Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pool Events


  A couple events that are going to be happening at the Bogtoa Swim Club pool In August.
  On Friday 8-August the Bogota Swim Club will be hosting a  "Camp-Out" at the Swim Club. This is open to all residents of the Borough for a chance to sleep under the stars at poolside. The Campout starts at 8:45p on Friday night and will go until 10:00a Saturday Morning. Ticket are available in advance for $10/ per person for members and $15 / per person for non-members. Tickets may be purchased at the door for $15 for members & $20 for non-members
  There will be Movies, Games and a Mid-Night swim, after the late swim free midnight snack of S'mores will be available.  Food will be available for purchase during the evening with a breakfast of bagels, donuts, juice & coffee starting at 8:00a. A cleanup of the pool area before 10:00a is needed.
  For more information please  call the Bogota Swim Club at 201-489-1991 of visit their website at:

Camp Out at The Bogota Swim Club
Friday August 8th
8:45 pm till 10:00 am Saturday
Open to everyone in our community

Schedule of Events:
8:45 - 10:00 pm         Movie in the grass & swimming
10:00 - 11:45 pm      Games, Slip N Slide
11:45 - 12:30 am      Midnight Swim in the Main Pool
12:30 - 1:00 am      Midnight Snack- free S'mores
???????     lights out
8:00 - 9:00 am      Breakfast
10:00 am     Pool grounds Must be Cleared
Food will be sold during the evening: Hot dogs, popcorn, chips, snacks and hot chocolate
In the morning: bagels, donuts, juice and coffee
Pre registration:
Members $ 10 per person
Non members $ 15 per person
At the door:
Members $ 15 per person
Non members: $ 20 per person

To register, please call the Swim Club @ 201-489-1991 
for questions please call the number above or visit the website at

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   On Saturday 16- Aug The Bogota Swim Club will hold its 5th Annual Pool party. This year it will again be sponsored by New Horizon Financial. This is an Adults only event, with the cost of $20 per person. Non-glass containers of alcohol will be permitted for this event. Doors open at 8:00p and will go until 1:00a. There will be a Dunk tank along with Hamburgers & Hot Dogs available.  Music will be provided " The Elevens" For tickets and information please call the Bogota Swim Club at 201-489-1991 of visit their website at:
   This years event will go to help raise money for the family of Officer Steven Sulborsky.  Sgt Sulborsky was an Officer with the Ridgefield Park Police Department. To contribute to the fund for his family please go to:

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Construction Updates

30- July- 2014

 A brief update of some of the construction project going on around Bogota.  Progress is continuing on the new Board of Education Building with landscaping and  interior finishing being done.  There  also has been a new sidewalk along Palisade Ave in front of the School's parking lot. Work is also is moving forward on the new Field House and north stands at Feigel Field. The second section of the field house was delivering in Mid July and both parts have be put together.  Exterior siding has been added to the exterior, as the interior work continues and the access will be added soon. The North Stands  will sit on a concrete slab & footing for a new Press Box have both been poured. The framework for the stands themselves has begun.

New Board of Education Building

 New sideway in front of the High School

New Fieldhouse

New North Stands

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  The work to finish the leftover parts of Elm Ave has been completed.  While the new sideways have stopped at McDougal St on the Western side of Elm Ave, holes and other concerns have been taken care of. A number of driveway, and walks have had either asphalt or concrete to fill the space left when the new sidewalks were poured. The missing part of sidewalks left open where trees had to be removed were also filled with new concrete. Soil was replaced on lawns & the easements on either side of the new walks.  Bello Grande, the contractor for this project, has also removed their equipment they had at Elm Ave & Munn St. cleaning the easement and in front of the Bogota Tree Farm. The contractor use the allotted money that was a grant from Bergen County before the entire project was completed. With 3/4 of the sidewalk finish there is no known time table on when the rest will be able to be finished.

Sidewalks & driveway finished.

Construction equipment removed and the area cleared 

A rabbit checking out the cleaned-up area
around the Bogota Tree Farm

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   In the early evening of 29- July a vehicle traveling Northbound on Elm Ave struck a parked car causing the first vehicle to lose it front right tire. The same vehicle continued along Elm Ave until it stopped short of W. Ft. Lee Rd. Bogota Police & First Aid Squad responded with no injuries reported. Bogota Police question the Driver, and only occupant in the vehicle, then proceed to the driver into custody.

 A vehicle that was struck

Debris left along Elm Ave.

