Saturday, July 30, 2011


  Another thank-you to everyone that is supporting Bogota Blog NJ. This has been a great week. The Facebook "likes" jump by over 100. The avg. daily hit count on the blog itself went by triple. I felt honoured that this service has been accepted by the community ( living both in and out side the Borough) Now I would like some help for all of you. To keep the Blog up to date I would like to know of events, or news that is out there. Sporting events,  are also welcomed.  Next is asking for a different type of support. There is an advertisement to the right of the main posting. I do get a credit for every click that comes from this site.  I do not have control of the ad displayed at any one time. If something looks interesting feel free to click on it. The click will NOT cost the viewer anything. But it on the internet so use your best judgement.

 Also I have made up a t-shirt & hat on my zazzle store that features the "Welcome to Bogota " sign that I used in a few post. some people like it on facebook and now it worn for all to see, the link to the store is then click on the "Bogota Scenes" folder. There are also other items for sale including postcards, & posters. This will help show pride for the Borough, and help support Bogota Blog NJ so it can expand in the future.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Library Events

  Next Thursday; 4-August-2011 The Bogota Public Library will present the movie " Rango" in the 2nd floor Community Room. Start time is 6:00p
 Admission is free, and there will be popcorn,& candy available for purchase.
 For other Library events please go the the calender page on the front page.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


 Bogota Blog NJ has been added as a link with the official site for the Borough of Bogota NJ it is : Please visit both site for news and information about the Borough of Bogota New Jersey.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

School Uniforms

  Today was the second day for students, & parent to try out, and purchase the new uniforms for next school year. A steady stream of resident processed through the Faculty Room in the Cafeteria. Orders that could not be filled today will be able to be picked -up on Wed. 10- August also in the Cafeteria.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Olsen Park River Walk

 Once criticized as a “ Bridge to Nowhere” the river walk bridge has become an anchor for allowing greater access to the Hackensack River at Olsen Park. Originally built in 1993 with a “Green Acres” grant under former Mayor Leonard Nicolsi the elevated walkway sat with little used, but still a rest spot to watch the flow of water passing by.  Finally in 2004 a path was created to loop around the park to create a walking trail. The path is now being used for running, and biking,  or just to have a pleasant walk around on a nice day.
   In 2010 a plan was made to erect a flag pole along the pathway,and this became the focal point for the” Veterans Memorial Garden”  With the approval of the VFW the memorial stones that had been placed around the park were moved to this one location.  To be dedicated on  Veterans Day 2011  this can be a place of honour for those from Bogota that have served their country.
   Mayor Pat McHale , with help from the Hackensack Riverkeepers, and Ducks Unlimited place signs on the bridge with information about the wild life that may be seen along the river. Soon to be call “The Olsen Park Hackensack River Environmental Walkway” this little bridge will soon be added to the reasons of why Bogota can offer a enjoyable living  experience.

Looking south on the Olsen River walk Bridge.

Signs explaining the types of wildlife that may be seen along the river.
View of W.Main St. Bridge from the boardwalk.

View of the Hackensack River
Veterans Memorial Garden

Spring trees starting to bloom at the North end of the bridge. 

Spring bees on thistle.

The board walk covered in snow.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Library Desk

  The second part of the Bogota library's renovation has been completed with the installation of a new main deck. Funds for this and the other renovations at the library were paid for with the over-due book fines.

 The new, and larger Main desk.

Debbie Fafara, and Nikki Spiegel working at the new desk.

A more roomer work area for the Library Staff.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Evening Swim

 24-July -2011

The Parents of Bogota Football hosted their 2nd annual Evening Swim at the Bogota Swim Club. It was sponsored by New Horizon Financial. It was a chance to try and escape the Summer heat by relaxing poolside with family, and friends The live music was provided by the group "Wild Flower". With New Horizon supplying the food for the cook-out. 

Swimmers trying to get some relief from the heat.
Reflection of lights in the pool. 

The Group "Wildflower"  providing the music.

Lead Singer "Rocky" Roccabruna  


  Bogota Blog NJ has added an Calender page ,and a Links page to it's site.
They are located to the right of the page , under the "Pages" header and click on the desired link.
  Groups, and individuals may send information about an upcoming event to : for consideration. Please submit the information at least 2-4 weeks in advance. Also include contact information about the event.
  Link information may also be sent to: Please include all relevant information about the site,as well as as contact, and a brief description of the site.
  Bogota Blog NJ reserves the right to edit, accept, or reject all information sent.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wii Night

21-July -2011
 The Bogota Library held a Wii night for the Kids in Bogota.

 A small group for Wii Night.

Lena Leroy takes on Spencer Mazzella as Cali Skrnich  watches the action.

Lena Leroy and Spencer Mazzella focus on the game.

Victor Portalatin

 North reported that the body of Mr. Victor Portalatin was found late Wednesday Night in Herrick Park in Teaneck. Mr Portalatin was reported missing Sunday after he did not return from a walk to his home on Leonia Ave in Bogota.
 Bogota Blog would like to send it's condolences to the Family and Friends of Mr. Portalatin.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Information

  More information about Mr.Portalatin:
He was last scene on Leonia Ave in Bogota. He is 76 years old. He has a tattoo on one arm that reads "Aida" in a banner. Any one with information about the where about of Mr. Portalatin  please contact  201-488-1114 or your local police.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Missing Person

Mr. Victor Portalatin has been missing since last Sunday 17-July.

He is suffering from Alzheimer and is a Diabetic . It is reported that he does not have money on him and is need of assistance.  Please call the number listed above ,or local police if any one fitting this description is seen.

