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Questions for Council Part #3


This is the  third and final post in a series of question asked by Bogota Blog NJ to all four candidates running for the two available seat for Bogota Borough Council. The order in which the answers appear for the first question is determined by how the answers were received by Bogota Blog NJ. After that the first answers will be by a different candidate.   I hope this is a fair, informative, and useful series of posts to be held over the next few days. There will be two questions with answers per post per day.
  The Candidates are Councilwoman Wanda Uceta, School Board Member Christopher Keleman School Board Member John Mitchell, Councilman Arthur Konigsberg. Election Day is Tuesday 5-Nov. polls will be open starting at 6:00a and close at 8:00p

-Question #5

- There has been the idea to reopen the Ft. Lee Rd  railroad crossing to vehicular  traffic. In your opinion what would be the advantage, and  disadvantage of this. Also the Federal Railway Association allows for “ Quiet Zones” at graded crossing should the Borough adopted  this policy  for the Ft. Lee Rd crossing. 

John Mitchell
I am in favor of opening up Ft. Lee Road.  In doing so we are allowing any 
current business’s and potential business’s to be able to get the needed 
traffic flow.  We need to be somewhat more business friendly in order 
to have businesses ease the tax burden.  We cannot keep going back to a limited 
number of home owners to pay all our bills.  “Quiet Zones” are a must, I have heard over 
and over again the residents desire to quite the railway noise.  Here is an area where we 

can do this from the very beginning -- install a “Quiet Zone”.

Arthur Konigsberg
The idea to reopen the Ft. Lee Rd. R.R. crossing to vehicular traffic must be examined very carefully.There are pros & cons on both sides of the issue.It would hopefully ease traffic on Main St.,help businesses by Ft. Lee Rd,perhaps create redevelopment & raise property values in the area, & allow better access for our emergency response teams.Opposing views may state the change will possibly cause more complaints regarding increased traffic in the Ft.Lee RD. area,& the need for possible additional traffic lights to control the higher volume of vehicles.  Regarding creating a”quiet zone” in that area,the positive benefits of  peace & quiet must be balanced by the safety issues for our neighbors crossing that area when trains approach.The train’s horn forces people to be aware of their location. Could the town be liable if any accidents occur? The issue must be carefully considered.    
Christopher Keleman
At this time, I do not agree opening up the Fort Lee Road Crossing.  I was told that one of the reasons for opening up this railroad crossing was because of the flooding on the River Road overpass.  Well, lets fix the flooding problem.  I’m afraid the by opening up Fort Lee Road, we are opening up a ton of potential problems.  There is not a great number of business that will open up because many of these storefronts have turned into apartments, and parking would be a problem... Fort Lee Road is not a wide street!  Now on the western side of Fort Lee Road which is known as the antique center, these buildings are old.  I don’t think that any of these landlords have the extra cash to renovate any of these storefronts into proper fast food establishments because in order to get in code will take big money.  I am a deli owner in town, my business lacks the NJ state code fire systems.  In order for me to upgrade my kitchen so I can cook or turn on a gas oven would cost me a ton of money and that’s just for the suppressions system and the stainless hoods.  Traffic would also be a nightmare, now did anyone come up with the answer of this question, what happens with the traffic when a train comes by?  What is the traffic build up than?

Wanda Uceta

The idea of opening up fort lee road is not a new one.  It has been suggested for years.  All one needs to do is look at 100 feet on either side of the railroad crossing to know why.  The area has been in steady decay for the 50 years.  What was once a vibrant business and main thoroughfare was closed in 1938.  The opening of fort lee road back to vehicle traffic would do a number of things.  It would also create another route across town for emergency vehicles during bad storms, with redevelopment comes “free” grant dollars for street and building reconstruction.Regarding making the crossing a federal railroad administration/DOT “QUIET ZONE” that is a possibility that would have to be looked at.  We must remember that along with a “QUIET ZONE” comes the liability to the town should a vehicle be struck or an individual injured when the trains cease using their horns at the crossing.

Question #6
- Why are you a member of your  political party and is there some ideas that the opposition party has that you can agree with.

