Sunday, January 1, 2012

Council Meeting

   The Borough of Bogota held  their "Re-Organization" meeting to officially start the New Year. The Mayor and those members of the council who where elected from this past November where sworn in. As well as the Officers for the Volunteer Organization for the year 2012.   Mayor Pat McHale, and Councilman Evaristo Burdiez Jr. where given the oath of office by New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg. Afterwards Mr. McHale how he talked of how he was thankful that the citizens of Bogota re-elected him to a second term after " a hard couple of years the Borough has gone through." Council Tito Jackson was sworn in by Assemblywoman Connie Wagner. Ms Wagner spoke before her task, saying how honoured she was to perform this duty, and her ties to the borough,and councilmen Jackson & Michael Brophy. Senator Weinberg spoke to the assembled audience and offer her support for the borough in her position as a State Legislator. Assemblyman Gordon Johnson also had some words of support for the borough, and talked about helping to get the proper funding to keep all the Volunteers, and other First Responders in full working order.   
  Councilman Brophy was also elected to be the new president of the borough council.
  Then the Volunteer Organization had their officers sworn in for the year 2012, by Mayor McHale
From the Fire Dept. Robert Dirr, Joe DiMauro,  Bryan Reinhardt and Council Michael Brophy.. For the First -Aid Squad it was Daniel Seuter ,Sean Reilly, and LeAnn Cordero. The Rescue Squad  it was Chief Kevin Geraghty, Deputy Chief Sean Reilly Captain Wayne Sorge, and Lieutanent Caleb Spaeth. The members of the Police Auxiliary were Federico Pellot, Michael LaFerrera, Raul Lebron Jr. and Mike Krynicky.

Mayor Pat McHale being sworn in by State Senator Loretta Weinberg

Councilman Evaristo Burdiez Jr. being sworn in by State Senator Loretta Weinberg.

Assemblywoman Connie Wagner speaking about Councilman Tito Jackson before giving him the oath of office.

State Senator Weinberg addressing the crowd.

Assemblyman Gordon Johnson addressing the crowd.

Councilman Michae Brophy accepting the position of Council President.

Officers of the Fire Dept. being sworn in.

Officers of the First Aid Squad being sworn in.

Officers of the Rescue Squad being  sworn in.
Officers of the Police Auxiliary being sworn in.

The Bogota Borough Council for 2012.
From left Tito Jackson, Jorge Nunez, Mayor Pat McHale, Arthur Konigsberg, Wanda  Uceta, Council Pres. Michael Brophy, and Evaristo Burdiez Jr.

I would like to thank E J Rode with help on this story.

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