Tuesday, July 15, 2014

R.E.A.D with Maggie

15- July-2014
  The Bogota Public Library and the  Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D)  is sponsoring some Reading with Maggie the Beagle  time in the Childrens section of the Library. The R.E.A.D brings therapy dogs into public libraries to help students who may have challenges in reading a chance to practice their reading skills as the read to Maggie. Maggie  a 5 year old Beagle and a Therapy Dog who sits on the Library floor next to the young readers as they read to her.  Maggie lets the reading go that their own pace, and allows them to learn from the mistakes. If  needed Maggie's Human Jodie  Kellar sits near to offer assistance, but usually the reader can relax and try again.  Maggies only need is a gentle pet as the Student reads to her, along with a snack at the end as a reward for not interrupting the story.  The Students on this day took turns in reading to Maggie improving their skill, and some even became more comfortable around dog themselves. Maggie will return to the Library this Thursday 17- July at 11:30 a and again on on Tuesday & Thursday for the first three weeks August. The Library also is planning to have Maggie back in September as an After School School activity.
For more information about "Reading with Maggie" and other Library programs please contact the Bogota Public Library call : 201-488-7185 or visit their website at: http://www.bogotapubliclibrary.org/

Logan (L) reading to Maggie

Yolanny (L) & Kiara reading to Maggie as Jodie Kellar looks on.

Kiara (L) & Yolanny reading as Maggie relaxes. 

Kiara(L) giving maggie a treat for being a good listener.

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