Arthur Konigsberg
I am a proud member of  the Democratic Party because of its ideals.It is progressive,open minded,concerned with the welfare of others,& broad based among many different cultures &groups.This is extremely important in a town like Bogota, where there is great diversity,yet we all share in our similar hopes & dreams for our children & families; safety, security, good  services, enriched lives.In difficult economic times,the Democratic team is trying to hold the line on taxes by approving responsible development,obtaining grants when possible for road repair or other improvements,& we work with other towns or cooperative groups to merge services or  obtain discounts for big purchases.I would  happily cooperate with the other party if plans or ideas would be presented that would improve our quality of life      or help reduce taxes .We are all neighbors.We should all try to do what is best for our community.

Christopher Keleman
The Republican Party in town has not been to favored in the past couple of years.  I am running as I am, but I support anything that is beneficial to any resident or volunteer.  Remember it’s the people first!  I am one of those “people” and I wont be influenced, or have I ever been by any member of any party.  That’s what I am and that’s why I am respected by so many.  For those who do not respect me because of a “political party” well, I’m very disappointed by them because before I was even considered a candidate, we all celebrated holidays, birthdays, weddings, communions, graduations, H.S. sporting events, parties and many of those supported my business.  Well, its sad and what can I say, I guess we did not have the type of friendship I thought we did.  Life is funny and how disappointed I am.    As to what both parties do agree with, well we all love Bogota and that say’s it all.  We might all love it, its own special way, but deep down inside each and one of our hearts, besides family, Bogota is comes in second.   I bleed our school colors, purple and gold, I love my town and I respect our Borough Hall, all our first responders and our professional service men and women who clean our town daily and protect our streets and provide our town with activities and such, as a candidate and as your next councilman, I would never turn a back, change a mind nor ever not support any of those who have plenty of times transported a sick family member, took out a house fire, or maintained my street so my children, parent or wife can drive in the snow and sleet.  For any of those who say I don’t, shame on you!
Wanda Uceta
I am a member of the bogota democratic party
 because I believe in the progress we are now making.
The value of our citizens and who are my neighbors and my desire to make Bogota a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  I am open to a democratic form of government where we can lower our taxes, decrease spending and improve our quality of life.
I will gladly reach across the aisle to the other party to make this happen. 

John Mitchell

I am a member of my party as I have Conservative values.  I think at no other time in our history as seen with the recent government shut down the need for ALL of us to work together for the good of the people. I am hoping this upcoming Bogota election everyone votes for change as our current Council which is all one party doesn't seem to working on a united front.  

What I can agree with in the Democratic party on a national level are some of their 
programs which allow persons who find themselves struggling in this economic times some
help to get them back on their feet.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween
Bogota Blog NJ

Some scenes from around the Borough.

Costume Party at Steen School

The Haunted Library

Questions for Council Part #2

30-Oct. -2013

This is the second post in a series of question asked by Bogota Blog NJ to all four candidates running for the two available seat for Bogota Borough Council. The order in which the answers appear for the first question is determined by how the answers were received by Bogota Blog NJ. After that the first answers will be by a different candidate.   I hope this is a fair, informative, and useful series of posts to be held over the next few days. There will be two questions with answers per post per day.
  The Candidates are Councilwoman Wanda Uceta, School Board Member Christopher Keleman School Board Member John Mitchell, Councilman Arthur Konigsberg. Election Day is Tuesday 5-Nov. polls will be open starting at 6:00a and close at 8:00p

-Question #3
- Now that the Dewey School site has started to move forward, how can development  for these three site be addresses.
   - Fuda Tile Site
   - The At&t building at Elm Ave & W.Ft.Lee Rd
   - The old car dealership  on W.Ft. Lee Rd near the Bridge
  What would be the best way to use them, and how would  you encourage development of those sites.

