Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bogota Jr. Football Day

  Today Bogota Junior Football teams had a field day for those who made to interested in playing in the upcoming season of Bogota football. The teams are open to all Boys & Girls in Bogota from 2nd to 8th grades. Today there were strength, and skill drills so anyone new to playing football could get a feel of what will be expected of them if they wish to sign up. Kicking & punting were shown, and with passing, & catching. Kids were also had to run though jumping & running drills which are used to build up stamina.
  Coach  Rob Contino said that he had about 10 boys sign-up today, along with the 35 that had already sign-on to play this season. There are three divisions of teams, Pee-Wee football for 2nd to 4th grade students. Junior for 5& 6th grader, and the Senior divisions which is for the 7th & 8th  middle school students. Coach Contino hopes that an event like this will encourage more kids from Bogota to join the program. The Junior football program in Bogota has slipped in quantity over the last few years as fewer kids are signing up to play  which unfortunately lowers the skill set of those kids who do play. This is not from a lack of effort, but from the physical toll on the players having to do both Offense & Defense for most game.
  Coach Contino, noted that the most serious of injuries occur with the older players, and even those are a low percentage of the kids who do play. Which is another reason that the teams are open to allow girls to play. They will be trained in performing the proper way to play smartly, and safely, with the heath of the players being the top priority of the coaches.
  Practice start this Monday so there is still time to sign-up by contacting  contacting Coach Contino at 201-575-6014  or his email at

Sr. Ryan trying some kicking

Senior players helping he young one at a passing drill.

Catching drills

Jr. Vince trying kicking

Coach Contino talking with the players

Players having a break after the drills

Coach DelaCruz helping Leonardo with his pads.

Miguel (L) getting some help from Ryan on fitting the right helmet.

Coach DelaCruz helping a Junior player with his helmet. 

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