 Vehicle stopped near W. Ft Lee Rd

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer School


  This Summer the Bogota School district has started a new program to help Students meet the  requirements in order  be prepared for the next grade level. This program has been given the name Title 1 Summer School Program and is for Students of both Steen & Bixby Schools. The Students of both Schools were required to attend  Bixby for the program.  In past years the School day was 1 hour and only focused on certain subjects. This year the day was expanded to three hours to give the feel of a normal school day ( but without the uniforms) and to allow for more individual attention when needed.  The classes were divided into various grade levels as  just like the regular school day. The Title 1 program is for Student in grades 1-6. Also this several English as a Second Language (ESL)  classes were included for Students  Kindergarten to 10th, with the older Student learning in a separate classroom. 
   Bixby Teacher Ms. Melissa Swietlicki was chosen to head this program, and Supervise the Summer academic activities at Bixby School.  Ms. Swietlicki received her Bachelor of Arts from Penn State University, a Master's Degree in General Education and Special Education from Long Island University, and a Master's Degree in Education Leadership from Long Island University. She serves as a Special Education Teacher in Bixby School 
   Bogota Blog NJ submitted a series of questions to her about the Title 1 Summer  School Program. Here are the questions with her answers. 

What is the goal of this Summer program? 

The goal of the Title 1 Summer School Program is to provide instructional support and to strengthen reading, writing, and mathematics skills for those children who are identified as academically at-risk.   Research has shown that students experience a regression of learning during the summer months; therefore, it is critical that students’ reading skills are practiced over the summer.  At-risk students, in particular, need to be exposed to literacy instruction during the summer so that they arrive in September ready to pick up where they left off.  
Students were selected for the summer program based upon multiple measures of assessment.  The students are drawn from Bixby School and Steen School in grades 1-6 and students in our ESL program are in grades K-10 this year.  Students are being provided with instruction in the month of July in the core content areas:  English Language Arts and Mathematics.  Instruction is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

How is this different than a regular Summer School?

The program this summer is being run differently than it has ever been run before.  The structure of the program has changed. Instead of students receiving 1 hour of instruction for a particular subject, the program has expanded to allow for three consecutive hours for all students, Monday through Friday.  This benefits students so that they have additional learning time and opportunities for individualized attention.  Students are also using a new online interactive reading program, which has not only motivated students to read more, but it has boosted their reading skills already.

Why have you decided to head this program?

I decided to assume this role as head of the Summer School Program for several reasons.  I have been a teacher in the district for five years and I am knowledgeable about the specific needs of the students in multiple grade levels.  I have a positive rapport with the faculty, and I understood what the teachers, parents, and students required in order to plan and run the program successfully.  With my background in General Education, Special Education, and School Administration, this role fit perfectly with my experience as an educator in the Bogota Schools and my personal career goal to become a school administrator.

Are there any special challenges in a program like this?

This program has expanded to accommodate approximately 100 students from 8:30-11:30.   It also takes place during the same time as the Special Education Extended School Year program (about 30 students).  Some parents had expressed concern prior to the program about arrival and dismissal procedures.  In order to address these concerns, the arrival and dismissal procedures were carefully planned and supervised so that students, parents, and staff had a smooth start.  Due to the large numbers of students and potential traffic problems, I have arranged for the Bogota Police Department to ensure the safety of the students as they arrived and left school.   The support from the Police Department has been very helpful and is greatly appreciated.

What would you like to get accomplished?

It is the hope that with the additional hours of instruction, students can strengthen the skills they learned this year and build upon any areas of need so that they are prepared for the following school year.   Once the program completes this week, I'll have a dialogue with our administrators to reflect on the program. Teachers are developing student portfolios to show evidence of growth, so this will tell us if we need to revise the program next year or if we need to continue what we did this year.

What has been the reaction of the parents to the program?

There has been a positive reaction of the parents to this program.  Parents have said it is easier for them to bring their children to and from summer school now that the hours are between 8:30 and 11:30.  Parents have also said that the first week of summer school was a smooth transition into the program.

The following are comments from Ms Swietlicki about the Summer program:

“I have fully embraced the opportunity to head the summer school program this year.  My goal was to create a highly structured and organized instructional program that maximized students’ learning potential for the month and prepare students for next September.  In order to meet this goal, a priority was to transition to the new expansion of the program smoothly.  
With the support of the school administration, the teamwork of the building staff members, and the enthusiasm of the students and parents, we have made great strides to improve the program.  I would like to thank Mrs. DiMauro and Mrs. Rodriguez, parents of Bixby students, who volunteered their time to assist during the opening days of the program.  I would also like to thank Mayor Tito Jackson and Sgt. Craig Lynch for offering their support throughout the program.”

Ms. Swietlicki also proved Bogota Blog NJ a quote from a Parent of two Bixby Students:

"The summer school program has proven to be a great opportunity for my son to continue his learning.  Last week he came home and excitedly told me he finished a big math assignment and moved up a level in reading, something that never would've happened without these classes.  My thanks to Ms. Swietlicki for organizing and coordinating this expanded and very valuable program for the kids who need it.  The program was very well run with additional hours and increased enrollment.  I hope it will continue for many years." 
Bogota Blog NJ would like to Thank Ms Swietlicki for her assistance with this story.

