Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jr. Bucs Football

 On Sunday the Junior Bucs Football program held their second annual kick-off day in Olsen Park. Players from the three divisions Senior, Junior, & Pee-Wee had a chance to show off their skills in front of the Coaches, and future teammates.  The players went through passing, kicking , and punting drills to  find out what they can do, and teach the on how to be better.  Coaches took the time to show the newest players some of the more basic fundamentals of the game. players has a chance to learn positioning while on defense, and where to go when they are on offence. There is still time to sign up for the upcoming season which will be played against teams that are closer to Bogota.
   All divisions are opened to Girls  and Boys who live and attend any of the schools in Bogota.
- The Pee-Wee is for the youngest players which is for student from 2nd to 4th grade, and are under 11 years of age.
- The Junior division is for those players who are in 5th & 6st grade and are under the age of 13.
- The Senior division are those players who will be in 7th & 8th grade and are younger the 15 years of age.
Bogota now plays in the Bi-County Junior Scholastic Football League (BCJSFL) which consist eight other teams located in closer proximity to Bogota then in years past. The teams will also play an a regulation size football field, which is also a change from past seasons. All home game will be played at Feigel Field in Bogota.

 For more information please contact Rob Contino at rcontino1971@gmail.com

Monday, July 29, 2013

Steen Play Ground

  On Saturday members of the Telephone Pioneers of America donated their morning to paint a 20 foot by 30 foot map of the United States in the Steen playground  on the Orchard Terrace side of the building. The map is a colour mosaic showing the fifty states of the union. It has been left without names in order help the students learn the names of the States, Capital Cities, and other features of the country in the class room , then apply them to the big map.  This is part of a Summer spruce-up  that the Steen PTO is doing before the start of the next school year.  Other projects the PTO would like to do is to paint either a Hop-scotch board, or a Four Corners square, along with repainting the Basketball court. The Telephone Pioneers donated their extra paint from the Map which can be used for the other playground project. The PTO would like some  volunteer help to finish before September.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Upcoming Events


 Some upcoming events in and around Bogota for the week starting 28-July.
In Bogota
Sunday 28-July 
-- The  Bogota Junior Bucs football teams will be having their second annual Kickoff Barbecue on Sunday 28- July. It will take place at Olsen Park  starting at 4:00p and going until 7:00p. This will feature a skills competition in form of the Punt, Pass, and Kick challenge. Players from past year will be on hand to help newer players to learn some of the fundamentals of the game of football.
For more information please contact Rob Contino at rcontino1971@gmail.com

Saturday 3-August
--The Borough of Bogota will be having a paper shredding event held in the Bogota Recreation parking lot. This will take place from 9:00a to 1:00p and is available to all residents of Bogota. This is a chance to safey & efficiently dispose of unwanted paper records .

  -- The Bogota Swim Club will be hosting the 4th annual Adult Pool Party. This year event will again be sponsor by New Horizon Financial Corporation. The  swim will be on  Saturday  3- August and be held at the Bogota Swim Club located at the end Feller Place behind Feigel Field Bogota, NJ. Gates open at 8:00p and goes until 1:00a, and this is an Adults only event with guest needing to be 21 years of age and older.  Tickets are $25 per person if order before 2 August.  Admission will then be $30 the day of the event. This will be an evening of swimming and entertainment with food  and Music. Drinks will be allowed to be brought in, but no glass containers.
   Proceeds  from this event will go to local sports teams including Bogota High School , and St. Joseph school. Rain date is  Sat. 9 August. For more information, and tickets please call the Bogota Swim Club at 201-489-1991.

 In Ridgefield Park
Wednesday 31- July
-- A food truck Mash-up will be held at the Amphitheater in the Ridgefield park section of Overpeck Park. 
It will begin at 4:00p and run to 10:00p admission to the event is free.
 This is a gathering of specialty food truck from around the area for visitors to sample. Patrons can vote for their favorite food truck. In addition   there will be live music, a Tree Drum Circle, and a Sunset Yoga session with Brenda Blanco( Pre-register is needed for the yoga, because of space limitation)
There will also non-food truck vendors to see.