Library Reopening (part 1)

   The Bogota Public Library reopened on Monday -18-July with the first part if there improvements.
   In the Children's area new carpeting has been installed ,as well as a brighter paint colours to the walls. New lower shelves have been added helping to give a more open feeling to the area, and allowing more light in that area.
 The periodical  section has also been opened-up more with the removal of some shelves which provides space for larger chair in sit and relax over a favorite magazine.
 The Old Children's corner

The corner with new carpet ,and fresh paint.

 Looking towards the old shelves.

Lower shelves the give a more open feeling to the front.

The old periodical section.

A more roomer,and larger place for casual reading.

 The Main section of the Library will have to close for two more days, Wed. & Thurs. 20-21- July, as the new desk is installed. The Children's activities will still take place in the 2nd floor community room.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

School Uniforms

  There will be a fitting for the next year uniforms of Bogota High School Tues & Wed. 26,& 27 of July. As well as Wed. 10 August. The fitting will take place at the Faculty room, in the school cafeteria . Times for all days will be from 10:00a to 2:00p. Any order placed on the 26 or27  will be able to be picked-up on the 10 August date.
 There will also be an Open House for Bogota students at the Cover Stitches store at 568  54st West New York NJ from 8:00a to 5:00P .

Monday, July 11, 2011

Library Opening

 The Bogota Public Library has rescheduled  the date that it will reopen to the public. The new date is Monday 18-July -2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rebuilding Ball fields


On the 19th of August 1995 the Vin Scully field was dedicated at Olsen Park. Since then it has become a kind of backyard for the Borough. It is the home of the teams of the Bogota Baseball Organization, as well as by the teams of  two year old Bogota Men’s  Softball  league
The field is also used as a practice facility for the Bogota Bucs football, and as a rehearsal space for the High School band.  Some of the event that helps bring the coummity together makes use of this field ranging for Bogota Day, to the Police Dept. National Night Out. As with many public spaces there is a constant wear, and tear from the usage. The infield has become hard, and uneven, with the outfield developing some worn-out patches of grass.  Along with muddy, & water- log bench areas.
About a year ago some members of the Bogota Softball League wanted to something about the condition of the field. In an age of tight financial time for many communities a project was started on a volunteer basis. Soon a plan was developed to rehab the Softball field. French drains were dug to help with drainage,and a sprinkler system was added to help keep the infield in better condition.  Next came the replacement of the stand, with new footing and grass to keep the area from becoming too mudding. Finally  a new sound system was added. 
  At the same time the Borough had applied for and received a matching grant from the State’s open space fund and work was extend to the T-ball field located in the far left field part of Scully field. An infield was cut into the grass then a layer of gravel topped with clay to formed  a diamond for the youngest players. The Recreation Dept. purchased medal benches with the DPW doing the installation  Then a number of community groups came together to help the fields across the street. 
 The Bogota Baseball organization, The Rec. The Broad of Education, and the Men’s Softball League came up with funds for various projects on those fields. New clay has been added to the High School Field ,as well as Zakrzewski field. The BBO also funded work on Field #1. Drainage  and fixing the dugouts at field #1, and a new storage shed at Zak field, with upgrade fencing at all the fields , even a portable back stop for the T-Ball field. With a large number of volunteers doing much of the work,and some donations of material from private business’  the players and the Borough have field the can make the Players ,and the Citizens of Bogota proud of what their community can do together.
Work behind Home Plate of Scully Field.

Volunteers adding a French Drain if Scully Field.

 An improved Scully Field. 

The T-Ball field before.

New gravel for better drainage on the T-Ball field.

The T-Ball field after.

Adding a better drainage to Field #1

 Regrading the third base Dug Out.

A drier Field #1.

(I would like to thank Nick Barese & the Bogota Baseball Organization with helping of this story, and all the volunteers who worked on all their hard work.)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pool Party

  Parents of Bogota Football & Bogota Swim Club, in cooperation with New Horizon Financial  is sponsoring  the 2nd annual Adult Swim at the Bogota Swim Club. The date is Saturday 23-July starting at 8:00p going until 1:00a.
  Tickets are $15 per person & $25 for couples in Advance. $20 per person at the door.
Live entertainment , and BBQ food will be provided. BYOB is allowed ,but in non-glass containers.
For more information and tickets  please contact Pat Rochford at 201-489-1991.

School Uniforms

    The first designs for the new school uniforms, for Bogota Jr.-Sr. High School has been announced.
7&8 grades will be required to wear a gold coloured shirt. While 9 thru 12 have a choice of black or purple shirts. The shirts are polo styles both  short,and long sleeves.  All  pants will be khaki ,or black ,with a Capri option for girls. Also available are Gym T-shirts, Shorts. & Sweat pants.
   A representative from Cover Stitches will soon schedule a fitting at the High School. 
For more information ,and pricing please go to www.coverstitches .com 

Sample of emblem,and colours  for shirts.
image courtesy  Karen Rogers.

Monday, July 4, 2011


4-July -2011
  Even if the Borough of Bogota does not have their own fireworks show there are other places the residents of the Borough can go to enjoy an Independence Day display of fireworks. One is Terhune Park in Teaneck NJ, just over the border from  Bogota, it offers a wide open space ,with a gentle slope facing Hackensack's Foschini Park.
 An evening sunset before the main show.

Fireworks light-up the night sky.

Some of the crowd in the glow of the fireworks.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Store

   Bogota Blog NJ has added a Zazzle store to it's site. The store will be offer a select number of images for purchase on a variety of merchandise. Items available include T-Shirts, and other wearable items. Cups,and Mugs along with other collectibles.
  To view the store click on the " Bogota Blog NJ" store button , or go to to see what is available.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Solar panel

  PSE&G have added solar panel to some of the utility  pole along the street in Olsen Park. These are part of the companies program to expand the use of renew energy sources though out the state.

Some of the utilities poles in Olsen park.