Saturday, July 13, 2013

Class 3 ; Day one

13- July- 2013
   The Bogota Police  Emergency Services Youth Academy held their opening day Orientation Day for class #3.  Even before the Cadets enter Bogota High School to begin their training they were greeted by some of the instructors informing them this was not a time to relax. It was made clear to the new Cadets that they should expect a quicker pace to there time at the Academy for the next eight days.  Once seated in the School's Gym  Academy Director Sgt. Lynch of the Bogota Police congratulated them for being select, and informed them on how the Academy would be run. The Academy training program is based on a Military model and that certain things are to be excepted. The main goal of the is to teach, and show the Cadet  what is required to be part of a Emergency Responders Dept. A major element in this process is that the young Cadets learn Focus, Discipline,  Teamwork, and Respect of others. Coordinator Anna Ferris also spoke to the Cadets to reassure them they will be safe in the Academy. They may feel the Instructors are being harsh , and tough, but it is because they are trying to push each Cadet to there own  limit, and then help them go beyond that limit.
   After a moment for the Cadet relax one more time, Sgt. Lynch allowed the Instructors to begin the days training. The Instructors come from a Police, and or a Military background  and tried to instill that type of  discipline right from the start. The Cadets were informed of how, and when an Instructor should be addressed, on how to stand, on how to move, and even how to look  forward.  When a Cadet that was not in total compliance they were reminded what was expected of them. Sometime this was done by more then one Instructor at a time, with a strong voice. Even when the Instructor was frustrated by a Cadet performance they were talk to but not at. Again sometimes by more than one Instructor, and loudly, but with respect to the person in the uniform, and with the purpose of making a better Cadet.  However, if a Cadet became physically or emotionally distressed, that need was taken care of for the safety of the Cadet. The Cadets that did needed to be look after had a short break and drink,  then they all returned to  training.  The Cadets were given Physical Training , and also taught how to form into their assigned squads. Even when it came time to recite the Pledge of Allegiance the Cadets had to show how they could move in unison  as a single team.
  When the Cadet were allowed to relax again Sgt. Lynch , and " Miss Anna" reassured them that the toughest part of the Academy was now behind them, and all are welcome to continue training over the next seven days. Graduates of pass classes where on hand to answer questions the Cadets may have on their time at the Academy. The Graduates also explain to the new recruits on their experiences at the Academy, and how this training has helped them in their educational , as well as personally lives. The Cadets were then dismissed for the weekend to "recover" and to think about the next stage of the Academy , and what they hope to learn from it.

 New Cadets running to get in line.

 Uniforms waiting to be assigned.

 Sgt Lynch " Welcoming" a new Cadet.

Sgt Lynch addressing the new Cadets.

 Anna Ferris encouraging the new Cadets to speak up when answering.

 Sgt Lynch (L) and Miss Anna 

Sgt Lynch introducing the Instructors to the new Cadets.

 Cadets hustling to get into position.

Cadet Nunez being talked to.

Instructor  Geipel quietly teaching a Cadet on how to stand at attention. 

 Cadet Ramos being talked to.

 Cadets running into formation.

 Class #3 formed into their squads.

 Sgt Lynch congratulating the new Cadets on making through Orientation.

 Graduate Cadet Schroer talking to the new Cadets.

Graduate Cadet Urbino talking to the new Cadets.

Sgt Lynch dismissing  Cadet Class #3 for the day.


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