Monday, July 1, 2013

Bixby Class of 2013

1-July -2013
       Last Thursday the E. Roy Bixby school in Bogota held their Graduation Ceremonies for their Sixth Grade Class. This was one part of a three day event honoring the Class of 2013.
     On Wednesday 26- June  the school held their Academic Awards presentation, then on Thursday 27- June the Graduation Ceremonies were held. The students processed to the stage  singing  " You Raise Me Up" instead of the traditional " Pomp & Circumstances"  Writing contest winner  Miss Savannah  Ciriaco, and Mr. Jordy Nunez spoke to their classmates about growing up together at Bixby School.
   The following day the school held a Graduating Breakfast for the  Students to end their career at Bixby. This was a chance to thank Ms. Diane Taglibue  for years of service to the Students, and other Faculty members of Bixby School. Also honored was Mr. Sinclair on his "Teacher of the Year" award. At the breakfast school yearbooks were distributive, giving the students a chance to write well -wishes to their friend, & classmate. Along with a gift bag to each student to help them prepare for their next step entering Middle School.
note; Bogota Blog NJ would like to thank Ms. Chrisya Enriquez for her  contributions , and photos for this article. 

The E. Roy Bixby School Class of 2013

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