Thursday, August 9, 2012

Court Street Bridge

   Proof that the court St. Bridge is inching closer to being open for traffic is the fact that the  bridge will actually swing open if it has to. In order to complete some of the roadway leading onto the bridge, it had to swing open to allow workers excess to the land side abutments that will connect the bridge to the roadway. The Bergen Record reports that the Court St. Bridge is scheduled to be reopen in late August, or early September, it just is just waiting on the finishing touches. The connect is one of those details that looking at it from afar may be missed, but is vital  that the time is taken to be done correct. Bogota needs this bridge to be open as soon as possible, but more important it be done right. In  a perfect world the reopen bridge will help to move the borough forward into redeveloping the lower end of W. Ft. Lee Rd. But is should also help the few establishments along that street to get back what ever business that may have been lost for two year. As well as having a direct way to Hackensack usable again.

 The Court St. Bridge looking from Hackensack.

 A close-up of the Western Landing with the bridge swung open for excess.

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