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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review November- December

31- Dec. 2013

Year end review November- December 2013

Councilmen Jorge Nunez & Evaristo Burdiez Jr.  applied from petitions to hold a recall of Bogota Mayor Pat McHale & Council President Tito  Jackson. They question the approval of the PILOT tax abatement given to  297 Palisade Ave. Urban Renewal LLC  to develop the Dewey School site.

 The Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy held a premiere showing of the highlight film of it’s Class #03 Summer Academy, at Bogota High School.

A rally was held in front of the Dewey School site to protest the PILOT tax abatement given to the developers. One point made was that no money from the PILOT would be given to the Board of Education.

Republicans Christopher Keleman & John G.Mitchell defeating Democratic incumbents  Wanda Uceta & Arthur Konigsberg for seats on the Bogota Borough Council. This marked the first time since 2008 a Republican Candidate would be on the Council.

The Bogota VFW post # 5561 held their Veteran’s Day Observance. As part of the event  Rose Prenenski was honoured as Citizen of the Year & Johan Bento as Young Volunteer of the Year.

 The Bogota Board of Education awarded bids on the replacement of the Board of Education office & the Field House at Fiegel Field

Bogota Mayor Pat McHale  stepped down from  the Office of Mayor citing political & personal reason for  his resignation.

Council President Tito Jackson succeeded  Former Mayor Pat McHale as Acting Mayor of Bogota

The Bogota Bucs Football team won it’s Consolation Game against Middlesex at Feigel Field 21-13 they finished their season at 4-6.
The Bogota Cross Country squads finish  7th for the Girls & 6st for the Boys in the Group #1 Championships
The Lady Bucs Volleyball team won it’s Fourth straight Group #1 State Championship.

26- Nov
Acting Mayor Tito Jackson was sworn in as new Mayor of Bogota. He will have that seat until the 2014 General Election when the rest of former Mayor McHale will be voted on. The recall petition against Mayor McHale & Councilman Jackson was then voided because an official must be in office one year before a recall attempt can be made.

 A recall petition was file against Councilman Robert Robbins.

Lisa Kohles was named to fill Tito Jackson seat on the Borough Council when he
 became Mayor

 The Bogota High School Drama dept. presented “ Robin Hood”  as their Fall Production

The Bogota Volunteer  Fire Dept. named James Berthold  as their new Chief for 2014.  Lt. Joe Dimauro received a  special citation for his action to assist one of the victims of the accident on 8- July,  while he was off duty at the time.

 A fire damaged a home on Linwood Ave. The house was left uninhabitable. Three members of the Fire Dept. Were treated for minor injuries at the scene.

The Bogota High School Music Dept held their Winter Concert

Steen School host a “ Pizza with Santa” evening.

 The tree in front of Borough Hall was lighted for the Holidays

 After a snow storm delayed the ceremonies The Miss Bogota  2013 Pageant named their winners :
Mariapaula Gargiulo was named “ Little Miss Bogota”
Angelina Garcia was named ‘ Miss Teen Bogota”
Meghan Pulido was named “ Miss Bogota 2013”

23- Dec
Preliminary excavation started at 297 Palisade Ave  for the apartment complex to be built there.

The Borough Council voted to continue to share the use of Little Ferry’s municipal court . This will be a series of one year contact over the next three years.

Borough officials  announced that Bogota has received about $500,000  from insurance and FEMA aid to compensate the Borough from money spend after Hurricane Sandy.

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