Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bixby Playground

19- July-2014

   On Friday  18-July Parents,  Teachers, & some former Students met in  the playground of Bixby School to freshen-up the appearance of the school yard. After a quick sweep of the areas to be painted, stencils of HopStock, and Foursquare board were laid out to be painted. The stencils were on loan from Steen School who painted their playground last Summer. Parents & Teachers  were joined by Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson and started painting the new play areas. While this was going on on the Eastern end of the yard Kindergarten Teacher Mr. Passaretti started to sketch an out line of a Bulldog. Along the concrete ribbon that runs around the building Leonardo Garcia tape stencil lettering  to have some inspiration be painted in. One phrase was " Be A Friend" placed above the Buddy Bench a remind the Students that sometime everybody needs a Friend.
  Friday was the first  part of sprucing up the Playground. The next step is to patch the Basketball court and repaint those lines. Another project is to powerwash the concrete the retaining walls to the lower classroom, and to paint the steps that lead from the Gym.
  This was done with private donations along with funds raised by the PTA throughout the year. The labor was volunteered by Parents & Staff.

Setting out the stencils.

" Mr. P"  making a chalk outline of the Bulldog.

Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson (L) & Mrs Maher painting
the lines on a Hopscotch board.

Mrs. Hunter (L) & Mrs. Maher colouring the numbers & letters

Leonardo Garcia adding words

 The Bulldog

The Buddy Bench

 The Volunteers 

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