Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Pet Fair

 On Sunday START II  held their second annual Holiday Gift  Fair at the Bogota Recreation Center. This was a chance for pet owners to pick- up gifts for their companions. Owners were encouraged to bring their pets to this show so they could have their photos taken with Santa (and their humans could be in the photo if they wished.) or get a caricature done by Sarah Macy of " Silly Pencils".   There was also dog training advice along with home-made dog treats. Gift and clothing for both animals and Humans were available for purchase and sparkling animal or Holiday tattoos by Renée Lane.
  All process from this event goes to the START II organization which goes to local animal shelter and takes adoptable animals in  so they can be moved on to a private households to live. START II provides veterinary care along with exercise & social conditioning so the rescued animal can find the best match for a new permanent  home.
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 Brie getting her photos with Santa.

Anna trying to ask Madi to look at the camera..
...and Madi willing to do so.

Celine looking for a gift for Declan.

Renée Lane giving Flo Savage a tattoo. 
 Ms. Savage showing her tattoo.

Sarah Macy of Silly Pencil (R) drawing "Romeo as he is held by Sosse.

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