Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Principal

   At last night Board of Education meeting the  new principal  for Steen School was approved, his name is Thomas Conroy. He will replace the out going principal Anna Falco beginning  in  Sept. and will be in place when school opens on Thursday 6- Sept. Mr. Conroy comes to Bogota after spend 5 at the Beechwood  School overseeing Pre- K to 2nd grade in the Mountainside  School District. Mr. Conroy received his Masters from Monclair State University in 1999, and has 12 years of experience as an elementary school principal. He was in the central office in Mountainside last year, when the position at Steen was made available, and Mr. Conroy applied for the chance to come to Bogota.
   He is excited to be back working with children , and is happy he is in a school where he sees a good  history  between Parents, and Teachers  of working together, for their children's education. He, and Superintendent Dr. Pantoliano, are both pleased and thankful that Ms Falco has been able to help the new Principal learn about Steen school before the new year starts. It was mentioned at the meeting the this will be the first time in a number of years that all three school in the district will each have a full time principal at the start of the year.
   In other Board business Ms. Norma Tursi was approved to be the new School Business Administrator.
New windows, lockers, and flooring in the media center have been installed. Along with a upgrade to the schools electrical system, to bring more power into the building.
   Some other points brought up was a request from the Recreation Commission to use a Board of Education vehicle for transport because the DMV believes that the current Rec van is inadequacy for the job it is being asked to do. This gave Dr.Pantoliano  a chance to voice her frustration that there is no written document between the Board and the Rec Commission over shared service. Dr. Pantoliano thinks the partnership with the Rec is a fine way to help the children of the district to keep active through it's sports and other programs, she just would like " something in writing" so that both parties know what their responsibilities are. Another point brought up was that the Board, an long with a growing number of residents in the Borough, have been summoned to appear in court over lawn maintenance issues. Board Attorney, Richard Brovarone, says that the Board has a court date of 30- Aug and hopes that the Board will be able to recover some of the money from the landscape company who is under contract for the upkeep of School property     

New Steen Principal Thomas Conroy

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