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Monday, October 14, 2013

Library Masks

  On Thursday the Bogtoa Public Library held a mask marking event in the Senior Center. Bogota resident Erik Attia brought his mask making skills to the Library to show both students & adults some of the artist way a mask can look.  Mr. Attia along with  Co- worker Rustin Hill  has designed & created works for Cirque du Soleil, Maskarade events in New Orleans along with creations for live performances , and Fashion lay-outs.
  Mr. Attia brought along a number of blank pre made mask for the attendees to pick from and colour & decorate how they pleased. There were a variety of different types of paints & ornaments to apply to the masks, along with a box of bright feathers to give each mask a special look.
  To find out other library program for the month of October please go to: http://www.bogotapubliclibrary.org/bpl/
  And for more about Mr. Attia creations please to to : http://eriksinspiration.com/

Liam(L) trying on his masks for his Mother

Juan (L) and his Father making some mask.

 Erik Attia helping Mubina look for feathers

Natalie(L) & Luz showing off their masks..

.. while Patricia (L) & Yasmina  show off theirs. 

Mubina getting her Mother to help put on her mask.

Some mask creations by Erik Attia.

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