Friday, August 17, 2012

Council Meeting

    Last night the Bogota Borough Council took up the issue that involves Officer Regina Tasca of the Bogota Police Dept. The the council was to decide on whether or not to accept Judge Richard Donohue recommendation that Officer Tasca be removed from the police force. The attorney  for Officer Tasca, Catherine Elston made a request that Councilman  Jackson , along with Mayor McHale recuse themselves from the proceeding because of a conflict of interest with both men.  Borough  Attorney Joseph Monaghan suggested that, that was unnecessary, both men did, however, remove themselves in order for the Council
to be better able to make an un bias decision . When the floor was opened up to public comment, all who spoke did so on behalf of Officer Tasca. Most notable was Tara Sharp whose son was involved in the incident with some Officers of the Ridgefield Park Police dept. Ms Sharp made an emotional appeal on behave of  Officer Tasca saying that   Officer Tasca behavior during the incident was that of someone trying to protect her son from getting hurt. Ms. Sharp, and others who talked latter, asked the Council to review the video of the incident so they could understand what had happen that day.
   Officer Tasca attorney Ms. Elston also asked the Council to consider a letter recently  send to the Borough which pointed out some inconstancy's with the findings of Borough Attorney Raymond Wiss, and court testimonies. This letter arrived too late in the day to be copy for Council Members to review. This, and the strong opinions of the public who spoke for Officer Tasca had Council President Michael Brophy feel "uncomfortable" in make a decision at this time. He then proposed that the vote be delayed until the Council had a chance to review Ms. Elston letter. This was unanimously past by the Council. The Council was also urged to look at all videos that where used as evidence during  Officer Tasca's hearing.
   In other Council business a revision to the LOSAP ballot question was passed, however it was pointed out that the original amendment may not have the correct number of Council votes to pass. The original amendment was passed on a 3-2 decisions with Mayor McHale  casting the third and tie-breaking vote at that time. The Mr. Monaghan said he would look into the matter , since it has to be sent in to the County Board of Elections no later than today 17-Aug. to appear on the ballot in November.
  Another issue was that involving the actives of the World Mission Society Church located at 160 Palisade Ave. in Bogota. Members of the public who live near, and around the church  brought up the matter of parking the church members use, and the lengths of the events at the church. In particular a church carnival for the weekend of the 12- Aug. The people who live in the area talked about the over parking on public streets, noise, and refuse left on private property. A member of the World Mission Society Church also spoke to the council saying that he apologizes  for any in-convinces to the people living around the church, and would bring it up to the members. Mayor McHale urged both parties to sit down and talk about how things should be improved, as well as Councilman Burdiez, who suggested he will look to see if there needs to any Council amendment made to help the situation.

Officer Regina Tasca listening to Council

Officer Tasca attorney Catherine Elston addressing the Council

Former Councilwoman Tara Sharp speaking to Council on the behalf of officer Tasca 

Council President Michael Brophy asking for a delay in the Council vote on Officer Tasca.

Councilman Burdiez urging the Public and World Mission Church members to talk about their differences.



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