-- All on Wednesday the next in the McGowan Park Summer Concert series . This week will feature the Music of  Larry Umana, and his Latin Jazz Project. This will be a combination of latin Jazz, Salsa, & Mambo.  Concert is Scheduled to start at 7:00p In McGowan Park on Bergen Turnpike  in Ridgefield Park, NJ 

Both of Wed. event will be held the next day Thursday 1- August in the event of rain

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Class #03 Dis-missed!


  Class #03 of the Bogota Police Emergency Services Academy held their Graduation ceremony on Tuesday Night in the Gymnasium of Steen School in Bogota. This was final event for the Cadets of the the Academy's eight day training course. Director Sgt. Craig Lynch, of the Bogota Police Dept. welcomed the Parents to be part of the achievement their Children  have been through. The Cadets marched in to the sound of bagpipes and performed a quick short order drill for the audience showing off their skills as being part of a single unit. When the Cadet assembled on stage they again shown their movement as one when they came to attention, presented arms, and recited the Pledge of Allegiance with  crisp, and clear motions.
  Sgt. Lynch then gave his opening address to report on how the Academy has grown in just three years. He talked about how proud he is of the Instructors, and Staff  of the Academy and how hard they have worked over the past days. He then said that the Cadets themselves had also work as hard, or harder in that time, and how these and past Cadet have made the program what it is today. He told about when they first came together on Orientation day some scared, almost all nervous, on what was to follow but after that day all the Cadets that were accepted into the Academy had stayed, and Graduated together.  Sgt Lynch talked about how these newest Graduates are part of something larger then, themselves, and how they are also a part of a growing family. This was shown by the number of past Cadet had attended to watch their fellow Cadets move forward.  These past graduates stood when Sgt. Lynch asked then to, and sat down in unison at his command. He smile at the thought of the respect he, and the Academy, has been given by the former Cadets. Bogota Police Chief John Burke had some words for the Cadets and their Families in attendance. Chief Burke mentioned that when was appointed to his position that he wanted the Department to become more active in the Community. He did not give any one an idea of how this should be done, just that something was needed to reach out to the citizens of Bogota. When Sgt. Lynch , ands others came to him with the concept of a Youth Academy the Dept. gave then as much help as they could.  Now Chief Burke is proud to say that the Academy has not only grown, but has attracted Officers from outside of the Borough, who  use their personal time off to come to work with the Academy, as well as starting to become more self sufficient   and did not have to any funds come from the Dept. budget. Chief Burke ended by saying he is looking forward to the next Academy  along with working with the Cadets of  this, and past classes.
   After the certificates of graduation had been awarded to each Cadet some individual, and Squad award were announced.  Master Milton Perez of the Gong Kwon Academy in Bogota honoured those Cadets that had excelled in their self defense training.  Then Bogota Rescue Chief  Sean Reilly presented Squad awards for the different  disciplines. Delta Squad ( the Delta Dogs) won for the first Aid , and Rescue skills. While Bravo Squad achieved the highest scores for the water rescue train while at the Bogota Pool. Chief Reilly said at one point he was worried about the safety of the "victims" in some of the exercises because some Cadets may be too focused on winning , instead of working together as a team. Chief Reilly was pleased with the dedication that the Cadets displayed to learning, and doing the tasks given. Other Squad awards were the Academic achievement award went to Charlie Squad. While Alpha Squad won the Physical training award. Certain Cadets were awarded certificates to recognize their leadership qualities that come out during the course of the Academy.
  There were three Cadet that received special recognition from the Academy. Before they were named it was announced that the Academy will no longer accepts Cadet for more then two classes. However  there were three Cadet had completed the first three years of the Academy,  Cadet #18 Kayla Garcia,
Cadet #33 Colin McDonnell, and Cadet # 35 Rachel Puildo were all brought forward to be given a frame copy of their uniform numbers. These three numbers 18, 33, & 35 were officially retired  to honour the service these students of Bogota had given to the Academy.  Finally the top Cadet Award was to be handed out.  Sgt. Lynch to a pause to thank Dr. Luis Luna who has made a charitable contribution to the Academy in honour of his Father. Sgt. Lynch then announced that the top Cadet Award  will be named  Dionicio Luna Excellence Award  to thank Dr. Luna for his support, and honour the memory of his father. Sgt. Lynch then called forward the first two runner ups Cadet Shannon Fowler was second runner- up, Cadet Deborah Sanz was named first runner-up. and with the aid of first Top Cadet winner Cindy Perpepaj  the Top Cadet for Class #03 was award Cadet Olivia Toutounjian.
   With that Class #03 of  the Bogota Police Emergency Services Academy was  dismissed.
   After the Cadets had left the left the stage Coordinator Anna Ferris had a special presentation to show. It was a video showing that even in serious and difficult training there is time for relaxed moments as the Instructors, and Staff did their version of the Harlem Shake. During the Ceremonies itself there was time for lighter, and touching moments.  One being when a phone call rang out as Sgt. Lynch gave his welcoming , then had to stop to turn off his phone. With Ms. Ferris letting everyone know whose phone it was. Then Chief Burke questioning Instructor Perez  on how many push-ups was that indiscretion going to cost Sgt. Lynch.  Then when Ms. Ferris tried to keep herself form becoming too emotional when talking about her Cadets, or Dr. Luna being overcome when it was announced that his Father will have the Top Cadet Award named after him.
 With that the Cadets, Family, & Friends had a chance to share the rest of the evening with each other.

