Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review November- December

31- Dec. 2013

Year end review November- December 2013

Councilmen Jorge Nunez & Evaristo Burdiez Jr.  applied from petitions to hold a recall of Bogota Mayor Pat McHale & Council President Tito  Jackson. They question the approval of the PILOT tax abatement given to  297 Palisade Ave. Urban Renewal LLC  to develop the Dewey School site.

 The Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy held a premiere showing of the highlight film of it’s Class #03 Summer Academy, at Bogota High School.

A rally was held in front of the Dewey School site to protest the PILOT tax abatement given to the developers. One point made was that no money from the PILOT would be given to the Board of Education.

Republicans Christopher Keleman & John G.Mitchell defeating Democratic incumbents  Wanda Uceta & Arthur Konigsberg for seats on the Bogota Borough Council. This marked the first time since 2008 a Republican Candidate would be on the Council.

The Bogota VFW post # 5561 held their Veteran’s Day Observance. As part of the event  Rose Prenenski was honoured as Citizen of the Year & Johan Bento as Young Volunteer of the Year.

 The Bogota Board of Education awarded bids on the replacement of the Board of Education office & the Field House at Fiegel Field

Bogota Mayor Pat McHale  stepped down from  the Office of Mayor citing political & personal reason for  his resignation.

Council President Tito Jackson succeeded  Former Mayor Pat McHale as Acting Mayor of Bogota

The Bogota Bucs Football team won it’s Consolation Game against Middlesex at Feigel Field 21-13 they finished their season at 4-6.
The Bogota Cross Country squads finish  7th for the Girls & 6st for the Boys in the Group #1 Championships
The Lady Bucs Volleyball team won it’s Fourth straight Group #1 State Championship.

26- Nov
Acting Mayor Tito Jackson was sworn in as new Mayor of Bogota. He will have that seat until the 2014 General Election when the rest of former Mayor McHale will be voted on. The recall petition against Mayor McHale & Councilman Jackson was then voided because an official must be in office one year before a recall attempt can be made.

 A recall petition was file against Councilman Robert Robbins.

Lisa Kohles was named to fill Tito Jackson seat on the Borough Council when he
 became Mayor

 The Bogota High School Drama dept. presented “ Robin Hood”  as their Fall Production

The Bogota Volunteer  Fire Dept. named James Berthold  as their new Chief for 2014.  Lt. Joe Dimauro received a  special citation for his action to assist one of the victims of the accident on 8- July,  while he was off duty at the time.

 A fire damaged a home on Linwood Ave. The house was left uninhabitable. Three members of the Fire Dept. Were treated for minor injuries at the scene.

The Bogota High School Music Dept held their Winter Concert

Steen School host a “ Pizza with Santa” evening.

 The tree in front of Borough Hall was lighted for the Holidays

 After a snow storm delayed the ceremonies The Miss Bogota  2013 Pageant named their winners :
Mariapaula Gargiulo was named “ Little Miss Bogota”
Angelina Garcia was named ‘ Miss Teen Bogota”
Meghan Pulido was named “ Miss Bogota 2013”

23- Dec
Preliminary excavation started at 297 Palisade Ave  for the apartment complex to be built there.

The Borough Council voted to continue to share the use of Little Ferry’s municipal court . This will be a series of one year contact over the next three years.

Borough officials  announced that Bogota has received about $500,000  from insurance and FEMA aid to compensate the Borough from money spend after Hurricane Sandy.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Year in Review September -October

Year end review September -October 2013

8- Sept.
Trinity Lutheran Church used their Day of Service by  doing a clean- up of Olsen Park.

 The discovery of a gas leak forced the evacuation  of Bogota High School. The problem was repaired , and normal classes resumed the next day.

14- Sept.
 The Bogota Junior Bucs opened their first season as part of the Bi-County Junior Scholastic Football League (BCJSFL) The Pee-wee team lost 6-20 while both Junior & Senior teams played to 0-0 ties.

19- Sept. The Bogota Borough Council voted 4-2 to allow 297 Palisades Ave. Urban Renewal LLC a 30 year tax abatement on the Dewey School site. Under the PILOT program the Borough will received a set fee instead of regular property tax. The fee will increase after ten years , and can not be appealed by the owner. However the Board of Education does not receive any part of what is collected.

23- Sept.
 St. Joseph’s Church held their 7th annual carnival.

The Bogota Borough Council voted 5-0 to allow dogs, that are leashed, to use the walking paths on the east side of Olsen Park.

27- Sept.
Part of Larch Ave was closed off as the Bergen County Bomb Squad had to be called in to dispose of two old bazookas shell from a private collection. They were removed and taken away to be dispose of safety.

27- Sept.
 Former Bogota Resident & Broadway Singer June Springer passed away at the age of  85

 Councilmen Jorge Nunez &  Evaristo Burdiez  asked for a review of the PILOT agreement for the Dewey School site. They are seeking information about the legality of the agreement and if there are any conflict of interest with Borough Administrator  August Greiner and 297 Palisades Ave. Urban Renewal LLC. Also that the Auditor for both the Borough & and Board of Education was the same person,  so they want to find out if he represent both equally.

