Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Planning Board

    On Tuesday-27 February the Bogota Borough Planing and Zoning board held their second February meeting.   There were two main items on the agenda to be voted on. The first was to hear about a propose electronic billboard to be placed on the building at 42-44 Queen Anne Rd. The plan was to have a sign face Interstate 80 along. In addition an electronic repeater would be place on the structure. This would be use by Bogota Emergency Services to contact their Volunteer member to alert them of a situation they would need to repose to. This would also allow for better communication between the members and commanders  while on a call. This item did not pass, because it received only four of the five vote required. Three members of the planning board  voted to reject the item.
   The other major agenda item was to consider a Amendment for RCB Urban Renewal for the River Club project. The Developer  Mr. Jon Stein of Diversify Realtor, asked the board to reconsider the Affordable Housing mandate for The River Club.  Currently all 42 units dedicated to affordable housing would be place in the same building. Mr. Stein was seeking a change which will allow a new plan that would spread the units with in all five building equally. He felt this allow anyone using the affordable housing to be included withing the community of the River Club. Mr.Stein continued to say that those units would be constructed to match the market priced unit. This include a uniformity of the design and material treatment the will be be used in all the units. Mr. Stein also told the Planing  Board the first payment of $125,000 for the Community Benefit provision of the PILOT program has been paid to the Borough. The remaining payments will be made when the first structure is given its Building Permit. The Amendment was pass unanimously. When this was done Mr. Stein announced a beginning timetable for construction. The plan is, in approximately 2 weeks demolition of any remaining structures including old retain walls will begin.  Then with in a month soil will  start to be arrive to the site  in preparation of raising the elevation. By  mid to late 2018 full constitution of the first building is schedule to start. There where other concepts mention, which RCB Urban Renewal  will submit to the Bogota Borough Council for approval.
   The next Planing Board meeting will be on Tuesday 13-March at 7:30p This will be held in the Council Chamber located on the second floor of 375 Larch Ave Bogota, NJ. The public is invited to attend.    

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Men's Basketball Bucs

  On Monday-26-February the  #2 Bogota Men's Basketball Bucs played the # 15 Wood-Ridge Blue Devils in the first round of the NJSIAA North 1, Group 1 Tournament on the Jay Mahoney Court in Speary Gym. Bogota got off to a fast start scoring the first ten Points of the game. This let then hold a 17-9 lead after the first eight minutes. Both teams played a fast pace game with Bogota connection on more of their shot. Even when  Wood-Ridge took every moment  possible to stymie the Bucs Offense. The Blue Devils made some head ways into the Bogota lead by scoring off of the turnovers they force.  The Bucs were still able to take a 33-19 lead into the locker room. After the restart Wood-Ridge would continue their pressure and force more turnovers. Bogota would, at times, resteal the ball back sometimes needing to hit the floor to maintain procession.  Wood-Ridge would start to close the gap but could not bring the difference to single digits. Bogota would end up with a 68-57 win. 
   Deiker Padrino would have a team high with 16 Points. The Bucs were able to spread the scoring around with Argenis Soriano, and  Ashanti Caviness scoring 15 Points each.  Tim Uzor would also finish in double digits with ten.  Mr. Padrino, Mr.  Soriano, and Mr. Uzor would each record one Three point basket. Wood-Ridge's Ryan Sarver would have a game high of 22 Points , with 6 Three Point Baskets.
   This win for Bogota also was the 649th for Bogota head Coach Jay Mahoney. He is now the second winingest Coach in Bergen County  Men's Basketball. 
   #2 Bogota will next play #7 New Milford in the second round. This will be played on Wednesday-28-February on the Jay Mahoney Court in Speary Gym. The tip off is scheduled for 7:00p 

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St. Joe's talent

  On Saturday-24-February the St. Joseph's School in Bogota held their annual Talent Show and pasta diner. Students from Pre-School up to 8th grade, and some Alumni, showed off their talents to the audience. Act ranged from Stand-up & dancing. to Gymnastic and group performances.  This was capped off with a Grand Finale featuring all the performer onstage.

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