John Mitchell
The Fuda Tile area since it is a considerably smaller site than the car dealership site I would 
like to see the car dealership site addressed first.  I do believe this would lend many opportunities to the Fuda site upon completion.  The area of the car dealership must be more business and less residential.  A PILOT program in this area would bring us minimal return for the size of the area. It is crucial we do not make a mistake here as this is the only area in town big enough to make the best deal in terms of ratables we so desperately seek.  It may be a very good idea in portions of this area to have a mixed commercial/residential area.  However the residential area should be minimal. Bogota’s close proximity to NYC as well as Rt. 80, Rt.4, Rt. 17, GSP, is vital to some companies and we must push for a large business here where infrastructure is vital to their every day business. 
For this area I think a great idea is a medical arts building. This brings in employees as well 
as patients to the area so our local businesses can flourish.  We can make the below section 
a parking garage and the upper sections medical offices.  Medical offices tend to come 
with large financing so I am sure this would help to beautify the area as well.  Our close 
proximity to local hospitals such as Holy Name in Teaneck  & Hackensack University Medical 
center would have appeal as well for our area to have a medical arts building.  

Arthur Konigsberg
It is vital that new development occurs in Bogota to help reduce the tax burden faced by our home owners.The Dewey School site was unused for 17 years. The new apartment development will add new tax revenues,support local businesses,& give up the right to appeal it’s tax assessment.The Fuda Tile site  could be used for commercial retail or other business purposes.The AT&T building can be used for additional apartment housing for seniors, or commercial use,depending on the zoning situation.There has been some interest in developing the W.Fort Lee Pontiac) into an apartment complex hopefully attracting young professionals.The initial potential plans include a pool,a river walk along the Hackensack River, extensive landscaping, & a clubhouse.It is an ambitious plan & we will see what happens. 
Wanda Uceta
I am very happy that an actual redevelopment has finally come to Bogota. Decaying and fallow properties being turned in viable and vibrant opportunities this is what will bring us income and a reduction of property taxes. In regards to following sites, I believe the Fuda Tile would make an excellent commercial retail store opportunity.   The old bank building AT&T at elm Avenue and west Fort lee Road is a great location for a medical office or possibly additional Senior Housing.  The old “Sifford Pontiac” site is currently slated for 300 upscale 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, with a landscaped clubhouse, pool and beautiful “river walk”. It is an exciting time to be a resident of Bogota.

Christopher Keleman
It is very important that redeveloping the three sites in town (Fuda Tile, AT&T Building & Sifford Pontiac) be given plenty of thought process.  I am not in favor of what is being planned for the Dewey Site.  I do not “not favor” redevelopment, because something has to be done, I however do not favor what has been approved.  Before a “PILOT” program be approved, lets do the right thing, our homework.  Sewer charges, garbage pick up costs and the cost of public education for each child should be factored before anything be decided.    As for the Sifford Pontiac site a lot program for rentals is a “no go” , we need tax revenue and relief.  Fuda Tile is a mess.   We have a beautiful “turn of the century” building on site there that was at one time a train station, lets try to enhance someone to take advantage of this property, but it is going to be a difficult task with the Hess oil drums having such exposure.  I sell homes, I have previously listed a home 40 yards from this exact location, the customers feedback was that they did not like having the gas station and the oil drums hit them as they walked out there front door, you cant blame them.  So basically, utilize this spot for commercial or office.   As for the AT & T site, take down that dump and build a few  homes. this site kills the area & if I was a owner looking at this everyday, I would most likely be in jail.  I can not understand why this has been allowed to look like this for the amount of years it has.  A multi-family unit would not fit in the neighborhood, unless a cozy style town house unit is planned.   The only way to encourage development in these locations would be to clean up their act and if not, start fining.  This town became very happy fining homeowners for sloppy lawns, overgrown weeds, 4 inch or more lawns, chipped paint of woodwork and what ever else, but what about these dumps, where are the fines!

Question #4

- There has been some public, and official discussion about  the private use of public vehicles. Is there (or can there be) a system that if they are used for private duty by a town employee that the mileage, and gas consumption  be tracked and the Borough reimbursed fully for being allowed to use the vehicle.  Along with the burrower having to show that their insurance would cover any expensive that may occur while in their possession. And have to sign a waiver that would absolve the Borough from any , and all damages that may come from legal actions against the operator of the burrowed vehicle.

