Saturday, February 24, 2018

Front Entrance

  On Friday-23-February the Bogota Board of Education announced that work will start on the reconstruction in front of Bogota High School.  This will continue until the opening of the school year in September 2018.  Under the contract the entrance to the High School must be open, and usable before the first day of classes. 
   The statement released by the Board :  Henry C. Luthin Place leading to the high school will be closed for the remainder of this school year.  Parents and guardians who drive their children to and from school will not be permitted to make a right hand turn on Henry C. Luthin Place.  It is suggested that students be dropped off on Kovar, Gray, Cane or East Grove Streets.  Do not stop or drop students off directly on Palisades Avenue.    During the school day, the left side driveway will be open for visitors.  Enter the building using the door on the north side of the building (left side looking at the front) closest to the driveway.   It will be marked “NEW ENTRANCE.”  Students should be reminded to cross only in the crosswalks and not in the middle of any road.  Please check our website for more details and pictures. 
   This plan will have three parking areas. The current spaces in at Palisades Ave. A new middle level which currently has a lawn area, and an expanded upper area with two handicapped spaces near the entrance to the gym.  There would be a total of 60 parking spaces and two additional handicapped spaces. The drop off area would be relocated between the lower and middle areas with a loop drive which would  allow cars to turn in from Palisade Ave and would circle the lower area and exit via Henry Luthin Drive.   This would allow the existing drop off  loop to be replace additional parking , a small lawn, and new signage.  With the loop gone more parking may be added to the curve near the Board of Education Building along with a wider roadway to allow deliver, and emergency vehicles access to the upper level.  A second sidewalk would be added to the southern edge of the parking lot for pedestrian traffic.  New retaining walls will allow for grading of the front lawn, with new steps and more and newer street lights. The utility cables will be place underground, and the existing poles removed. There will need to be the remove of most of the trees, and a new landscape plan which including new trees and lawn.  The grades of the lower, and upper areas will remain the same, with the middle area being slightly more level.
   Funding for this project will come from the Construction budget, which the Board of Education did not need to take a a loan to cover the cost , and will not occur any additional interest charges 

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