Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Water rescue demostration

   Wednesday 16- July was the day the Cadets from Class 04 of the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy traveled to the Bogota Swim Club pool to learn, about water based rescues.  There were four stations for the Cadets to learn, and then experience what is needed to rescue a person from water situation as well as other land based emergencies.
   One station was to show the Cadets how to throw a Life Preserver to a victim in the water. One Cadet would walk off the High Board of the pool and wait until a fellow Cadet threw them a Life Preserver. Then the Cadet on the land would have to carefully bring the victim to shore. This exercise also made some of the Cadets do something they may have not before. While many of the Cadets doned a Life Jacket & helmet to take their turn as victim, other were not as comfortable with the thought of falling into the water from that height. When a Cadet was unsure if they wanted to continue the members of their squad, and Instructors voiced encouragement. After the Cadet finally completed the fall they were then thrown the Life Preserver and pull to the edge of the pool. Upon leaving the water they were congratulated for overcoming what every fear they had, and try something new.
  Another station showed the Cadets what is needed to be done if a victim is trapped under an motor vehicle. Cadets helped member of the Bogota Rescue Squad remove that victim. The Cadets saw how a vehicle was secured from moving and what equipment is used to lift the vehicle to gain access to perform the rescue. Simple items such as  4x4 and 2x4 pieces of wood as well as metal Chauks were use to secure the wheels. Then other piece of wood were used to create a platform for inflatable diaphragms that were placed under one side of the vehicle to raise it to a working height. Then Cadets gently removed the victim with a backboard to safety.
  A third station was one that required the Cadets to learn basic knot tying as one Cadet was placed in a stretcher which is used to lower victims from a below ground level. Cadets needed to secure the "victim" in the stretcher so they do not fall out, then as a team walk the stretcher to the location where the stretcher would be raised from. The stretcher was attached to a Block & Tackle then following the commands of one Cadet the stretcher was raised up. Four Cadets worked together to pull the stretcher up.
  The final station was a chance to learn, and do, basic scuba diving. The Cadets were shown how to put on the tanks, and other breathing equipment.  They also put on swim fins and masks, were shown the proper way to breath, and how to communicate with hand signal while under water.
   After lunch the Cadets then marched to the open field of the Eastern section of Olsen Park.  There the Cadets had a chance to tour some other type of emergency vehicles that can be used if needed. They ranged from the Ambulances from the Bogota First Aid Squad & Holy Name Hospital, to a Heavy Rescue truck , which supplies support at an accident scene, to busses that can move a larger number of patience if needed. They also saw how the Bogota OEM Command vehicle is used to coordinated special operation when two rescue Helicopters were called in to land in front of the Cadets. One was the Air Ambulance from Hackensack University Medical Center, and the other was from the New Jersey State Police. After both had landed and secured the Cadets were able to view the inside of the Helicopter, and ask the air crews about what they do during their service day.  Then the Cadets return to the High School to finish their service day.

Cadets jumping off the High Dive board.

Then being pull to the edge of the pool

Cadet being congratulated for jumping off the High Board.

Wayne Sorge (L) of the Bogota Rescue Squad talking to the
  Cadets about rescuing a person trapped under a car.

Cadet learning to tie knots.. order to secure a victim in a stretcher.

Moving the stretcher ..

... to be lifted to safety.

Cadet Fischetti (L) is help by Mike Kieski

Cadet Yang (L) is assisted by Tony Petraik

Mike Kieski (L) shows Cadet Brophy & Cadet Jimenez
how to clean their masks

Marc Riscinti (L)  has Cadet Chimilio get use to
the weight of his tank

Cadets after completing the dive course.

 Even in full diving gear, a Cadet gets an " adjustment"

 Cadets trying on some equipment. 

Bobby Joe Painchard explaining about the Mass Casualty bus is used. 

Chris Saraceno explaining about some of the equipment in his truck.

Cadets watching the Air Ambulance land

Flight Nurse Joseph Solda talking about the the Air Ambulance 

 Class #04

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