Monday, August 27, 2012

Block Party

27-Aug. -2012
   Sunday Councilman Jorge Nunez held a Block Party on central Ave. in Bogota, NJ. This was a way to have a relaxed late Summer afternoon with friends, and Family. It was also a meet & greet for some on the Democratic candidates for local, and national offices. Councilman Nunez, and other of his neighbors open their homes to celebrate living in Bogota. Food, and refreshments were served, while kids had a chance to run around, and play in the street safely. Even a few Dominoes games started up for the Adults.
    Later in the evening Adam Gussen who is running to represent the U.S. 5th District for New Jersey in the House of Representative, had a chance to talk with citizens of the Borough. Mr. Gussen is the current Deputy Mayor of Teaneck, NJ and is trying to unseat present Congressman Scott Garrett. Also speaking to the crowd was Democratic candidate for Freeholder in Bergen County Tracy Silna Zur, and Steve Tanelli.
   The main speaker was current U. S Senator from New Jersey Robert Menendez, he gave his speech in both English , as well as in Spanish, to honour the the diversity of Bogota, and the State of New Jersey. Senator Menendez was greeted strongly by the approximate 300--350 citizens gathered for the occasion. Senator Menendez, and the other candidates urge those who support their ideas, no only to vote on election day, Tuesday  6- November, but to be ambassadors to help other find out the views, and positions of those seeking elective office.
   Councilman Nunez thanked the other candidates for their time in coming to Bogota, and thanked those who choose to attend for their support. And he also had a big thank-you for his Neighbors for allowing, and joining in with the Block Party.

Relaxing , and talking on a Sunday Afternoon.

Adele Nunez hard at work.

Mary wetting down of the kids 

Councilman Jorge Nunez (R)  introducing  Candidate for Congress Adam Gussen to  some of the neighbors. 

Mr. Gussen (R) talking with Nancy Mieses

Mr. Gussen listening to some members of the Neighborhood.

Members of Bogota Council, and Candidates for office

 The crowd listening to U.S.Senator Robert Menendez 

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez

Senator Menendez posing with Councilman Nunez, and his Family

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