Thursday, January 19, 2012

Council Meeting

   Notes from the Borough Council meeting tonight. The Borough of Bogota, and the Police FOP signed a new contract for the coming year.  This allowed the Police  Dept. two newest officers to be sworn in. First Ryan Ward was sworn in, then Jon Gallipoli took the oath of Police Officer for the Borough of Bogota. In other Police business Councilman Tito Jackson  was sworn in as the new Police Commissioner. Councilman Jackson takes over for Councilman Jorge Nunez, who himself was called upon to serve out the term for the late Joseph Noto. Chief Burke thanked Councilman Nunez for his service, and congratulated Councilman Jackson on him being selected as Commissioner.
  Some other council business there was the announcement that the alarm horns above the Police Headquarters will NOT be used from 7:00p to 7:00a  unless there is a need for a second alarm. In order to make the nights a little quieter for the Borough. The no horn policy started tonight. Mayor McHale reported on a small advancement  in the ongoing situation with CSX railroad about them cleaning the hillside behind Elm Ave. Mayor  McHale also spoke on his disappointment with some of the conditions within Bogota which fall under the umbrella of the Borough Engineer, with that the council declined the appointment of the  Borough Engineer by a 4-2 vote.
   Another point was made by Administrator Leonard Nicolosi about the some of the discussions made about the make-up of the citizens of Bogota. Noting that conversations taking place need to be in the best interests of the Borough, and all of it's residents, and is interested in finding ways to move the Borough forward in a positive manner. 

Members of the Bogota FOP signing their new contract.

Council Tito Jackson being sworn in as new Police Commissioner. 

Ryan Ward being sworn in for duty as a Bogota police officer.
With his Brother  John holding the Bible for him. 

Charlene Gallipoli Holding the Bible As her Son, Jon Gallipoli
is sworn in for duty as a Bogota Police Officer. 


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