Arthur Konigsberg
While private use of public vehicles can be a sensitive issue, most of the vehicles are provided  only to our volunteer chiefs;EMS,rescue, fire,& OEM Coordinator.The police chief(a paid public servant) also has use of his vehicle.The main reasoning for their use is that these people are on call for emergencies, & must respond immediately no matter what time of day or night. Most of the vehicles were either donated or purchased using money collected from fire violation fines. The town administrator keeps track of the vehicle mileage. I believe the use of the vehicles by our volunteer chiefs is a minimal reward & incentive for these essential people who serve & assist our fellow neighbors. Their service to our community helps keep our taxes lower than other towns that have paid personnel performing their duties.                                      
Wanda Uceta
OEM “volunteer” chiefs along with the police chief are given the use of command emergency response vehicles.  These included our fire chiefs, rescue chief.  EMS chief and OEM Coordinator.  The borough provides the gas and the town insures the vehicles under the municipal joint insurance fund.  All of the fire chief vehicles, rescue chief vehicle and EMS chief vehicle were “free” They were either purchased with money collected by the fire dept or donations. Most of our residents don’t realize this.  “No tax dollars” The mileage is tracked by our borough administrator.

Christopher Keleman
As far as Borough used cars, as a candidate, I can only say that by going door to door campaigning, people are turned off about this, they are angry and very upset.  I support the fire chief and assistant chief and fire prevention personal having their cars as they always had, but that’s about it.  We have a ton of volunteers in town, it’s just not right. 

John Mitchell
We need to supply our volunteers with their “tools” however we do need to be 
very cautious of protecting the tax payer from legal action. We need to be the 
“watchdogs” of the people’s money.  I do believe a system in place to track the 
expenditures is a must and this would not be too difficult to put in place.  I am 
sure our volunteers may like such a system as well this would prevent any 
question of the need for some of the vehicles the Borough provides. Some of the 
residents should know that some of these vehicles have been donated to us. We 
need to however make sure that taxpayer dollars are not wasted by anyone who may 
be tempted to use any vehicles for personal benefit.  

Lady Bucs Senior Night

   The Bogtoa Lady Bucs Volleyball team took the time preceding  Tuesday match to recognize their three Senior players. Before the Bogota Seniors were honoured, Bogota also acknowledge the Seniors from Cresskill on their High School careers.  Then the Lady Bucs Seniors : Chirwette Mohamed, Carly O'Sullivan, and Jennifer Ramirez heard a few words from their Coach Brad DiRupo about what they mean to the team. All three were given a bouquet of flowers and a round of applause from the crowd in thanking them for their hard work for the past four seasons.  For a few moments in Coach DiRupo's speech he did have to pause, as he thought  about the fact that Ms. O'Sullivan is playing her final regular season match at Speary Gym. Ms. O'Sullivan  has been named Athlete of the Week  multiple times as well as Volleyball Player of the year, and selections to  All- League , All-County And All-State squads show her skills as a player. But with her work helping the Lady Bucs to consecutive Group & State Championships show her dedication to her Teammates & Coaches.
   For the game itself Ms. O'Sullivan showed off her power with a season high 22 Kills in a 2-0 (25-12 : 25-8) victory over the Lady Cougars. With Amanda Manzo 28  assists, and  Jenifer Ramirez 12 Service point, & 4 Digs The Lady Bucs  made sure their Seniors had a  memorable final game. This victory moves Bogtoa Record to 22-3 , with their final regular season match at Palisades Park  on Thursday 31-Oct. starting at 4:00p.   Bogota also plays in the Quarterfinal round of the Bergen County Tournament on Wednesday 30-Oct. They play at Old Tappan when they take on Northern Highlands with a scheduled  start time of 6:30p.

 Coach Brad DiRupo talking about what the Senior players
 did in their High School Careers

 Seniors Carly O'Sullivan, Jenifer Ramirez, and Chirwette Mohamed 

# 19 Cathleen Macaroy serving.

 #14 Carly O'Sullivan & # 3 Aydelina Cyd blocking a shot.

# 13 Jennifer Ramirez serving

# 14 Carly O'Sullivan with a Kill.

#11 Kelliann Brown with a Kill

 # 43 Tiana Henry & #26 Amanda Manzo at the net.

#26 Amanda Manzo  with the assist.

