Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Olsen Park River Walk

 Once criticized as a “ Bridge to Nowhere” the river walk bridge has become an anchor for allowing greater access to the Hackensack River at Olsen Park. Originally built in 1993 with a “Green Acres” grant under former Mayor Leonard Nicolsi the elevated walkway sat with little used, but still a rest spot to watch the flow of water passing by.  Finally in 2004 a path was created to loop around the park to create a walking trail. The path is now being used for running, and biking,  or just to have a pleasant walk around on a nice day.
   In 2010 a plan was made to erect a flag pole along the pathway,and this became the focal point for the” Veterans Memorial Garden”  With the approval of the VFW the memorial stones that had been placed around the park were moved to this one location.  To be dedicated on  Veterans Day 2011  this can be a place of honour for those from Bogota that have served their country.
   Mayor Pat McHale , with help from the Hackensack Riverkeepers, and Ducks Unlimited place signs on the bridge with information about the wild life that may be seen along the river. Soon to be call “The Olsen Park Hackensack River Environmental Walkway” this little bridge will soon be added to the reasons of why Bogota can offer a enjoyable living  experience.

Looking south on the Olsen River walk Bridge.

Signs explaining the types of wildlife that may be seen along the river.
View of W.Main St. Bridge from the boardwalk.

View of the Hackensack River
Veterans Memorial Garden

Spring trees starting to bloom at the North end of the bridge. 

Spring bees on thistle.

The board walk covered in snow.

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