The Bogota Football Bucs hosted a rare Friday Night home game at Feigel Field, and came away with a 21-14 victory over Weehawken.

A restored 1959 Ambulance from the Bogota Rescue Squad  made a return visit to Bogota, courtesy  of it’s current owner Mr. Edwin Otten of Switzerland.

 The Trinity Lutheran Church held it’s Blessing of the Animals service.

The Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept Hook & Ladder Co. #1 saw the return of it’s truck after a six month refurbish . The cost of the over haul was 1/3 cost of a new truck, including a new coat of red paint.

12- Oct
Steen School held their first Fall Festival in Olsen Park.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker defeated former Bogota Mayor Steven Lonegan  to fill vacant the seat in the U.S.Senate .

The Mid-Town Bridge  was closed for emergency repairs to it’s deck.

The Miss Bogota 2013 Pageant held a talent show for the candidate  at Bogota High School.

The Mid-Town Bridge was reopened after new deck section were added.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Year in Review July- August

29- Dec.-2013
                                            Year end review July- August 2013

End of year ranking for schools in New Jersey showed both Bixby & Steen  schools scored above avg. in the New JerseyCAN  in academics. Bogota High School place 1,361 out of 2,500 schools nationally in a Newsweek poll. These same numbers put Bogota High School 84 out 392 state wide , and 17 out of 47 in Bergen County.

 Follow Council Members responded to the disclosure that Councilman Jorge Nunez had taped conversations with the Borough Engineer in 2011. Councilman Nunez told Bogota Blog that he wanted to record of the information he was given, and the statements made in public by the  Borough Engineer.

 The Bogota Council starting looking at the possibilities of reopening the Railroad crossing at Ft. Lee Rd. This coming after a Steen Class trip to Borough in June where Students in Ms. Piano's class though a reopen crossing would be an idea to ease traffic , and help clean up that part of Bogota

7- July
 Former Police Chief  Henry Smith passed away at the age of 88.

A automobile accident on Palisade Ave inured three people. In December Lt. Joe DiMauro would receive special citation for his action to assist one of the victims while he was off duty at the time.

13- July
 The Bogota Police  Emergency Services Youth Academy  started their third class.

 The Bogart Memorial Church started a new Summer Festival of Music.

The Bogota Police  Emergency Services Youth Academy graduated their class #03

13- Aug.
In a Special Primary  Democratic Mayor of Newark Cory Booker and Former Bogota Mayor Republican Steven Lonegan where voted to run for the Senate seat of the late Frank Lautenberg.

A group of Parents volunteer to paint new play area of Steen School .

The Borough of Bogota offers a tax exemption to the developers of the Dewey School Site. This would come in the form of a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) for the first 30 years after a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

A new Group in Bogota called Blooming Bogota held a dance to start raising fund in order to beautify some of the Boroughs street with planting and flowers.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year in Review May- June

28- Dec.-2013

                                               Year end review  May-June 2013

The Bogota VFW  Ralph Hall Post # 5561 held their Loyalty Day program. They handed out their awards for the “ Voice of Democracy” and “Patriots Pen”  essay contest for the Students in Bogota’s Grade Schools.

2- May
The Bogota Council adopted a resolution to look in joining other local towns in a shared services program to help reduce cost of Borough spending.

The Borough of Bogota & River Development LLC starting looking at way to use the Sifford Pontiac & the unused Hess Oil Terminal site for low rise apartment and shops. As well as the Borough purchasing the the Hess maintenance garage  for use as a new DPW garage.

 The Bogota High School Music Dept. Held their Spring Concert. This was the premier performance  of  the High School Barbershop Choir the “ La-Di-Da’s”

The Borough of Bogota held their Memorial Day Remembrance services in front of Borough Hall. Then  had the Memorial Day parade though the Borough. Due to budget cuts active members of the Armed Services could not participate in the parade as in 2012.

 Bogota High School held their annual sports banquet for 2012-2013.  Girls Cross Country Coach Jay Mahoney and Lady Bucs Volleyball Coach Brad DiRupo were honored as Coach of the Year for their sport. As well as the Lady Bucs Cross Country squad, and the Lady Bucs Volleyball teams were named Team of the Year in their sport.  Carly O’Sullivan being name Player of the year in Girls Volleyball.
 The Lady Bucs Volleyball team won their third Group 1 Championship in a row.  While both the Girls and Boys Cross Country squads  both won  The Bergen County Group “D” Championships.

 The ARC of Bergen & Passaic Counties held their annual Walk- A-Thon  in Olsen Park to raise money and awareness to help people  with  development disabilities & their Families.

