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Class 04, Day One

   Friday 11-July  was Orientation Day for Class 04 of the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy.  Even though the official Duty Day was schedule to start at 7:30 in the Morning the recruits hoping to make it into the Academy were starting to get "adjusted" as soon as they got close to the High School. Academy Instructors were on hand to greet the recruits with suggestions about how to act upon entering the Academy. The first lesson was to move at a quicker pace than a student on Summer Vacation may be use to.  The next lesson was that shirts need to be tucked in for the proper Academy look. The first of the recruits arrived a little after 7:00a with most of the other arriving  well before the call time. None dared to be late.
   The Duty day started off with Director Sgt Lynch, and Program Coordinator Anna Ferris (Miss Anna) giving the recruits a rundown of what will be expected from them. It started with a roll call.  The recruits were told what will be the only acceptable way to answer when called on. The use of a "yeah" , "yup" or anything  else like that  is unacceptable. A " SIR-YES-SIR"  loud enough to be heard clearly while looking into an Instructors eyes should be used at all times. Sgt Lynch stress that the easiest way make it through this first day was to focus on what is being said, doing it quickly and safely, and answering correctly. He continued to say the the purpose of the Academy is to push the recruit to their limit, then help them go beyond it. The recruits were then told to move from the bleachers to sit  on the floor against the North wall of Spreay Gym. Sgt Lynch talk to the recruits one more time to let them know the Instructors will be in soon to start the training day. With  that Sgt Lynch excused himself and ask the recruits to wait... and wait... and then they waited some more.
   When the Instructors arrived it was Fast, Loud, and from all directions.  Eight to 10 Instructors talking all at the same time starting to explain what they wanted done, and ask why it was not done yet. After a series of drops to the floor, and back up again the recruits were question on whether they really wanted to be here. The recruits were sent  out of the Gym and started to be shown how certain things should be done.  Things from how to stand in formation, how to clap, and how their ears should be, were explained to them. Upon being allowed back into the Gym the recruits were again informed of what is excepted of them. During the whirlwind of orders, and drops, and other adjustments several Instructors started to calmly and firmly give personalized suggestions on how the recruit can improve  on what was being ask of them. A reposition of  their feet, how hands should be placed at their sides to give the recruits some guidance. If the situation began too overwhelming Instructors move away, or a recruit was allowed to see Miss Anna for a moment. As the morning continued the recruits still tried to follow the  Instructors orders as well as possible. After Lunch the recruits had a chance to change into their uniforms as a first step to becoming Cadets. The Cadets were then placed into one of four squads that they will  be apart of for their time at the Academy. Squad leaders were named and more training took place.
   As the training part of the day ended the Cadets had a chance to relax and rehydrate.  Then came the Physical Training part of the day. P.T. started with laps which then turned into sprints. along the way some Cadets were pulled aside for more rigorous training. After some stretching exercises , the Cadets were reassembled into their Squads for a series of relay races to get the Squads working as a team. After the Physical Training the Cadets return to the bleachers to again rest and decompress. Sgt Lynch then held up a piece of paper which held the names of the recruits that would not be returning next week as a Cadet. To the joy of the 52, all had passed the first day and became  members Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy Class 04 .
  The Cadets then had  Bogota Police Chief John Burke, and Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson congratulate the Cadets on not only making it into the Academy, but also praise them for wanting to part of one of the finest Youth Academies in New Jersey. After that some former Cadets from  Class 01 & 02 talked with the new Cadets to explain that this day will be the toughest they faced, but only is they keep up the hard work and focus will their week at the Academy be one of the finest moment of their lives.

Recruits being assigned their Cadet number.

Recruits arriving at the High School

 Anna Ferris (L) & Sgt Lynch  addressing the recruits 

... waiting...

The Instructors starting training. 


Instructor Geipel quietly assisting the recruits. 

Instructor Perez talking with the Cadets.

Cadets going through Physical Training.

Sgt Lynch informing the Cadets that they all have been accepted into Class 04

 Bogota Police Chief John Burke..

and Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson congratulating the Cadets
on being a part of the Academy

 Past Cadets talking with the new Class 04

Class 04 Day One


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