Saturday, January 14, 2012

Waste Collection

   If any one is wondering way there was not a pick-up of waste on Thurs. or Fri. it was not a mistake. The Borough of Bogota has signed a new contract with it's collection providers. As of the 12-Jan. 2012 there will be only one collection of non-recyclables per week. The normal Monday,& Tuesday collections still apply. This will last for the cold weather months. The new contract also will have the contractor pick up bulk items( chairs, sofas, etc) one a week now on the regular pick-up days. Two days a week pick-ups will resume on the First week of May.
  Under the new contract the recycling pick-up stays the same, but they will also pick-up yard waste as well.
This move is to reduce the wear, and tear on the borough's  DPW fleet as well as letting the DPW the chance to focus on town maintenance.
  The Borough projects a saving of about $500,000 to Bogota for thee life of the 3 year contract.
 For more information please see the Recycling Calender that should have bee in the mail this week. Or go to
the Bogota website


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