Friday, August 31, 2012

Court St. Bridge

   Bogota Blog NJ has learned the that the Court St. Bridge. Also called the L/CPL H.J. Dillard Memorial Bridge, is scheduled to reopen to traffic on Fri. 7- Sept.-2012. A dedication ceremony is set to begin at 11:00p

Thursday, August 30, 2012


   Bogota Blog NJ has received at letter of acknowledgment From Anna Ferris the Program Coordinator of the Bogota Police, Emergency Services Youth Academy, thanking the Blog for it's coverage of this summer Youth Academy. The follow is the letter from Ms. Ferris:

"I want to thank Mr. Stephen Mazzella & The Bogota Blog for his phenomenal coverage of The Bogota Police, Emergency Services Youth Academy. He had so many beautiful photos and wonderful words in regards to the program. I strongly believe that Mr. Mazzella covered the Youth Academy better than any other published works. He did a stellar job and want to make sure his wonderful talent is recognized throughout the Borough.
Thank you again for all your hard work on helping us to get the word out there on our program."

Respectfully Submitted,
Anna B. Ferris
Program Coordinator
Bogota Police,
Emergency Services
Youth Academy

We thank Ms. Ferris, Sgt. Lynch, and all who worked at the Academy for their cooperation in helping us cover the Youth Academy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blood Drive

29-Aug. 2012
  The Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept. Hook & Ladder Company #1, along with Engine Company #1 is holding a blood drive on Thursday 27-Sept. It will be held inside the W. Broad St Fire House located at adjacent  to Bogota Borough Hall on the W. Broad St. side of the building. The collections will start at 3:30p and go until 8:00p m, This will held in coordination with Community Blood Services. This will be the the first year that these two Companies be holding a blood drive.
  For more information. or to schedule an appointment for this event please call the Community Blood Services at 201-251-3703, or visit their web site at

Monday, August 27, 2012

Block Party

27-Aug. -2012
   Sunday Councilman Jorge Nunez held a Block Party on central Ave. in Bogota, NJ. This was a way to have a relaxed late Summer afternoon with friends, and Family. It was also a meet & greet for some on the Democratic candidates for local, and national offices. Councilman Nunez, and other of his neighbors open their homes to celebrate living in Bogota. Food, and refreshments were served, while kids had a chance to run around, and play in the street safely. Even a few Dominoes games started up for the Adults.
    Later in the evening Adam Gussen who is running to represent the U.S. 5th District for New Jersey in the House of Representative, had a chance to talk with citizens of the Borough. Mr. Gussen is the current Deputy Mayor of Teaneck, NJ and is trying to unseat present Congressman Scott Garrett. Also speaking to the crowd was Democratic candidate for Freeholder in Bergen County Tracy Silna Zur, and Steve Tanelli.
   The main speaker was current U. S Senator from New Jersey Robert Menendez, he gave his speech in both English , as well as in Spanish, to honour the the diversity of Bogota, and the State of New Jersey. Senator Menendez was greeted strongly by the approximate 300--350 citizens gathered for the occasion. Senator Menendez, and the other candidates urge those who support their ideas, no only to vote on election day, Tuesday  6- November, but to be ambassadors to help other find out the views, and positions of those seeking elective office.
   Councilman Nunez thanked the other candidates for their time in coming to Bogota, and thanked those who choose to attend for their support. And he also had a big thank-you for his Neighbors for allowing, and joining in with the Block Party.

Relaxing , and talking on a Sunday Afternoon.

Adele Nunez hard at work.

Mary wetting down of the kids 

Councilman Jorge Nunez (R)  introducing  Candidate for Congress Adam Gussen to  some of the neighbors. 

Mr. Gussen (R) talking with Nancy Mieses

Mr. Gussen listening to some members of the Neighborhood.