# 18 Chirwette Mohamed serving.

#10 Samantha Gioiosa serving.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Questions for Council Part #1


  This is the first post in a series of question asked by Bogota Blog NJ to all four candidates running for the two available seat for Bogota Borough Council. The order in which the answers appear for the first question is determined by how the answers were received by Bogota Blog NJ. After that the first answers will be by a different candidate.   I hope this is a fair, informative, and useful series of posts to be held over the next few days. There will be two questions with answers per post per day.
  The Candidates are Councilwoman Wanda Uceta, School Board Member Christopher Keleman School Board Member John Mitchell, Councilman Arthur Konigsberg.  Election Day is Tuesday 5-Nov. polls will be open starting at 6:00a and close at 8:00p

Question #1
- The latest Borough budget has had to have another tax increase, and little reduction in spending.  Partly because of issues  that can not be controlled.  What sort of measures can a small town , like Bogota, do to plan for emergency situations, and still stay with in it’s means.

Wanda Uceta
As a resident I am concern about taxes and spending.  We had a terrible year in 2012,that caused our taxes to rise.  We had a “Super Storm Sandy” which caused significant damage to our, streets, curbs borough buildings and actually destroyed our DPW building.  We currently have two major law suits that are still in litigation and like other municipalities, with the issues of falling home prices, we were faced with a large number of residential tax appeals the town had to give back at least half a million in appeals last years.
 Through the hard work of our town’s OEM Coordinator we are on track to recoup almost $400,000.00 through FEMA. That will have a big impact on our taxes.
Although we cannot predict or stop the next storm from hitting us this is what we can do to be ready.  We need to trim our shade trees and remove dead trees which can cause damage to our homes and create power outages.  Bogota over the years never build a surplus and I think is time to start building one for a “Rainy Day”.  We also need to look at others communities for joint purchasing agreements and co-ops so we can reign in spending.  Grants when available are and excellent way to fund projects without taxpayer dollars.  Ever Since I have been a councilwoman I have overseen grants totaling over a million dollars to repair our streets, sewers and curbs, fix ours parks and provide free emergency lifesaving equipment for the fire department.

Christopher Keleman
A small town like Bogota needs to have an emergency plan, such like a plan that our schools prepare in an event of an emergency.  This plan needs to be rehearsed not by only our law enforcement, first responders and volunteers, it also needs to be drilled with our schools and residents.  We need to get a neighborhood internal emergency group together, perhaps five people from each voting district to start a group thinking process in order to start the process.  This is a “non cost” get together that can only produce something positive.  New faces are important, I would recommend that we have a fireman, first aid member, rescue squad personal, police officer and council member host this group of chosen residents who want to get involved.  Something is better than nothing.

John Mitchell
Since we are not able to prepare 100% for the unforeseen things that are out of our control  such as super storm Sandy we must be very aware of our spending every day.  Some consolidation of services should be considered in many areas one could be in the area of administrative costs.  Bringing back the recycling program to our own DPW is a revenue stream we previously gave away. In order for us to always be prepared we need to do the work continually to make our town more fiscally responsible.

Arthur Konigsberg
As a Bogota resident & Council member I am concerned about tax increases.There is a direct link between providing services & our tax bills.Additionally the past year was quite a difficult one for our town;the national mortgage crisis caused a devaluation of home values, which led to a huge spike in tax appeals. Defending two law suits is very costly.Storm damage from Sandy was quite extensive.We did a reassessment of the borough’s properties,which will cause a  big drop in future tax appeals.We also will be getting about $400,000.00 from FEMA for storm damage reimbursement.We join with other towns for joint purchases of needed equipment & utilize grants whenever possible to reduce taxpayer expense for such required areas as sewer,curbing, street repaving,park improvements for the benefit of our children & residents,&  better equipment for our valued volunteers.We also examine the merger of services with other towns to see if savings can be obtained to further reduce the tax burden.The merger of our  municipal court with Little Ferry’s has been quite successful in reducing costs & a backlog of cases.

Question #2                                      

-  For a large number of years Parents, Students , and Staff have asked for an update of the Junior /Senior High School. Now that the electrical, and windows has been addressed  how can the  items such as the Bathroom, as well as the Classroom themselves be updated and improved.

