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Monday, December 30, 2013

Year in Review September -October

Year end review September -October 2013

8- Sept.
Trinity Lutheran Church used their Day of Service by  doing a clean- up of Olsen Park.

 The discovery of a gas leak forced the evacuation  of Bogota High School. The problem was repaired , and normal classes resumed the next day.

14- Sept.
 The Bogota Junior Bucs opened their first season as part of the Bi-County Junior Scholastic Football League (BCJSFL) The Pee-wee team lost 6-20 while both Junior & Senior teams played to 0-0 ties.

19- Sept. The Bogota Borough Council voted 4-2 to allow 297 Palisades Ave. Urban Renewal LLC a 30 year tax abatement on the Dewey School site. Under the PILOT program the Borough will received a set fee instead of regular property tax. The fee will increase after ten years , and can not be appealed by the owner. However the Board of Education does not receive any part of what is collected.

23- Sept.
 St. Joseph’s Church held their 7th annual carnival.

The Bogota Borough Council voted 5-0 to allow dogs, that are leashed, to use the walking paths on the east side of Olsen Park.

27- Sept.
Part of Larch Ave was closed off as the Bergen County Bomb Squad had to be called in to dispose of two old bazookas shell from a private collection. They were removed and taken away to be dispose of safety.

27- Sept.
 Former Bogota Resident & Broadway Singer June Springer passed away at the age of  85

 Councilmen Jorge Nunez &  Evaristo Burdiez  asked for a review of the PILOT agreement for the Dewey School site. They are seeking information about the legality of the agreement and if there are any conflict of interest with Borough Administrator  August Greiner and 297 Palisades Ave. Urban Renewal LLC. Also that the Auditor for both the Borough & and Board of Education was the same person,  so they want to find out if he represent both equally.

The Bogota Football Bucs hosted a rare Friday Night home game at Feigel Field, and came away with a 21-14 victory over Weehawken.

A restored 1959 Ambulance from the Bogota Rescue Squad  made a return visit to Bogota, courtesy  of it’s current owner Mr. Edwin Otten of Switzerland.

 The Trinity Lutheran Church held it’s Blessing of the Animals service.

The Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept Hook & Ladder Co. #1 saw the return of it’s truck after a six month refurbish . The cost of the over haul was 1/3 cost of a new truck, including a new coat of red paint.

12- Oct
Steen School held their first Fall Festival in Olsen Park.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker defeated former Bogota Mayor Steven Lonegan  to fill vacant the seat in the U.S.Senate .

The Mid-Town Bridge  was closed for emergency repairs to it’s deck.

The Miss Bogota 2013 Pageant held a talent show for the candidate  at Bogota High School.

The Mid-Town Bridge was reopened after new deck section were added.

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