 Ms. Sweitlicki greeting Shahd, Joseph & Justin in the Morning.

Ms. Rogers teaching a 3rd Grade class.

Ms. Shepard teaching a 4th Grade class

Ms. Sontag teaching  1st & 2nd Graders.

Ms. Keleman  helping with an assignment.
Ms. Ketchum teaching 5th & 6th graders

ESL students reading on computers.

 Mr. Williams ( from the Ft. Lee School District) teaching a
older Student English as a Second Language class.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

This weeks Events


Some events happening in and around Bogota for the week starting Monday. 28-July.

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Monday-28- July
Teaneck, NJ

Holy Name Hospital is holding a Blood drive starting at 1:00p and going to 7:00p This will take place in Conference Room #5 in Marian Hall.  For more information please call 1-877-465-9626. Holy Name Hospital is located at 718 Teaneck Rd. Teaneck, NJ

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Tuesday- 29- July

 Maggie the Beagle returns to Bogtoa Library to help young readers practice the skills.
Come Read to Maggie the Beagle
Maggie the Beagle is coming to the Bogota Library and she's looking for a buddy to read to her!
Tuesdays at 11:30AM 29th,  July also on 5th & 12th August 
Thursdays at 11:30AM 31st July  and  7th August
Kids of all ages, drop on in, and be Maggie's reading buddy.

Tuesday- 29- July
Hackensack, NJ

  The City of Hackensack Summer Concert series continues with the Dave Cedeno Band. This will take place at the Courthouse Green located across the street from the Bergen County Court House located at Main & Court Sts. Admission is free. for for Information please visit their website at:
  Note: the concert that was postponed on 15- July has been rescheduled for Tuesday 12- August.


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Wednesday-30- July
Ridgefield Park, NJ  

   The next of the McGowan Park Summer Concert Series features a performance by Mark Rust with a performance of Catskill Country Music. The Concert is schedule to start at 7:00p, with a rain date of the following day at the same time. Admission is free of charge,but it is recommended to bring a lawn chair, or blanket.  This year Rosie's Weenie Wagon will be parked at curbside for food.
McGowan park is located along the banks of Overpeck Creek on Bergen Turnpike Ridgefield Park, NJ. For more information please contact the RFP. Clerk's Office at 201-641-4950, or John Anlian at 201-943-1110

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Thursday -31- July
Teaneck, NJ 

   There will be a Tango dance Class  held  from 6:30p-8:00p at the Cedar Ln Pedestrian Plaza at Chestnut Ave. This is a free event open to all ages that wish to join. It  is recommended to bring a towel, along with a water bottle. For more information please go to;  
  Also on that day the Teaneck Farmers Market continues. The market is open every Thursday until 30-October and runs from Noon to 6:00p It is located in the Municipal Parking lot at Garrison Ave & Beverly Rd. For more information please go to:  or call 201907-0493

Teaneck Farmers Market
  Beverly Rd. & Garrison Ave. , Teaneck
  Phone:(201) 907-0493 / Margaret Aaker,  Fax: (201) 907-0870
  Open: June 12, 2014 to Oct. 30th,2014,  Thursdays, 12:00pm-6:00pm
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of farm fresh fruits and vegetables
  Also Available:  Plants, flowers, herbs, pickles, olives, freshly baked goods, gourmet prepared foods, honey jams, cheese, meats, poultry, seafood, gourmet nuts & dried fruits
  WIC and Senior FMNP vouchers accepted by some farmers
Saturday- 2- August
Ridgefield Park, NJ  

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Friday to Sunday- 1-3 August.
Hackensack, NJ

    The Teaneck New Theatre along with the Hackensack  Cultural Arts Center will present  the Neil Simon play  "Lost in Yonkers" Performances will be every Friday to Sunday  starting on Friday 1- August to Sunday 17- August. Curtain times will be 8:00p on Friday & Saturday with a matinee performance at 3:00p on Sunday. All performances will take place at the Hackensack  Cultural Arts Center  located at  39 Broadway Hackensack, NJ. For more information please go the their website at :

