Saturday, January 28, 2012

To the Readers

   To all my readers, thank-you again for the support. I need to ask anyone who reads this blog for some help. Below the most current post this is a box, also to the right of the post. These are  ad boxes, if they clicked on a set amount of money ( from the advertisers, NOT the person who clicked on it.) this is then credited to my account. After it reaches a set amount then I am paid for hosting the ads for that month. I have not yet reached that amount. Right now this is the way I can make money from the blog. Ideally if someone clicks on an ad box once a day, as they read the blog,  it should start to help meet the goal that is set for my account. I have said this before this is the internet, please be careful what you click on, I do NOT have control of the content of the ads. I hope that this is one way I can expand, and improve, this blog. Any other suggestion are always welcome.
Stephen Mazzella

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