Saturday, February 3, 2018

Bogota Police


On Thursday-1-February the office of Congressman Josh Gottheimer released the following statement about securing funding and equipment for the Bogota Police Dept.

Bogota Acquires Critical New Police Equipment to Fight Crime and ISIS-Inspired Lone Wolf Terrorism

Bogota, N.J. – Thursday, January 25th, Congressman Josh Gottheimer joined with Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye to announce that the town received equipment valued at $241,849.15 through the federal Law Enforcement  Support Program. This return on investment (ROI) provides critical resources and claws back federal tax dollar already sent to Washington. It also provides critical tools to fight crime and protect Bogota families from lone wolf, ISIS-inspired terrorism.

This program is part of Gottheimer's priority to get New Jersey first responders and veterans the tools they need, and lowering our property taxes by getting a better ROI here on the dollars already sent to Washington. The Fifth District pays some of the highest federal taxes in the nation, but prior to Gottheimer coming to Congress, only got back 33 cents on the dollar for what is sent to Washington, compared to $4.38 in Mississippi.

"I'm fighting to lower crime, stop lone wolf terrorists, and bring lower property taxes to Bogota. These resources put cops on the street and keep our families safe from crime and ISIS-inspired, lone wolf terrorism. My office partnered with Bogota Police Department to secure critical surplus equipment, like radios and video monitoring technology. When faced with the worst case scenarios involving lone wolf terrorists and threats to our schools, I'm confident that these Bogota officers will have the critical equipment necessary to protect New Jersey families and children,” said Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5). "Our police officers are heroes -- they deserve our deep appreciation for their work and they deserve our full support for everything they do to protect us from crime and lone wolf terror.”

"Since he took office, Congressman Gottheimer has encouraged Bergen County first responders to utilize the surplus equipment grant program to better combat crime and terror in our communities. With these new tools, we'll be prepared for everything from drug busts to active shooters. The Bogota Police Department is proud to protect and serve both our taxpayers and our taxdollars," said Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye.

Below: Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5) and Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye celebrate more than $240,000 in ROI through the LESO program. (left to right: Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye, Sergeant Robert Piterski, Congressman Gottheimer, and  Detective Hector Liriano.

both the story and photos courtesy of   office of Congressman Josh Gottheimer

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