Piper Eamom Radburn , of Engine Co. 2, leading the Cadets to the Stage.

 The Cadet performing a Short order drill for the Audience 

Katie Ferris singing the National Anthem.

 Academy Dir. Sgt Craig Lynch

 Coordinator Anna Ferris talking about Class #03

 Bogota Police Chief John Burke thanking Sgt. Lynch ,
and Academy Class #03  for ther hard work.

 Bogota Rescue Squad Chief Sean Reilly
 Presenting awards to the Squads

 Cadets (L) #18 Kayla Garcia, #33 Colin McDonnell, & #35 Rachel Pulido
 having their Cadet numbers retired.

 Top Cadet Class#03 Olivia Toutounjian

 Bogota Police Emergency Youth Academy Class #03

 Dr. Luna (L) with Sgt.Lynch

Instructor  Gabriel Castellanos with some of his"Angels"


 Instructors , and Cadets sharing a few more moments.

 Top Cadet Class#03 Olivia Toutounjian
 with Anna Ferris(L) & Sgt .Craig lynch


Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Concert & other items

   On Sunday the Bogart Memorial Reform Church  held it first of  five performances in it's 2013 Summer concert series.  Sunday's program was a singing event performed by the Schiller Institute Choir. The program start out with all verus' of the Star Spangled Banner, then continued with other traditional  and patriotic song from the country's past. The second half of the concert was that of a more classical music featuring works by Bach and Mozart.
  The next concert will be Sunday 18 August starting at 4:30 in the Bogart Church located at 263 larch Ave. Bogota, NJ. This will feature a performance of the "Quartetto" by the Bogart Festival Trombone Quartet.
For more information please contact the Bogart Church at bogartmusicfestival@gmail.com

 Other items for this week ;
 Class #03 of the Bogota Emergency Service Youth Academy will have their Graduation ceremonies on Tuesday 23- July starting at 7:00p. This will take place in the Steen School Gymnasium located in the 300 block  of Orchard Terrace. The public is invited to watch the Cadet of Class #03 finish their training.

  Also on Tuesday 23- July Sharp Printing Plus will be at the Steen Media Center to have uniform sizing , and to take order for the upcoming school year.  for more information please go to sharpprintingplus1.espwebsite.com  for both Steen & Bixby school uniforms.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Music

   The Bogart  Memorial Reform Church is having a Summer Music Festival starting Sunday 21- July and continuing until Sunday 29 -September. The first concert will be Music of the American Spirit performed by the Schiller Institute Chorus. This will be the first of a five part concert series. the other dates are all on Sunday: 18- Aug, 25- Aug, 8-Sept. & 29-Sept. All performance will begin at 4:30 p and be held at  The Bogart  Memorial Reform Church located at 263 Larch Ave. in Bogota New Jersey. For more information about these concert please call 201-591-9729 or email at bogartmusicfestival@gmail.com 

  Other music event near by :
 The McGowan Park Summer Concert's in the Park in Ridgefield Park. The next  performance will be on Wednesday 24-July featuring the band Cornucopia with a mix of music from the Big Band's and Swing era. This is scheduled to start at 7:00p, with the rain the next day, at the band shell  in McGowan Park located along the Bergen Turnpike in Ridgefield Park, NJ. Patrons are advised to bring their own lawn chairs, or blankets.

