Saturday, July 12, 2014



  There is a change  with the cleanup of the Bixby Playground.  Because of the Summer School which is taking place at Bixby School the only Students allowed to come are those who can help with the clean-up & painting. There will be no space or personnel available to watch over younger Students. The clean-up is still scheduled for Friday 18- July from 8:30a to 1:00p. Anyone  who wishes to Volunteer or donate supplies should contact  Trina Olivo at 201-723-3926 or at:

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 Also on Saturday 13- July there was a Fundraising cook-out for Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson, Councilwoman Lisa Kohles and Candidate Ingrid  Brito.

 Councilman Rob Robbins (L), Leo McGuire , Ingrid Brito
Mayor Tito Jackson, & Councilwoman Lisa Kohles. 

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