Friday, June 28, 2013

Steen Class of 2013

  On Thursday  The Lillian Steen School graduated their Sixth grade class onto their next step.  This years theme was " I  Hope You Dance." in a reference to the thought when life seems hard, and one does not know want to do next, think of something fun to do, and the solution find a way to appear.  Miss. Madison Becerra , and Miss  Elizabeth Sanz talked about the experience of growing up while attend Steen. While Miss Ashley Gomez gave a speech on what happens next to the students educational years. Miss Nicole Pecora was the recipient of the Principal Award for her service, and work  during her years at Steen. Miss Amy Chavez & Mr. Eric Perez talked about the care , and support the Parents give to the students and lead the way as the Students came down from the Stage to present a Red Rose to all their parents.
     There was also a moment when M. Lehman thanked Ms. Wawrzonkiewicz  for all her years of  teaching at Steen. How she was a follow teacher,  confidant and at times a twin in their years together.  She wished her well on her retirement as "Miss W" was greeted with hugs from her follow teachers, and Applause by the Parents , and Students alike.

Gabrielle Grant & Leila Ksiyer

Eric Marson  & Anthony Vitiello

Antoinette Clement & Angelina Garcia

Madison Becerra (R) receiving the American Legion Award from Mr. McElroy.

Moira Ng (R) receiving her VFW award from Mr. Hernandez.

Nicole Peccora (R) receiving the Principal Award from Mr. Conroy.

Madison Becerra (L) & Elizabeth Sanz
  remembering their time at Steen.
Albert Nuedling

Mohanad Khalil

Tijani Browne

Amy Chavez (L) & Eric Perez thanking  all the Parents
 for their support.

Principal Thomas Conroy 

 "Miss W" (R) thanking Ms. Lehman for her well wishes.

 The Lillian Steen Graduating Class of 2013 

Principal Conroy  talking with now Steen Alumni.

Former Students writing Good-Bye messages.

Parents taking photos of their Student.

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