   This week the Cedar Lane Management Group will again be sponsoring Free Dance Lessons in the Cedar Lane Pedestrian Plaza. Located at Cedar ln, and Chestnut Ave. Teaneck, NJ  The next session will be on Thursday 25- July  and will feature a chance to learn the Rumba. The lessons are free to the public, and will start at 6:30p and go to 8:30p. All ages , ans skill levels are welcomed.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rescue Demonstration part 2

19- July-2013
   After the Cadets of the Bogota Police Emergency  Services Youth Academy completed their water training they left the Bogota Swim Club pool and quick marched to the softball fields on the eastern side of Olsen Park. Waiting for the Cadet was a number of emergency vehicles from around the county. Before they were given the opportunity to learn about these units the Cadet had a chance to watch the landings of two rescue Helicopters on to the field in front of them. The First to arrive was the Air One unit from the Hackensack University Medical Center.  Shortly after that one of the rescue Helicopters from the New Jesey State Police landed in the other part of the field.  Not only were the Cadet  able to watch the landing , but the Day Campers of the Rec Camp had an added treat to their day.  Once the Helicopters were secure the Cadets formed into their Squads and started to be given tours of the different types of Emergency vehicles. The Cadet learn that the Helicopter are used as a flying ambulance when speed, and distance  are in play. There are only a few State Trauma Centers in New Jersey. One being in Hackensack, while some others are in Jersey City & Newark. It was explained to the Cadets that not every accident needs aerial transportation, but in some cases local Hospitals are  not equipped to handle those injuries, or the person condition  is that that minutes will be a factor in how a person can be saved from their injuries.
   The Cadet also had a chance to see inside an average ambulance to see the equipment available to help a person at the scene of an accident and how that person can still be under medical care while being transported to the Hospital for more care.  Other vehicles on display are of a more specialised nature. One  was a bus size unit that is used in a mass care situation. Almost a Hospital on wheels that can be move closer to an area need in a emergency. These would have be used in past incidents such as Hurricane Sandy were some Hospitals needed help with the number of cases they would see. Or in the event of a large accident , or other situations with a large number of casualties.  A  medical SWAT team  explained to the Cadets that there would called to aide the Police Dept. when a Special  Event was in progress. They had the Cadet look at , and try on, the bullet proof vest, helmets & gas mask they use when they are called. The same equipment the Police SWAT teams have , but instead of guns they have their medical equipment to help if an Officer, or other First Responders need help. A different type of equipment the Cadets were shown was the Robot that the Bergen County Police use in case of a suspected bomb, or other explosive device. The Robot is also used incase there is a chance that the air has been found to be a hazard to Human, or animal, life. The Robot would be driven  into an area by remote control  in or to keep the rescuers themselves out of harms way.
    Before the Helicopters needed to leave the entire Cadet Class #3 along with the Instructors, the Air Crews, and officials from the Bogota  Dept of Emergency Management had a chance to pose for a class photo in front of the Helicopters.
 The Graduation Ceremonies for the Bogota Police  Emergency Services Youth Academy Class # 03 will be held on Tuesday 23- July in the Steen School Gymnasium located off of the 300 block Orchard Terrace. The ceremonies are scheduled to start at 7:00p. The Public is invited to attend.
 The HUMC Air One helicopter..

.. and the New Jersey State Police landing in Olsen park

 Carl Corrirre of the NJSP answering Cadets questions.

 Frank Shaw of HUMC showing Cadets inside the helicopter.

 Cadet getting a chance to try SWAT equipment on.

 ..and giving their "War Face"

Det. Mongeili of the Bergen County Police  explaining
about the need for a Robot to help the Police.

 Sgt. Lynch joining the Cadet as Steve Cicala of Englewood Hospital
 talks about what a Mass Care vehicle has in it.

 Cadet McDonnell..

...and Cadet Mancini getting interview for North Jersey .com 

 Class #3 in front of he HUMC Air One

Class#3 in front of he NJ State Police helicopter