Members of Bogota Council, and Candidates for office

 The crowd listening to U.S.Senator Robert Menendez 

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez

Senator Menendez posing with Councilman Nunez, and his Family

Saturday, August 25, 2012


  Events in and around Bogota starting on Sun. 26-Aug.
Sun. 26-Aug.
   A Block party on Central Ave. in Bogota, NJ run from noon to 8:00p  At 6:00p there will be a reception for  U.S. Senator Bob Menendez at Councilman Jorge Nunez house. 203 Central Ave. Bogota, NJ
Tues. 28- Aug.
  The American Cancer Society is holding an amateur, and professional birthday cake decorating contest. This will take place at the Bergen Town Center, in Paramus, NJ. It will run from 6:00p to 8:00p. Judging will take place between 6-7p with the tasting to follow until 8:00p. Tickets  for tasting are $5 in advances, and $10 at the door. For more information please contact Jessica Gaeta at 201-457-3418 ext 2227, or by email at
Weds. 29-Aug.
   The final concert of the Ridgefield Park concert series in McGowan Park will be "Soul Finger". The band will perform a mix of Rock, Dance, and R &B music. Featured performers will be Paul Simeone , and Frank Elmo from Ridgefield Park Concert starts at 7:00p and the rain date is Thurs. 30-Aug.
Thurs. 30 Aug
   The final Teaneck dance lessons at  The Cedar Ln. Pedestrian Plaza ( located at Chestnut Ave.) in Teaneck, NJ. This weeks dance will be Swing lead by Jerry Parris. This will start at 6:30p and go to 8:00p weather permitting.
Sat. 1-Sept.
  Will be the 5th annual Parents for Bogota Football kickoff dinner/and raffle. This will be at the 101 Pub located at 101 Queen Anne Rd. in Bogota, NJ. Doors open at 7:30p tickets are $15 which will include a buffet dinner.

Parents for Bogota Football
5thAnnual Kick-Off Dinner & Tricky Tray
Saturday September 1st
7:30pm- ?
101Pub,Queen Anne Road, Bogota
$15.00 per person / Buffet included
Cash bar
For tickets, please call Karen Rodgers@201-233-9397 or
All proceeds benefit the Bogota High School Football Team

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekend Events

  Some things happening around Bogota for the weekend of 24-26 Aug.
     Friday 24-Aug.  At the Meadowlands Environmental Center in Lyndhurst , NJ.  starting at6:00p to 9:00p
      Saturday 25-Aug. At Mexicali Live in Teaneck,NJ. Doors open at 3:00p music starts at 6:00p 
Tickets can be purchase at
    Sunday 26- Aug.  A  live outdoor bat walk at the Tenafly Nature Center in Tenafly, NJ. Beginning at 7:00p.
For more information on Bat Stock 2012 please go to

Add caption

   Sunday 26- Aug.
    A block party on Central Ave. in Bogota , NJ It will run from 12:00 noon to 8:00p with food , and games for the family. It is hosted by Councilman Jorge Nunez ,along with is wife Adele. U.S, Senator from New Jersey Bob Menendez is scheduled to appear for a fundraiser for both his, and Councilman Nunez reelection.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Principal

   At last night Board of Education meeting the  new principal  for Steen School was approved, his name is Thomas Conroy. He will replace the out going principal Anna Falco beginning  in  Sept. and will be in place when school opens on Thursday 6- Sept. Mr. Conroy comes to Bogota after spend 5 at the Beechwood  School overseeing Pre- K to 2nd grade in the Mountainside  School District. Mr. Conroy received his Masters from Monclair State University in 1999, and has 12 years of experience as an elementary school principal. He was in the central office in Mountainside last year, when the position at Steen was made available, and Mr. Conroy applied for the chance to come to Bogota.
   He is excited to be back working with children , and is happy he is in a school where he sees a good  history  between Parents, and Teachers  of working together, for their children's education. He, and Superintendent Dr. Pantoliano, are both pleased and thankful that Ms Falco has been able to help the new Principal learn about Steen school before the new year starts. It was mentioned at the meeting the this will be the first time in a number of years that all three school in the district will each have a full time principal at the start of the year.
   In other Board business Ms. Norma Tursi was approved to be the new School Business Administrator.
New windows, lockers, and flooring in the media center have been installed. Along with a upgrade to the schools electrical system, to bring more power into the building.
   Some other points brought up was a request from the Recreation Commission to use a Board of Education vehicle for transport because the DMV believes that the current Rec van is inadequacy for the job it is being asked to do. This gave Dr.Pantoliano  a chance to voice her frustration that there is no written document between the Board and the Rec Commission over shared service. Dr. Pantoliano thinks the partnership with the Rec is a fine way to help the children of the district to keep active through it's sports and other programs, she just would like " something in writing" so that both parties know what their responsibilities are. Another point brought up was that the Board, an long with a growing number of residents in the Borough, have been summoned to appear in court over lawn maintenance issues. Board Attorney, Richard Brovarone, says that the Board has a court date of 30- Aug and hopes that the Board will be able to recover some of the money from the landscape company who is under contract for the upkeep of School property     

