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Monday, December 2, 2013

Breakfast with Santa

  On  Sunday the Bogota Community Alliance host a Breakfast with Santa along with the candidates for the Miss Bogota Pageant 2013.  There was a full pancake Breakfast while waiting for Santa to make an appearance.  Santa arrived, with the help of the Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept., to greet and talk to the families there. he stopped to pose for photos with the dinners, young and old.  Santa handed out candy canes and check to make sure everyone was being nice during the Holiday season. he wished everyone a Merry Christmas as he left take care of other business.
  The Final event of the Miss Bogota Pageant for 2013 will be on Saturday 14-Dec. at Bogota High School. The ceremonies will begin at 6:00p. The High School is located at 2 Henry Luthin Place in Bogota.  This will be when  three young ladies will be chosen for the title of : Little Miss Bogota, Miss Teen Bogota, and Miss Bogota 2013.  There will also be a reception following to held held at the Bogota Recreation Center located at 167 W. Main St. Bogota. Both events are opened to the public with free admission.
 For more information please contact Marianela Santana  at 347-668-6462

 Terri & Councilman Rob Robbins preparing a plate of pancakes. 

 Santa being escorted by Chip Greiner of the Bogtoa Fire Dept. 

 Santa welcoming families to breakfast.

Santa greeting everyone at the Rec. Center.

Santa giving a candy cane to Spencer..

.. posing with Emely Linares..

...and Abdiel & Talia...

... along with the Garcia family.

 Santa with the Members of the Bogota Community Alliance.

 Santa with candidates Angelina Garcia (L) Mariapaula Garguilo & Meghan Pulido.

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