Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cancer Walk Kick-off

   The American Cancer Society held a kick-off breakfast today at the Marriott at Glenpointe in Teaneck. This was to sign up anyone would be interested in organizing a team to participate in it's "Making Strides " walk that will take place in the Ridgefield Park section of Overpeck Park. The walk is schedule to take place on Sunday, 21-October-2012 Registration will begin at 9:00a, and the walk will start at 10:00a. It is a 2.3 mile walk for the Bergen -Passaic chapter of the American Cancer Society.
   The goal of this breakfast was to have people sign-up to be team leaders, in order to maximize the fundraiser effort to help find a cure for breast cancer   The morning's main speaker was Tara Peters, the Sr. VP of Communications for the American Cancer Society. She talked about the importance of each person in attendance to help find a cure for Breast Cancer, and how the American Cancer Society is not only helping to find the cure, but it's support for victims, survivors, their family and friends. Ms. Peters asked that as many people who can sign up as a team leader in order to put together a group to be in the walk on 21-Oct. She went on to say that it is the individual effort to start is the hardest thing to do. After that it is finding the first person to join a team, it could be a friend , or co-worker, or any on else that would be interested in helping. The next goal is to find a way yo raise donations to match the teams walking effort. The simplest way Ms. Peters talked about is getting a team of ten together, and if each one of them could raise just $100, that quickly becomes $1,000 for the team. Then Ms. Peters had some members of the audience speak. First was  Johanna Purdon a 13- year survivor. or as she says. " someone  who will celebrate her thirteenth birthday, thanks to the help , and support of the American Cancer Society"  She and other survivors like Marilyn Lynch are also team leader  in order to raise money for the next person who will need the help from the American Cancer Society.  All she started with her first drive it was a can, to ask for donations. Over the years she has found the strength, and the determination to carry on and soon  she became one of the Pacesetters with over $2500 raised for this year.    
   These were just some of the stories that were told, but as Ms. Peters said a few time, a person just needs to start. Once someone has made a choice to help, then they have join the fight to save others from cancer.
    The Making Strides walk itself is, again, the 21-October so there is still time to form a team, and join the fight. If a team may be too much to do, someone can sign- up as an individual walker. Even one lone person walking to help raise fund, is one step in finding a cure.
   To sign up as a team, or an individual can look for more information by going to and find the Ridgefield Park event. Or one can contact Vicky Green at 201-457-3418 ext. 2209 or by email at

Attendees looking over some of the Sponsor table .

Attendees looking at past walks over breakfast

Survivor Susan Seldman (R) with her daughter Jaime Hannczaryk 

Tara Peters addressing the crowd.

Survivor Johanna Purdon  

Survivor Marilyn Lynch talking about she has become a Pacesetter fundraiser 

Courtney MacDonald & her Father Bob, talking with Sheriff Micheal Savdino 

Sister Marion Scranton (L) & Charlene Gungil after signing up to be team Leaders

Kate Linarducci, getting a present for signing up as a team leader.

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