New Steen Principal Thomas Conroy

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Uniform Pick- up

  Dates to pick-up school uniforms are:
 For the High School there will another fitting day on Mon. & Tues. 207 21- Aug starting at 11:00a and going until 3:00p in room # 1
 For Bixby it is Tuesday 28- Aug in the Gym starting at 5:00p and going until 8:00p
 For Steen it is Wednesday 29 -Aug  Thursday 30 Aug. in the Gym starting at  5:00p and going until 8:00p

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bat Stock 2012

   Batstock 2012 will take place for three days starting on Friday 24- Aug.
    It will begin on Friday 24-Aug at the Meadowlands Environmental Center in Lyndhurst , NJ. This night will feature Joseph D'Angeli of the Wildlife Conservation and Educational Center of Ridgefield Park, who will bring along a few of the bats from his center. Visitors will have a chance to meet a bat up close and personal as they more about the importance of bats to the local eco-system. There will be food & drinks, along with  a " Bat Movie Night"  The event will begin at 6:00p and to until 9:00p
   The second day, Sat. 25-Aug. will be held at Mexicali Live in Teaneck,NJ. This will include artists, & vendors sell bat theme items for sale, as well as bat artwork. There will also be performance from local band through out the evening.  Doors will open at 3:00p with bands starting to perform at 6:00p. Tickets are $10.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door. Tickets can be purchase at
   The final night  Sun. 26-Aug. will have a  live outdoor bat walk at the Tenafly Nature Center in Tenafly, NJ. Beginning at 7:00p. There will be a nature program to explain the importance of bats in keeping nature in balance. And explaining how bats use echolocation to hunt for food.  There will be a walk lead by Mr. D'Angeli along the pond trails using  sonar detector to search for any signs of bat activity in the area. To register for the presentation, and walk go to
   Batstock is an event started last year by Mr. D'Angeli to raise awareness of a condition call "White Nose Syndrome  that is affecting bats in North America. This is a disease that affects bat as they are trying to hibernate for the winter. The fungus that affects the bats causes them to awake from their hibernation, and start to fly around in mid winter. This will cause a bat to freeze from the cold, or starve to death from the lack of food available. First notice in 2006 WNS has affect millions of bat reducing their population, as the number of bat declines there is a raise in the mosquito population.
  Money raised from Batstock will go to help fund research in finding a cure for WNS. The other goal of Batstock is to educate, and inform the public of the value of bat to the local  eco-system, and hoe many ideas of bat are not based on facts.
For more information about Batstock 2012 please contact Mr. D'Angeli at

Scenes from Batstock 2011


Friday, August 17, 2012

Council Meeting

    Last night the Bogota Borough Council took up the issue that involves Officer Regina Tasca of the Bogota Police Dept. The the council was to decide on whether or not to accept Judge Richard Donohue recommendation that Officer Tasca be removed from the police force. The attorney  for Officer Tasca, Catherine Elston made a request that Councilman  Jackson , along with Mayor McHale recuse themselves from the proceeding because of a conflict of interest with both men.  Borough  Attorney Joseph Monaghan suggested that, that was unnecessary, both men did, however, remove themselves in order for the Council
to be better able to make an un bias decision . When the floor was opened up to public comment, all who spoke did so on behalf of Officer Tasca. Most notable was Tara Sharp whose son was involved in the incident with some Officers of the Ridgefield Park Police dept. Ms Sharp made an emotional appeal on behave of  Officer Tasca saying that   Officer Tasca behavior during the incident was that of someone trying to protect her son from getting hurt. Ms. Sharp, and others who talked latter, asked the Council to review the video of the incident so they could understand what had happen that day.
   Officer Tasca attorney Ms. Elston also asked the Council to consider a letter recently  send to the Borough which pointed out some inconstancy's with the findings of Borough Attorney Raymond Wiss, and court testimonies. This letter arrived too late in the day to be copy for Council Members to review. This, and the strong opinions of the public who spoke for Officer Tasca had Council President Michael Brophy feel "uncomfortable" in make a decision at this time. He then proposed that the vote be delayed until the Council had a chance to review Ms. Elston letter. This was unanimously past by the Council. The Council was also urged to look at all videos that where used as evidence during  Officer Tasca's hearing.
   In other Council business a revision to the LOSAP ballot question was passed, however it was pointed out that the original amendment may not have the correct number of Council votes to pass. The original amendment was passed on a 3-2 decisions with Mayor McHale  casting the third and tie-breaking vote at that time. The Mr. Monaghan said he would look into the matter , since it has to be sent in to the County Board of Elections no later than today 17-Aug. to appear on the ballot in November.
  Another issue was that involving the actives of the World Mission Society Church located at 160 Palisade Ave. in Bogota. Members of the public who live near, and around the church  brought up the matter of parking the church members use, and the lengths of the events at the church. In particular a church carnival for the weekend of the 12- Aug. The people who live in the area talked about the over parking on public streets, noise, and refuse left on private property. A member of the World Mission Society Church also spoke to the council saying that he apologizes  for any in-convinces to the people living around the church, and would bring it up to the members. Mayor McHale urged both parties to sit down and talk about how things should be improved, as well as Councilman Burdiez, who suggested he will look to see if there needs to any Council amendment made to help the situation.

