Thursday, January 5, 2012

Council Meeting

   There were two  types of sessions at tonight Borough Council Meeting. The first was to honour the Lady Bucs Volleyball team for the second consecutive  State Championships. Each member of the team were given proclamations by Mayor McHale congratulating them on their success. Senior Capt. Elisa then thanked the Mayor and Council for the honour. Coach Brad DiRipo talked about how proud he is of his team, and described  the hard they put in this past season. Coach DiRipo also pointed out which girls had been selected to the All-State team.
   The next part of the meeting more animated . Councilman Nunez called for, and was granted, that some of the Re-Appointments be brought up to individual votes. One was passed with a majority, on was rejected by a majority, and the others were split votes with Mayor McHale breaking the ties for the affirmative. Some of the objections to the appointments comes from the need to have qualified  public employees of Bogota reflect the cultural make up of the Borough.  
  Councilman Nunez also spoke on the way the work on the new parking spaces in Olsen Park has been handled. While calling it 'Technically appropriate " he called for more openness on how the project was handled.
  There were also other sharp exchanges between council members on how they choose to cast their votes, and there prepairness  for council business.  Mayor McHale also expressed his frustration at the Council members who had nothing to report on their committees. In other committees reports : Councilman Brophy talked about the need to better monitor the DPW recycling center in order to prevent a safety & fire hazardous on time when the center is not open. Councilman Jackson reported on the need for an emergency boiler for the Kennedy EMS Building, that was past with out decent. Mayor Mchale then talked about the conditions of Elm Ave near River Rd. that is being threaten by the overflow of the creek because of the treatment of it by CSX Railway.
  Police Chief Burke addressed the Council on the appointment of a Borough Physician, he is in favor of it, but would like to see some changes made in how treatment will be paid for by those using him. Members of the public had their chance to speak with topic from the condition of Main St. to asking how the public can view information about Borough business.
  Finally Attorney Monaghan spoke to the public thru the Council about how the process of appointments are made by the Council, and how the Olsen parking lot was handled.
There is a Budget Panning meeting this Sat. 9:00a at Borough Hall and is opened to the public.

Coach Brad DiRipo recognizing  the members of the Volleyball team give State Honours.

Councilman Jorge Nunez addressing the Council.

Council Tito Jackson addressing the Council.

Police Chief Burke addressing the Council about a Borough Physician.

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