Saturday, July 30, 2011


  Another thank-you to everyone that is supporting Bogota Blog NJ. This has been a great week. The Facebook "likes" jump by over 100. The avg. daily hit count on the blog itself went by triple. I felt honoured that this service has been accepted by the community ( living both in and out side the Borough) Now I would like some help for all of you. To keep the Blog up to date I would like to know of events, or news that is out there. Sporting events,  are also welcomed.  Next is asking for a different type of support. There is an advertisement to the right of the main posting. I do get a credit for every click that comes from this site.  I do not have control of the ad displayed at any one time. If something looks interesting feel free to click on it. The click will NOT cost the viewer anything. But it on the internet so use your best judgement.

 Also I have made up a t-shirt & hat on my zazzle store that features the "Welcome to Bogota " sign that I used in a few post. some people like it on facebook and now it worn for all to see, the link to the store is then click on the "Bogota Scenes" folder. There are also other items for sale including postcards, & posters. This will help show pride for the Borough, and help support Bogota Blog NJ so it can expand in the future.

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