Christopher Keleman
Well, the bathrooms in the High School are already under way.  At this time, the bathroom off the gymnasium has been gutted with new plumbing, walls, ceilings and fixtures in process.  It should only take a few more weeks to complete.  The window and door project is already done and they look beautiful.  We should save a lot of money this year with our heating bill.  Last year, we had new lockers in the H.S. installed, walls & classrooms have been painted and things are looking pretty sharp.  By the end of this school year, either our gymnasium or auditorium will have a/c for our students and staff.  BHS has come a long way in the past year, much more is to come.  With our Superintendent of Schools contract extended until 2017, we finally have a chief administrator who has an interest in improving our buildings.  Rome was not built in a day, but it did have a start!

John Mitchell
Many improvements are under way and I am proud to have been a part of these school upgrades while serving the children of Bogota as a sitting board member on the Board of Education.

Arthur Konigsberg
The town council has no control over the Board of Education budget.About 65% of the town taxes go to the school’s budget. Any repair or improvements are probably addressed by a separate Board of Education” building & grounds” committee.

Wanda Uceta
The School Board is a separate entity of which the Borough Council has no or little input. I am certain that they have a buildings and grounds committee that will be able to address their building and repair concerns.
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Future Events


 Some events happening this week.
 First a notice from the Bogota Police Dept.

No juvenile shall be in any public place in the borough between the hours of 10:00p and 6:00a on Tuesday-Friday 29-Oct. into 1 -Nov.2013 unless accompanied by the juvenile's parent or guardian. Parents shall not allow unaccompanied juveniles to be in any public place during these hours. For more information please contact the Bogota Police dept. at 201-487-2400 or at

Montclair, NJ

 A You Tube series co- created by Bogota resident  Omar Attia will have a screening on Thursday 31- Oct-2013. This will be held at the Bow Tie Clairidge Cinema in Montclair, NJ. It is a vampire comedy titled " Vampz" a dark comedy about a gothic "wannabe vampire" named Simone & her cheerleader roommate.  The series written & produced by Mr. Attia and directed by Ramsey Attia, with some scenes filmed at their home in Bogota.
   There will be two showing of the first five episode on Halloween night. The first showing will start at 8:00p, with the second showing schedule to start at 9:00p Ticket prices are $7.00 for student(with ID) $8.00 pre-order and $10 at the door. The Bow Tie Clairidge Cinema is located at 486 Bloomfield Ave Montclair. NJ.
For more information , and to pre-order ticket please go to
  There will also be a post screen costume after party at Tierney Tavern 136 Valley Rd. Montclair, NJ
  For a sneak peak at Episode #1 go to

(it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

Friday 1-Nov.
   The Bogota  Police Emergency Services Youth Academy will premier the movie about  Class 03 training from this Summer. This will be held in the Bogota High School Auditorium on Friday 1-Nov. starting at 7:00p . Admission to the screening is free of charge, and open to the public. There will be food & Youth Academy gear available for purchase. The High School is located at 2 Henry Luthin Pl. Bogota, NJ. For more information please contact Anna Ferris at

(it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

Friday 1-Nov.
  Bixby School is hosting a Fall Dance for all 5ht & 6th grade students of the three school located in Bogota. Students from Bixby, Steen, &  St.Joseph's are invited to this dance. It will be held in the Bixby Gym located at 25 Fisher Ave. Bogota , NJ .The dance will start at 7:00p and go until 10:00p, with admission of $5 per person.  
  It is asked that all students attending bring a signed permission slip to attend. They ask that each Student be signed in & out by a Parent ,or sibling 18 years or older. If another parent will be picking  up the Student at information must be included when signing in. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Candidates for Council.

   The following is a short biography of the four candidates running for the two seats in the Bogota Borough Council that will be voted on  in the General Election scheduled on Tuesday 5-Nov. Bogota Blog NJ has sent each of the candidates a series of questions dealing with a few local topics. The candidates are listed in the order the questionnaire was returned. Answers to these question will be posted on Bogota Blog NJ, and the answers to the first question will be posted like the biography. Starting with the second question each candidate will have their answered posted first. There will be two question posted per day/ per post. There will be six questions total, each party will have their candidate answers first for three times.
   Polls will be open on Tuesday 5- Nov.-2013 starting at 6:00a and close at 8:00p. Bogota is a small town these candidates are your friends, neighbors, and sometime business associates. It is hope that these series of posting will be fair, informative, and useful.

