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Monday, October 28, 2013

Talent Show

   On Saturday Night the Miss Bogota 2013 Pageant held it's talent show part of the contest. Six of the candidates competed in front of a supported audience of family & friends. Three Candidates for Little Miss Bogota, which includes girls from 5 to 10 years old, competed. They were Sophia Amaro who opened the program a Ballet solo performance. Next her show her skills was Mariapaula Garguilo who also showed off her talent for ballet with performance. The final Little Miss contestant was Crystal Buelvas who did a dance of Salsa to the delight of the Audience. 
   For Miss Teen Bogota there was only one Candidate performing. This was Angelina Garcia, as she displayed the talent for movement by creating a solo Cheerleading piece.
  In the Miss Bogota category, girls 15-18 years old,  Meghan Pulido was the first to take the stage in reading a history of the Borough of Bogota.  Within the structure of this essay she was able to add a personal touch by including parts of her own family background. The final Candidate of the evening  was Jaysha O'Neal who recited an original poem about the type of woman she would like to try and grow into. 
   After an intermission in which the judges had a chance to compare the Candidate's performance their decision were announced. 
    The winner of the Little Miss Bogota 2013 Talent show was Crystal Buelvas for her Salsa dancing. second was Sophia Amaro, and third was Mariapaula Garuilo. 
   Angelina Garcia was awarded the top prize for Miss Teen Bogota.
   For the talent show part of Miss Bogota 2013 Jaysha O'Neal finished first with Meghan Pulido being the runner-up. 
   All the Candidates stayed on stage to accept the applause from the audience who showed their appreciation to the young ladies for their performances. 
  The next event in the Miss Bogota Pageant will be a evening of Bowling at the Bowler City in Hackensack. This will take place on  Saturday 16-Nov. from 3:30p to 5:30p. The price will be $12 which will include shoe rental , and lane time.  Bowler City  is located at 85 Midtown Bridge St Hackensack, NJ. 
This is co-sponsored by the Bogota Community Alliance and the Bogota  Recreation Commission. For more  information please contact Marianela Santana  at 347-668-6462

The Candidates getting ready, and relaxing before their performances 

The Contestants in the Miss Bogota Talent show.

Little Miss Bogota Sophia Amaro

Little Miss Bogota Mariapaula Garguilo

Little Miss Bogota Crystal Buelvas 

Miss Teen Bogota  Angelina Garcia

Miss Bogota Meghan Pulido

Miss Bogota Jaysha O'Neal 

 Little Miss Bogota Talent winner Crystal Buelvas (L)
 being told she had won by Mariapaula Garguilo.

 The three Little Miss Bogota Candidates.

Miss Bogota Talent winner Jaysha O'Neal (R) ,
Miss Teen Bogota Talent winner Angelina Garcia (C), and
Miss Bogota talent runner-up Meghan Pulido.
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  1. this event was phenomenal, to see how our community came together to support this very humble event. we thank everyone who attended.

  2. The recreation department wants to thank the BCA for all their support in putting this pageant together. And we will hope to make this an annual event.Thanks Jim Moore.