Monday, August 13, 2012

Bogota Football 2012

  Today was the first day of training camp for the 2012 version of the Bogota Bucs High School football team. The team started to do thee two-a-day sessions at Feigel Field. Coach Nick DeStefano  and his staff have about 30-35 players to work with( including eight seniors) which gives him a good foundation to build on. But  as Coach DeStefano says, he wait and see how many stay on after camp. Knowing that not many games are won in August, but the coaches are making sure their players are being prepared to do what it takes to win those games come the fall.
  Several groups of players were spread around the field with the coach who will teach them the skills excepted of Bogota Football. Basic techniques that are practice over, and over so that they can become second nature. Coach watching over their players pointing out how they can improve on simple things like a stance, or hand placement, which may make the different from a winning play to one that falls short of it's goal.
   The next part of the morning session was devoted to running plays. old, new, and some just change to improve the out come from last year. Seeing which player will be better at what position. What are the strong points of the newer players, and who have improved from last season. But the coaches also did not hesitate to point out when things were absolutely wrong and they needed to use their heads as well as their muscles.
   For some of the returning players this have have been the first full day of camp, but training has gone on since the end of last season. Weight training is a year round practice, not only to build strength, but it also binds a team together for the long, hard season ahead of them.

Coach Bryant overseeing weight training 

Coach DeStefano explaining how he want things done.

Then watching the results

Coach Sinclair going over the Offense

Linemen training

A short break...

... then more work

Practicing  plays at speed.

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