Wanda Uctea - Democrat
    Ms. Uctea is running as one of two incumbent members of Council running for re-election. She was first appointed to serve on the Borough Council on September 2011 to fill a vacant seat. She was then elected for a two year term as a Councilwoman in November of 2011.  She is married with four children,  She is employed as a Human Resources Coordinator in New York City.

Christopher Keleman - Republican
  Mr. Keleman  a current member of the Bogota Board of Education, serving as Vice President on the B.o.E. He is married and is a Father of five children with all his children attending the Bogota School System. His youngest  having graduated Bogota High School as part of the class of 2013. He is co-owner of a Realtor company located in Bogota, as well as operation a Deli.& sandwich shop within the Borough.

John Mitchell -  Republican
  Mr. Mitchell is a current member of the Bogota Board of Education. He is married and a father of three.  Is a life long resident of Bogota and has raised his own family in the Borough. He a Compliance Coordinator for the Bergen County Utilities Authority.


Arthur Konigsberg - Democrat
  Mr. Konigsberg is running as one of two incumbent members of Council running for re-election. He was first elected to Council in November of 2011. He is married with two children who graduated the Bogota Public School System. He runs a Title Insurance agency in Hackensack.

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Talent Show

   On Saturday Night the Miss Bogota 2013 Pageant held it's talent show part of the contest. Six of the candidates competed in front of a supported audience of family & friends. Three Candidates for Little Miss Bogota, which includes girls from 5 to 10 years old, competed. They were Sophia Amaro who opened the program a Ballet solo performance. Next her show her skills was Mariapaula Garguilo who also showed off her talent for ballet with performance. The final Little Miss contestant was Crystal Buelvas who did a dance of Salsa to the delight of the Audience. 
   For Miss Teen Bogota there was only one Candidate performing. This was Angelina Garcia, as she displayed the talent for movement by creating a solo Cheerleading piece.
  In the Miss Bogota category, girls 15-18 years old,  Meghan Pulido was the first to take the stage in reading a history of the Borough of Bogota.  Within the structure of this essay she was able to add a personal touch by including parts of her own family background. The final Candidate of the evening  was Jaysha O'Neal who recited an original poem about the type of woman she would like to try and grow into. 
   After an intermission in which the judges had a chance to compare the Candidate's performance their decision were announced. 
    The winner of the Little Miss Bogota 2013 Talent show was Crystal Buelvas for her Salsa dancing. second was Sophia Amaro, and third was Mariapaula Garuilo. 
   Angelina Garcia was awarded the top prize for Miss Teen Bogota.
   For the talent show part of Miss Bogota 2013 Jaysha O'Neal finished first with Meghan Pulido being the runner-up. 
   All the Candidates stayed on stage to accept the applause from the audience who showed their appreciation to the young ladies for their performances. 
  The next event in the Miss Bogota Pageant will be a evening of Bowling at the Bowler City in Hackensack. This will take place on  Saturday 16-Nov. from 3:30p to 5:30p. The price will be $12 which will include shoe rental , and lane time.  Bowler City  is located at 85 Midtown Bridge St Hackensack, NJ. 
This is co-sponsored by the Bogota Community Alliance and the Bogota  Recreation Commission. For more  information please contact Marianela Santana  at 347-668-6462

The Candidates getting ready, and relaxing before their performances 

The Contestants in the Miss Bogota Talent show.

Little Miss Bogota Sophia Amaro

Little Miss Bogota Mariapaula Garguilo

Little Miss Bogota Crystal Buelvas 

Miss Teen Bogota  Angelina Garcia

Miss Bogota Meghan Pulido

Miss Bogota Jaysha O'Neal 

 Little Miss Bogota Talent winner Crystal Buelvas (L)
 being told she had won by Mariapaula Garguilo.

 The three Little Miss Bogota Candidates.

Miss Bogota Talent winner Jaysha O'Neal (R) ,
Miss Teen Bogota Talent winner Angelina Garcia (C), and
Miss Bogota talent runner-up Meghan Pulido.
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