Officer Regina Tasca listening to Council

Officer Tasca attorney Catherine Elston addressing the Council

Former Councilwoman Tara Sharp speaking to Council on the behalf of officer Tasca 

Council President Michael Brophy asking for a delay in the Council vote on Officer Tasca.

Councilman Burdiez urging the Public and World Mission Church members to talk about their differences.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cancer Walk Kick-off

   The American Cancer Society held a kick-off breakfast today at the Marriott at Glenpointe in Teaneck. This was to sign up anyone would be interested in organizing a team to participate in it's "Making Strides " walk that will take place in the Ridgefield Park section of Overpeck Park. The walk is schedule to take place on Sunday, 21-October-2012 Registration will begin at 9:00a, and the walk will start at 10:00a. It is a 2.3 mile walk for the Bergen -Passaic chapter of the American Cancer Society.
   The goal of this breakfast was to have people sign-up to be team leaders, in order to maximize the fundraiser effort to help find a cure for breast cancer   The morning's main speaker was Tara Peters, the Sr. VP of Communications for the American Cancer Society. She talked about the importance of each person in attendance to help find a cure for Breast Cancer, and how the American Cancer Society is not only helping to find the cure, but it's support for victims, survivors, their family and friends. Ms. Peters asked that as many people who can sign up as a team leader in order to put together a group to be in the walk on 21-Oct. She went on to say that it is the individual effort to start is the hardest thing to do. After that it is finding the first person to join a team, it could be a friend , or co-worker, or any on else that would be interested in helping. The next goal is to find a way yo raise donations to match the teams walking effort. The simplest way Ms. Peters talked about is getting a team of ten together, and if each one of them could raise just $100, that quickly becomes $1,000 for the team. Then Ms. Peters had some members of the audience speak. First was  Johanna Purdon a 13- year survivor. or as she says. " someone  who will celebrate her thirteenth birthday, thanks to the help , and support of the American Cancer Society"  She and other survivors like Marilyn Lynch are also team leader  in order to raise money for the next person who will need the help from the American Cancer Society.  All she started with her first drive it was a can, to ask for donations. Over the years she has found the strength, and the determination to carry on and soon  she became one of the Pacesetters with over $2500 raised for this year.    
   These were just some of the stories that were told, but as Ms. Peters said a few time, a person just needs to start. Once someone has made a choice to help, then they have join the fight to save others from cancer.
    The Making Strides walk itself is, again, the 21-October so there is still time to form a team, and join the fight. If a team may be too much to do, someone can sign- up as an individual walker. Even one lone person walking to help raise fund, is one step in finding a cure.
   To sign up as a team, or an individual can look for more information by going to and find the Ridgefield Park event. Or one can contact Vicky Green at 201-457-3418 ext. 2209 or by email at

Attendees looking over some of the Sponsor table .

Attendees looking at past walks over breakfast

Survivor Susan Seldman (R) with her daughter Jaime Hannczaryk 

Tara Peters addressing the crowd.

Survivor Johanna Purdon  

Survivor Marilyn Lynch talking about she has become a Pacesetter fundraiser 

Courtney MacDonald & her Father Bob, talking with Sheriff Micheal Savdino 

Sister Marion Scranton (L) & Charlene Gungil after signing up to be team Leaders

Kate Linarducci, getting a present for signing up as a team leader.