Friday, January 20, 2012

Rec Center


    During last night council meeting  one of the reports given by Councilwoman Uceta was that the repairs at the Rec Center has been completed. The Kitchen area has been cleaned and refurbished, the counter has been replaced. New appliances a new Stove, & Microwave have been  purchase  and installed. A new vinyl floor was laid down, and the entire kitchen was given a fresh coat of paint. The radiator baseboard cover has also been replaced. ( old old cover had been missing for some time.)
   The Bathrooms had the rust stains removed, the exhaust fans were fixed, and the floor scrubbed.  Most of this work was done over the Holiday break, when there was no "After School"programs.
   The final part has been completed recently, which was giving the main room's floor a complete scrubbing and the walls a fresh coat of paint. Some floor titles near the back door had to  be replaced as well.
 Rec Center Director Jim Moore said that all of the repairs were already in the works, before the story broke, and is happy with the outcome. The final cost came to about $1,000 with some $450 on the new appliances. The work was done by Rec. Commission Chairman Art Sopelsa  on a pro bono basest. Mr. Sopelsa , a contractor himself, said the money was used for materials, and the electrical work was done by the Borough.  

New Stove & Microwave in the Kitchen

A refurbished counter top 

Fresh paint ,& new Radiator cover.

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