Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rebuilding Ball fields


On the 19th of August 1995 the Vin Scully field was dedicated at Olsen Park. Since then it has become a kind of backyard for the Borough. It is the home of the teams of the Bogota Baseball Organization, as well as by the teams of  two year old Bogota Men’s  Softball  league
The field is also used as a practice facility for the Bogota Bucs football, and as a rehearsal space for the High School band.  Some of the event that helps bring the coummity together makes use of this field ranging for Bogota Day, to the Police Dept. National Night Out. As with many public spaces there is a constant wear, and tear from the usage. The infield has become hard, and uneven, with the outfield developing some worn-out patches of grass.  Along with muddy, & water- log bench areas.
About a year ago some members of the Bogota Softball League wanted to something about the condition of the field. In an age of tight financial time for many communities a project was started on a volunteer basis. Soon a plan was developed to rehab the Softball field. French drains were dug to help with drainage,and a sprinkler system was added to help keep the infield in better condition.  Next came the replacement of the stand, with new footing and grass to keep the area from becoming too mudding. Finally  a new sound system was added. 
  At the same time the Borough had applied for and received a matching grant from the State’s open space fund and work was extend to the T-ball field located in the far left field part of Scully field. An infield was cut into the grass then a layer of gravel topped with clay to formed  a diamond for the youngest players. The Recreation Dept. purchased medal benches with the DPW doing the installation  Then a number of community groups came together to help the fields across the street. 
 The Bogota Baseball organization, The Rec. The Broad of Education, and the Men’s Softball League came up with funds for various projects on those fields. New clay has been added to the High School Field ,as well as Zakrzewski field. The BBO also funded work on Field #1. Drainage  and fixing the dugouts at field #1, and a new storage shed at Zak field, with upgrade fencing at all the fields , even a portable back stop for the T-Ball field. With a large number of volunteers doing much of the work,and some donations of material from private business’  the players and the Borough have field the can make the Players ,and the Citizens of Bogota proud of what their community can do together.
Work behind Home Plate of Scully Field.

Volunteers adding a French Drain if Scully Field.

 An improved Scully Field. 

The T-Ball field before.

New gravel for better drainage on the T-Ball field.

The T-Ball field after.

Adding a better drainage to Field #1

 Regrading the third base Dug Out.

A drier Field #1.

(I would like to thank Nick Barese & the Bogota Baseball Organization with helping of this story, and all the volunteers who worked on all their hard work.)

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