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Helping Jeziel

  On Wednesday 23- July the Family of Jeziel Marte revisited  a number of donations to help with Medical expenses. Mr. Marte, while a sixth grade student at Bixby school, was struck by a car while crossing W. Main St in Olsen Park this Spring. The accident occurred  as he was on his way to play in a Bogota Baseball Organization game. After emergency surgery  his condition was unsettled. Then in May Mr. Marte stated to recover enough that he could sit up in his Hospital bed and interact with  visitors. A big moment when he was able to attend his Sixth Grade Graduation at Bixby with the assistance of the Bogota First Aid Squad transporting him to and from his school. He attended the ceremony while wearing a helmet, with a Bogota Buc logo on it, to prevent further injury.
   In July he was able to leave the Hospital and  to continue his recovery at home. "Where the food is better". Mr. Marte is scheduled to under more tests in August, which will determine if more surgery is required by the end of that month. He hopes to join his classmate this fall as part of the Bogota High School class of 2012.   He also is looking forward to playing baseball again in Bogota next Summer.
   Jeziel's Father Nestor & Brother Waldry join him as that met with Members of the Bogota Baseball Organization at the Bogota Recreation Center.  Nick Barese doing his duty as Grand Knight of the Teaneck Chapter of the Knights of Columbus along with Pat McHale presented a check to Nestor Marte  on behave of the Knights of Columbus Council # 2586. Then Mr. Barese as President of the BBO presented a second check to Mr. Marte from the BBO, that was made up of contributions from groups, and individuals representing all section of the Borough. The Marte family was also given cards with the name of the contributors of the donation as well as a certificate for a family dinner at a local restaurant.

 Grand Knight Nick Barese (L) presenting Nestor & Jeziel Marte
a check from the Knight of Columbus along with Pat McHale.

Nestor & Jeziel Marte (C) accepting a check from  with fund raised
 by the Bogota Baseball  Organization.

Nestor Marte thanking the Bogota Baseball  Organization
for their support.

Waldry (L), Jeziel, and Nestor marte playing some table football afterwards.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Class 04 Dismissed

   On Tuesday 22- July Class 04 of the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy  were given their Certificate of Completion at a ceremony in the Steen School Gymnasium. The Gym was occupied  by one of the larger gathering of Family & Friends for the Academy's fourth Graduation Ceremony. The Cadet were lead in  to the sounds of Pipe & Drums as they formed into four columns in the center of the Gym floor.  Under the direction of Instructor Perez the Cadets performed a quick series of short order drills displaying their skills & discipline while under command.  After the Cadets took their place on stage Coordinated Anna Ferris lead the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Katie Ferris sung the National  Anthem.
  Director Sgt Craig Lynch, in his opening remarks, thanked all of those to choose to attend, and thanked the Families of the Cadet for allowing them to be apart of the Academy.  He talked about all the work the Cadets had done over the past eight days, and how they have grown as Young Women & Men during that time. Sgt Lynch then thanked the large number of sponsors, vendors & local community groups from the Bogota Government,  Department of Education, and Recreation Commissioner that  provides support to the Academy. Sgt Lynch then introduced the Women & Men that served as instructors and complimented them on the Outstanding  job they do in teaching and motivating the Cadets. Sgt Lynch also call on the Cadet from previous classes to stand up to be acknowledged by the audience. Sgt Lynch then took a moment to honour and thank the interterns who have volunteer their time to help with the day to day function of the Academy.
  The Cadet were presented with Certificate of Completion as Family members waited excitedly , but very patiently, until all the Cadets had received their Certificate. Then they were able to give the Cadets a loud round of applause of congratulation.  Some individual & Squad  awards where given out including a new one present by Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson. This first Mayor's Award for Courage & Leadership was give to  Cadet Amy Chavez. When it was time for the Top Cadet of Class 04 the first two runners up were Cadet Eugene Yang and Cadet Joanna Garcia. When it was time for the top Cadet to be named Sgt Lynch called up Dr.Luis Luna whose father Dionicion Luna the award is named after. and the three previous of the top Cadet winners,Cindy Perpepaj (01)  Jacklyn Vilafuerte (02) and  Olivia Toutounjian (03). Then the three former Cadet announced that Cadet Roman Maure was chosen as the Top Cadet for Class 04. Anna Ferris  talked about how Cadet Maure had accepted the challenges that he faced, and proved himself to be able to take on the responsibilities of leadership when needed.  She joked that since he is one of the tallest Cadets in the Academy history they were looking for the child he was dropping off. She later said they were glad that he had decided to join the Academy this year after passing on other years. She congratulated him on taking the challenge to join the Academy, and was proud of what he had accomplished.
  Ms. Ferris talked about how this was a Class of first. Starting with a Male Top Cadet, on having a large number of older Student be Cadets,  the first time the Cadets traveled to the Bergen County jail, & see the prison population first hand,and the first Youth Academy  in the state of New Jersey to offer a SCUBA class in. On the other side this was the first Academy Class to experience a Cadet dropping out of the program.  One was for Medical reasons the other personal reasons. Sgt Lynch said both would be welcomed back if they so desire,but is still proud of the for making an attent at joining the Academy and showing the Courage to make a hard decision and staying with it.

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