushing they had to do to make their students better. All the caring and support they gave their children, and all the love they showed to their kids without condition. Ms. Gliozzi used the moment to thank her own Mother personally.
    This ceremony was also a time to thank, and wish well two teachers who are also moving on after their time in Bogota High School. Ms. Natalie Benyo  who chaired the World Language Department talked how her parents immigrated of Ukraine to find a better life for their family. And how she was proud of the fact that she could help the children of other immigrate families learn a new language, and customs of the land they moved to in order to also have a better life.
  Also retiring was Mr. Tom Trochanowski the chair of the school's Language Arts Department. He recalled in order to become a Senior they had to pass through his  Freshmen English class. He hope that the lessons of reading " old books" had become clearer as they became more mature.  He used one example: that   "MacBeth may have gotten what he wanted, but at a price he did not expect." In teaching that a goal a person may have needs to come with the work, planing, and dedication to achieve that goal in a positive way. Mr. Trochanowski also acknowledge those Seniors who had taken the time to attend his poetry workshop with his own work that included all of their names. He then thanked the Faculty & Staff for their help and support. Then congratulated the Class of 2013. The Seniors thanked him by standing, and applauding Mr. Trochanowski  as he return to his seat.
   Principal Linda Gattuso presented the  2013 Graduating Class of Bogota High School to the Board of Education, and awarded them with their Diplomas. Then  in his final act as Class President Mr. James Lee lead the Seniors in moving their tassels to the other side of their Caps in a sign of their status as Graduates.

 Caps & Gown waiting to be worn

  Ashley Granquist  (L) & Elizabeth O'Brien and..

.. Deanna Brugger (L) & Casey Murphy show off their Caps

 Seniors waiting to start the processional.

 Salutatorian Nicholas Estrella  giving his address.

 Tom Trochanowski  addressing the Seniors. 

Natalie Benyo addressing the Seniors.

Principal Linda Gattuso (R) introducing Valedictorian Frailine Gliozzi. 

 Ms. Gliozzi giving her Valedictory Address.

Principal Linda Gattuso presenting the Bogota High School Class of 2013

 The Graduates celebrating.


Bogota Day 2013

29- June 2013

Bogota Day 2013
In Olsen Park Bogota, NJ

Starting at 12:00 noon with a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Band Shell and continuing until 10:00 p 

 Bogota Day Schedule
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Bogota High School Band1:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Sponsor Introductions1:45 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Bogota Rec. Buccanettes 
2:30 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.
Limbo and Chicken Dance
3:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Bergen County Sheriff's Dept. K9 Unit3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Charlie's Band5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
The Bad Parts Band7:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Local Food Participants

Bogota Republican ClubMeatball Heroes, Soda and Water
Knights of ColumbusSausage & Peppers, Pulled Pork, Steak Sandwiches & Water
Bogota Band ParentsHamburgers and Cheese Burgers
Bogota Baseball Organization (BBO)
Snack Bar (Hot Dogs, Hot Pretzels Drinks, Candy, Chips)
Bogota Women's ClubBrownies, Cookies and Pastries
Spanish Food
Bogota Democratic ClubCupcake Decorating
Bogota Cheering
Bake Sale 
Cheering Apparel: 
Shirts, Bows, etc.
Bogota Recreation Dept.Beer Garden
Bogota Volley Ball TeamTacos, Nachos & Cheese
Bogota High School SoftballPizza & Bogota Athletic Clothing
Bogota Rec. Buccanettes (Twirlers)Ices
Local Non-Food Participants
Save the Animal Rescue Team IIInformation and more
Bogota Junior Football50/50s & Dunk Tank
Holy Name Medical CenterInformation, Blood Pressure
Teaneck Rotary ClubInformation Table
Bogota Community Alliance (BCA) Bogota Public LibraryFace Painting
The Bogota Green TeamInformation Table
Bogota Fire Department
Mugs and Shirts/4 Fire Truck Displays
Bogota Volunteer Ambulance Corp.T.B.A.
Bogota Aux. Police Patrol
Bergen County Sheriff's Dept. & K9 UnitInformation Table
 Craft Show vendors

Savon CafeNatural Handmade Soap by Robin
Barbara & Christen DuffItems made from wine corks & shells
Noelle Frieson-JobProsper.comCraft Show Vendor
Just Because OriginalsCraft Show Vendor
Phoenix TheoryArt, Crafts, Furniture Culture
Lucille Tang CalligraphyCalligraphy Art
Cheryl ButlerHandmade Cards, Paper Products
Country CandlesSoy Candles, Candle Pies, Novelty Candles
Stir and Shoot (Kids Safety Club)Lemonade and Free Giveaways  
T-Shirt Etc.Air Brush Tee-Shirts and Tattoos


Friday, June 28, 2013

Steen Class of 2013

  On Thursday  The Lillian Steen School graduated their Sixth grade class onto their next step.  This years theme was " I  Hope You Dance." in a reference to the thought when life seems hard, and one does not know want to do next, think of something fun to do, and the solution find a way to appear.  Miss. Madison Becerra , and Miss  Elizabeth Sanz talked about the experience of growing up while attend Steen. While Miss Ashley Gomez gave a speech on what happens next to the students educational years. Miss Nicole Pecora was the recipient of the Principal Award for her service, and work  during her years at Steen. Miss Amy Chavez & Mr. Eric Perez talked about the care , and support the Parents give to the students and lead the way as the Students came down from the Stage to present a Red Rose to all their parents.
     There was also a moment when M. Lehman thanked Ms. Wawrzonkiewicz  for all her years of  teaching at Steen. How she was a follow teacher,  confidant and at times a twin in their years together.  She wished her well on her retirement as "Miss W" was greeted with hugs from her follow teachers, and Applause by the Parents , and Students alike.

Gabrielle Grant & Leila Ksiyer

Eric Marson  & Anthony Vitiello

Antoinette Clement & Angelina Garcia

Madison Becerra (R) receiving the American Legion Award from Mr. McElroy.

Moira Ng (R) receiving her VFW award from Mr. Hernandez.

Nicole Peccora (R) receiving the Principal Award from Mr. Conroy.

Madison Becerra (L) & Elizabeth Sanz
  remembering their time at Steen.
Albert Nuedling

Mohanad Khalil

Tijani Browne

Amy Chavez (L) & Eric Perez thanking  all the Parents
 for their support.

Principal Thomas Conroy 

 "Miss W" (R) thanking Ms. Lehman for her well wishes.

 The Lillian Steen Graduating Class of 2013 

Principal Conroy  talking with now Steen Alumni.

Former Students writing Good-Bye messages.

Parents taking photos of their Student.