 The Steen School held their talent Show for 2013

11 -June
 The Bogota  High School Fine Arts Dept held their awards night and inducted six new members into the International Thespian Society

  Alan Kirk, Bogota resident and first Executive Director of the Englewood Arts Center ( which would later become the Bergen PAC) passed away at the age of 70.

The Bogota Republican committee had a kick off dinner for their candidate for Borough Council  Chris Keleman and John Mitchell


 The Bogota Drama Club held their first annual Mystery Dinner Theatre.

Members of the Bogota green team held a clean-up of the creek that runs along Elm Ave near River Rd.

27- June
Bogota adopted a new policy on front lawns with a 4" height for grass.

 Bixby School held their Sixth Grade graduation ,and thanked Ms. Diane Tagilbue for her years at the

 Steen School held their Sixth Grade Graduation, and thanked Ms. Wawrzonkiewicz for her years at Steen School

29 -June
The Bogota High School Class of 2013 held their Commencement Ceremonies There were two key note address’ as retiring teachers Ms. Natalie Benyo and Mr. Tom Trochanowski  spoke to the student one last time before retiring from teaching.

Bogota Day returned after a year absence. This marked the official open of the new Band Shell.  Bogota Day it’s self was later then what was wanted, but the hope is at this is a new start to build on, and have Bogota 2014 nearer the beginning of June.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Year in Review March-April


Year end review  March- April 2013

 A Comedy night was held to support the Dave Musikant Memorial Fund. Part of the process are to go to a new scoreboard at Feigel Field.

 The Bogota Junior Bucs Football teams moved to a new league.  Bi-County Junior Scholastic Football League (BCJSFL) which consist eight other teams located in closer proximity to Bogota then in years past.

The senior athletes of Bogota High School play  members of the facility in a game of basketball.

 The Borough Council approved the re-designation of the Dewey School Site to be able to be used for market -rate housing.  

24- March
The annual Easter Egg hunt took place in Olsen Park.

 A new restaurant open on River Rd. As Luka’s moved into Bogota.

August Greiner became the new Borough Administrator  replacing Len Nicolosi would resigned that post  in February to work in the private sector.

4- April
Members of the Bogota Borough Council voted to admonish fellow Council members Councilman Nunez & Councilman Burdiez over "improper meetings" with candidate seeking the position of Borough Administrator.

Kim Lynn Memorial Fund held a night of dining and dancing at the the Bogota VFW Post 5561. Proceeds from this event go to the  Lynn Irrevocable Trust, which was set-up to help take care of her three daughters.

A developer (297 palisade urban Renewal Co. LLC) was chosen to be in charge of the constriction on the Dewey School site

The Dillard Memorial Bridge reopened , for a second time, after repairs from damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.

 Friday night the Bogota / Ridgefield Park chapter of the Police unity tour held a night of pasta and comedy at the Ridgefield Park Knights of Columbus hall.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Year in Review Jan-Feb

 26- Dec.-2013

Year end review January -February 2013

 The Bogota Borough Council held their Re-Organization  meeting  as Councilman Jorge Nunez, who was successfully re-elected, was sworn in. Along with Rob Robbins who was elected in his first campaign for Council. Mr Robbins replace outgoing Councilman Michael Brophy who did not run for re-election.  Mr. Brophy was honoured by the Council and members of the New Jersey Legislators for his serve to the Citizens of Bogota.

Bogota Borough Administrator Leonard Nicolosi official announced his resignation of his duties so he could take a position in the Private sector. Mr. Nicolosi served as Bogota Mayor from 1988 -1995 and was the Borough Administrator since 2008.
The  Dillard Memorial Bridge was reopen after emergency repairs due to Hurricane Sandy were fixed.

The first major weather event of 2013 was a snowstorm, with the effects of Hurricane Sandy still in recent  memory the clean up of this storm was quick and efficient.

 14 -Feb.
The Basketball game against Waldwick had an ugly ending as one of the Waldwick players was stuck during the end of game handshakes. Players & Coach of both team were moved to a secure location. While Bogota & Teaneck Police safely escorted the visiting team from the building.

The High School Wrestling Bucs  loss their second round match in the NJSIAA Tournament to Hanover Park. Earlier in the week Bogota upset Rutherford in the first round.

 A funeral mass was held at St. Joseph’s Church for Patricia Viola. Ms. Viola  was reported missing in February of 2001. A DNA match was made in 2012 of a bone fragment hold in  Rockaway Beach in July of 2002.

Bogota Councilman Jorge Nunez was elected to Latino American Democratic Association of Bergen, County.

 Both Bogota High School Basketball team won their first round game of the  NJSIAA
 Tournament.  The #15 ranked Lady Bucs had an upset victory over Wallington, and the  #6 Bogota Boys defeated  #11 New Milford at Speary Gym.

  Both basketball teams have be eliminated from the NJSIAA playoffs.
 The #15  Lady Bucs lost at #7 Butler. The Boys team ranked at #6 lost at #3 Cresskill