Friday, February 2, 2018

Bogota Varsity Basketball

       On Thursday-1-February the Basketball teams from Bogota played against those from Midland Park. The Lady Bucs traveled to Midland Park to play the Lady Panthers. They suffered a 22-59 loss. Lelia Ksiyer led all scores with 14 Points including a game high with 4 Three Point Baskets. Amanda Schlosser and Ruby Recio also record a Three Point Basket each. Bogota's record is now 0-13. They next play on Monday-5-February against Hawthorne Christian Academy. This will be held on the Jay Mahoney Court in Speary Gym with a scheduled tip off of 4:00p

    The Men's Basketball team hosted the Panthers on the Jay Mahoney Court. Midland Park ended the first quarter with a took a 2 Point lead with a  Three Point Basket by Sean Fitzpatrick as time expired. Bogota took control in the second quarter with a combination of Bucs shooting and maintaining pressure on Midland Park's Dave Kruis. Bogota was able to take a 39-33 point lead into the locker room. After the restart Bogota expanded their lead with a tight defense, and scoring when given the chance. Bogota would finish with a 78-53 win. Dieker Padrino would have game highs with 25 Points and 4 Three Point baskets. Colin McDonnell and Tim Uzor would have 2 Three Point Baskets each while Argenis Soriano also had one basket from beyond the arc. In this game Mr Padrino would move to #5  ahead of Joe Spagnola in career scoring with 1255 total Points. Bogota's record is now 13-3.
  Their next game is on Monday-5-February at Hawthorne Christian Academy, with a tip-off scheduled for 7:00p 

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