Sunday, January 8, 2012

Council Meeting

8-Jan- 2012
    Yesterday the Bogota Borough Council had their first budget meeting  to have the Government safety departments present their proposed  budget for the upcoming year. All dept. had several items the will see an increase in their budget. Mostly price increases cause by the cost of maintenance to the equipment used. There was also discussions of how some of the dept. will be able to share products ,and service to help in keeping the cost down and have less of a burden put on the taxpayers of the borough.
   Some ideas where also discuss about quality of life issues, which will be looked into to see if they are practical to implement. One idea that the council will try to work on as soon as possible is the need to get more people to volunteer for the three department that are not staffed by salary employees.  The Fire Department, the Rescue Squad, and the First Aid Squad  are all staff by men and women who give their time in order to keep Bogota safe. There will soon be a Council committee to help to inform the public of how the act of volunteering  will help keep the fabric of the Borough strong , and to improve it more in the future.
  Members of council also took time to go on the record to express their thanks, on behave of the entire borough, to all the dept. heads on the outstanding work they do. And specifically on the job they did in helping keep the borough safe and functioning in lieu of the past storms during the year 2011.

Police Chief Burke (R) & Capt. Sepp presenting their budget to the Council

Councilman Jackson, also head of the borough OEM answering questions from Councilman Nunez

Rescue Squad Chief Kevin Geraghy presenting his budget to the council

Fire Chief Chip Griener  presenting his budget to the council.

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