Thursday, August 30, 2012


   Bogota Blog NJ has received at letter of acknowledgment From Anna Ferris the Program Coordinator of the Bogota Police, Emergency Services Youth Academy, thanking the Blog for it's coverage of this summer Youth Academy. The follow is the letter from Ms. Ferris:

"I want to thank Mr. Stephen Mazzella & The Bogota Blog for his phenomenal coverage of The Bogota Police, Emergency Services Youth Academy. He had so many beautiful photos and wonderful words in regards to the program. I strongly believe that Mr. Mazzella covered the Youth Academy better than any other published works. He did a stellar job and want to make sure his wonderful talent is recognized throughout the Borough.
Thank you again for all your hard work on helping us to get the word out there on our program."

Respectfully Submitted,
Anna B. Ferris
Program Coordinator
Bogota Police,
Emergency Services
Youth Academy

We thank Ms. Ferris, Sgt. Lynch, and all who worked at the Academy for their cooperation in helping us cover the Youth Academy.

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