Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bogota Basketball

 The Bogota Bucs ended their three game losing streak by knocking off Leonia at Speary Gym. It was a shaky start to the game with the Lions having a two point lead after the first eight minutes. Then Bogota held their opponent to a single point, while racing off to a ten point half time lead. The second half was more Bucs controlling the game to finish with a 47-35 victory. This raises  Bogota record to 9-7.
 Ruben Acosta lead the Bucs in scoring with 14 points.
 The next game for Bogota is Thurs. at 7:00p when the host Hawthorne Christian at Speary Gym.
 The Lady Bucs also won at Leonia by the score of 52-33 to move their record to 10-7. The Lady Bucs next is also at home against Midland Park at 7:00p

Bogota #32  Mike Fitzgerald shooting from long range.

#3 Liam Geraghty passing off.

Bogota #20 Josvali Vasquez  driving by Leonia # 15 Chris Coscalzo

#11 Ruben Acosta

Vincent Becca being congratulated by Coach Mahoney for a strong game. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bogota Basketball

    Bogota lady Bucs Coach Sean Gaffney again had his team start the game with a disciplined passing game, this time against the Rutherford  Bulldogs. Again his plan worked as Bogota won the game 41-35 at Speary Gym. The Lady Bucs took a nine point lead into the half time break. The third quarter began quick as leading scorer Jillian Marino  score the first points of the half , then stole the inbound pass for another bucket for 4 points within just a few seconds. This would set the tone for the just of the game as both teams defense would force turnovers leading to many points both ways.
   Rutherford, taking advantage of their defensive presser, cut the lead to only a few baskets as the third quarter ended. The rest between periods help the Lady Bucs regain their focus, and retake control of the game. Bogota built up enough of a lead to force Rutherford into fouling often to try and get the ball back. Fortunately clutch Free-throws by Ms. Marino ,and Casey Murphy send the lady Bucs to a record of 9-5
  The Lady Bucs next game is Tomorrow 31- Jan. at Leonia, While the Boys host Leonia at Speary Gym tomorrow. Both games tip-off at 7:00p

Bogota defense holding off Rutherford.

Stephanie Perpeaj chasing down the ball carrier.

Forcing a jump ball.

# 2 Jillian Marino leading the Lady Bucs up the court. 

#5 Marissa Veron  shooting 

# 5 Jillian Marino forcing her way pass the defense. 

#12 Casey Murphy making a big  free throw.

#2 Jillian Marino making the eventual winning point.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fire Call

29- Jan. 2012
  Bogota  Fire & Police responded to call about  some youths setting small fires on the CSX tracks near the Ft. Lee Rd crossing. The Police had suspects in custody,e while members of Engine #1 were able to extinguish the fire using hand held equipment.

Trinity Church

    Trinity Church in Bogota held a "Pre- Super Bowl" pasta dinner last night.

Enjoying the company of others over dinner.

Young Jeremy Heim having a bite with his parents.

Elba Dore with Natalia & Damien 

Former Marine Ken Dore talking with current Marine Jason Craig.

Pastor Olsen (R) taking with Joann Giulle & Fred Smith.

Kathryn Cillick checking on the Sauce.

Ms. Cillick filling a bowl for Kim Pulido.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

To the Readers

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Stephen Mazzella

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Steen Activity Night

   Steen school had a Activity night for 3rd & 4th graders last night. A night of indoor activities in a safe area for the students to run around & have fun with their classmates. Processed from the night went to help fund the 2012  Steen Yearbook.

Hula Hoops


Volleyballs with Beach Balls

Limbo contest

And lots of Dancing

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bogota Basketball

   The Bogota Lady Bucs stepped up their game against a bigger opponent in the form of the Ridgefield Royals. With two of the Royals players taller than the anyone on the Lady Bucs team, The Lady Bucs used their quickness, and strong passing to earn a 64-40 victory at Speary Gym. Bogota used a multiply pass attack in order to keep Ridgefield from using their size advantage.Tempers were strong in the first half as on of the Ridgefield players received a technical foul after disagreeing with a call by one of the officials. Unfortunately some of the visiting fans also had to be warn about their behavior in the stands.  The patience offensive of the Lady Bucs gave Bogota the lead at half time.
 The third quarter started slowly for both team, until Bogota exploded  to jump out to a 20 point advantage with one quarter left to play. There was strong, and physical  through-out the game with players on both sides ending up on the floor fighting for possession. When The Royals tried to press in order to close the gap the Lady Bucs held strong. With  Jillian Marino adding to her game high 24 points with some breakaways  in response.
  The next league game is Monday 30 Jan against Rutherford at Speary Gym.
  The Boys were not as fortunate at Ridgefield losing their third game in a row 59-48. Their next game is also at Speary Gym on Tues. 31- Jan. against Leonia.

#3 Stephanie Perpeaj, with Kristian Bautista  fighting for a rebound.

Denna Brugger preparing to shoot.

#14 Kristian Bautita driving.

#12 Casey Murphy passing .

Lady Bucs Defense.

#2 Jillian Marino leading the offense.

Power Outage

26-Jan. 2012
   There is a small power outage on the east side of Bogota. Several blocks from West Side Ave to Linwood Ave have been affected. Bogota Police and PSE&G have been notified. If you know anyone in the effected areas please check up on them if they need any assistance.

Members of the Bergen Firefighters Pipe band playing on , even in the dark.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bogota Basketball

    The Bogota Bucs boys team suffered their first home loss of the season falling to the Cresskill Cougars by the score of 61-47.  This drops the Bucs record to 8-6 for the season. A close game at the half, then Cresskill methodically took the game over. Sharp, and quick passing got the Cougars players into good scoring positions which they took full advantage of. The Bucs were not helped by the fact that they just did not have a good shooting game. When the leading scorer, Nafique Goodwyn , could only get 15 points it  makes the task of winning that much harder. Bogota continued to work though-out the game, but just could not keep pace with Cresskill for the whole game.
  The Bucs next game is Thurs. 26-Jan away at Ridgefield.
  The Lady Bucs also lost to Cresskill by the score of 51-24. Their next game is at Speary Gym this Thurs. 26-Jan. hosting Ridgefield  at 4:00p

#10 Nafique Goodwyn shooting from long range.

#3 Liam Geraghty surrounded by Cresskill players

#20 Josvali Vasquez looking to shoot.

Pasta Dinner

   The Trinity Lutheran Church, on 167 Palisade Ave in Bogota, is having a "Pre-Super Bowl" Pasta Dinner. It will be this Sat. 28-Jan starting at 5:00p. A second seating will be at 7:30p. Tickets are $8.00 for adults with children under 10 free. There will be pasta with a meat sauce, salad, & dessert. For ore information & reservations please call 201-487-3576.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Day

    Scenes from the snow fall over the weekend.

CSX Tracks & creek under Main St.

Memorials at Borough Hall

Christmas decoration now covered in snow.

Picnic Shed in Olsen Park

Snow Swings in Olsen Park.

Tracks in the snow Olsen Park.

Bogart Church

The Super Structure of the Court St. Bridge back in place.

Shadows on Larch Ave.