Friday, June 7, 2013

Trip to Borough Hall

7- June -2013
  On Wednesday  of this  the Third Grade classes of Steen School paid a trip to Bogota Borough Hall to meet the Mayor, and other Borough Officials.  Mrs Piano and Mrs. Moschella  students were greeted at the front door by Mayor Pat McHale who welcomed them  to Borough Hall. The students then proceeded upstairs to the Council Chambers to find out what type  of jobs  the Mayor, and Council do. They were joined by Business Administrator Chip Griener, and  Property inspector Nick Barese.
   Mayor McHale first started with a short history lesson about the building they were in.  At one time this structure was the only  school building in the Borough handling all grades of students. As the other school were built the Borough Government took over the use of the building. Over the years the Police Headquarters  was added to the Broad St. side of the building. Then the Library, and Senior Center to the north  end of the structure.  Mayor McHale then told the students that one of his jobs was to be in charge of the Council Meetings, and that the Councils job is to make laws, to keep the citizens of the Borough safe and secure. Another job of the Council is to try and figure out how best to use the money that the Borough collects in taxes, and how to make Bogota the best possible place to live.  Mr. Griener explained how part of his job is to make sure the Council  knows what the Council can , and sometimes can not spend money on.  Along with helping the business of the Borough  runs as smooth as possible.
  When the students had time to ask questions of their own, some were why did he want to be Mayor. His answer was he wanted to have the opportunity to help others, and the Borough. Another question was how long has he been Mayor. " For six years now", and  added that he is in the middle of his second  four year term as Mayor. He was also asked if he grew up in Bogota. He said he grew up in Dumont, and move here over 30 years ago. At this point Mr. Griener told the classes that he has lived in Bogota all his life , and attended Steen School  when he was a boy. Then Mayor McHale asked a question of the Third Graders, "Did any of them want to be Mayor someday?" Several of the Girls & Boys raised their hands, which the Men said that they will try and keep the Borough a nice place for them to grow up in until it was their turn to lead.
   The Mayor took the students on a tour of the building showing them old photos of what the Borough look like in the past and talking about how things have changed over the years. The students were also taking to Police Headquarters and had a chance to meet some of the Officers.

 Mayor Pat McHale welcoming Mrs. Piano to Borough Hall

The Mayor talking with the students in the Council Chambers

Mayor McHale showing old photos of Bogota that are in Borough Hall


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