Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Class 04 Dismissed

   On Tuesday 22- July Class 04 of the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy  were given their Certificate of Completion at a ceremony in the Steen School Gymnasium. The Gym was occupied  by one of the larger gathering of Family & Friends for the Academy's fourth Graduation Ceremony. The Cadet were lead in  to the sounds of Pipe & Drums as they formed into four columns in the center of the Gym floor.  Under the direction of Instructor Perez the Cadets performed a quick series of short order drills displaying their skills & discipline while under command.  After the Cadets took their place on stage Coordinated Anna Ferris lead the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Katie Ferris sung the National  Anthem.
  Director Sgt Craig Lynch, in his opening remarks, thanked all of those to choose to attend, and thanked the Families of the Cadet for allowing them to be apart of the Academy.  He talked about all the work the Cadets had done over the past eight days, and how they have grown as Young Women & Men during that time. Sgt Lynch then thanked the large number of sponsors, vendors & local community groups from the Bogota Government,  Department of Education, and Recreation Commissioner that  provides support to the Academy. Sgt Lynch then introduced the Women & Men that served as instructors and complimented them on the Outstanding  job they do in teaching and motivating the Cadets. Sgt Lynch also call on the Cadet from previous classes to stand up to be acknowledged by the audience. Sgt Lynch then took a moment to honour and thank the interterns who have volunteer their time to help with the day to day function of the Academy.
  The Cadet were presented with Certificate of Completion as Family members waited excitedly , but very patiently, until all the Cadets had received their Certificate. Then they were able to give the Cadets a loud round of applause of congratulation.  Some individual & Squad  awards where given out including a new one present by Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson. This first Mayor's Award for Courage & Leadership was give to  Cadet Amy Chavez. When it was time for the Top Cadet of Class 04 the first two runners up were Cadet Eugene Yang and Cadet Joanna Garcia. When it was time for the top Cadet to be named Sgt Lynch called up Dr.Luis Luna whose father Dionicion Luna the award is named after. and the three previous of the top Cadet winners,Cindy Perpepaj (01)  Jacklyn Vilafuerte (02) and  Olivia Toutounjian (03). Then the three former Cadet announced that Cadet Roman Maure was chosen as the Top Cadet for Class 04. Anna Ferris  talked about how Cadet Maure had accepted the challenges that he faced, and proved himself to be able to take on the responsibilities of leadership when needed.  She joked that since he is one of the tallest Cadets in the Academy history they were looking for the child he was dropping off. She later said they were glad that he had decided to join the Academy this year after passing on other years. She congratulated him on taking the challenge to join the Academy, and was proud of what he had accomplished.
  Ms. Ferris talked about how this was a Class of first. Starting with a Male Top Cadet, on having a large number of older Student be Cadets,  the first time the Cadets traveled to the Bergen County jail, & see the prison population first hand,and the first Youth Academy  in the state of New Jersey to offer a SCUBA class in. On the other side this was the first Academy Class to experience a Cadet dropping out of the program.  One was for Medical reasons the other personal reasons. Sgt Lynch said both would be welcomed back if they so desire,but is still proud of the for making an attent at joining the Academy and showing the Courage to make a hard decision and staying with it.

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